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  1. Fateh! The OP links to a site and a discussion forum where RSS stone-worshipping cowpiss drinkers attempt to identify Sikhi as a sect of Hinduism. I would urge the mods to close this thread and ban the OP. Regards, K.
  2. Fateh! Yes, even if it was KPS Gill fighting for the right to keep his kesh in prison. Veer, this is not about United Sikhs asking for money to free this criminal, but about human rights for prisoners, and Sikh prisoners in particular. Just forget about the individuals concerned - because the issue is greater than any individual - and concentrate on the issue at hand which is about you and any other Sikh who find hirself in prison, for whatever reason, being able to freely practice your religion. If the guy is guilty, he should most certainly do his time in prison, but he should have the ability to practice Sikhi. And who knows - perhaps prison time will give the guy time to reflect and become a better Sikh. Think of it on a personal level if it helps: if you were to find yourself in prison tomorrow, how could you feel if someone decided that it was all fine and dandy to shave your head? Regards, K.
  3. Fateh! Nope, you're still not getting it. United Sikhs is lobbying for the right of EVERY SIKH in prison, whether falsely accused or not, to be able to keep his kesh as a fundamental religious right. Singh, forget about the guy in prison, this is not about him. If this guy has his kesh cut and nothing is done about it, NO SIKH will be safe from suffering the same fate. Neither the prison authorities, nor you, nor anyone else for that matter, has the right to touch a Sikh's kesh. Regards, K.
  4. Fateh! You're missing the point. It has nothing to do with the individual concerned, it has to do with prison authorities not having the right to divest prisoners of their religious rights. If this man was a soormah, someone who had been imprisoned for defending Sikhi, or was simply an innocent victim, would you be so swift to have the man's kesh removed? K.
  5. Fateh! Ugardanti can be found here: http://www.5abi.com/mchetna/sikh/uggardanti1_main.htm You'll have to download the Gurmukhi fonts, though. K.
  6. Fateh! The story related in Chandi di // is from chapters 78-90 of the 134 chapters of Markandeya Purana. These chapters are called Devi Mahatyam, Chandi Path, or Durga Saptashati because there are 700 salokas (saptashata = 700). Dasmesh Pita condensed the 700 verses of Durga Saptashati into Chandi di // by removing all of the verses in praise of Durga. The battles described in Chandi di // are also much more detailed than those in Durga Saptashati, though the names of the demons who are destroyed by Durga are the same. Chandi di // was written to insire bir ras, as is obvious to anyone who reads ths bani. Another possible reason why Dasmesh Pita may have decided to rewrite this bani is because it is the first Hindu text that attempts to describe God in feminine terms rather than in the traditional Vedic scriptures where the female divinities are regarded as being nothing more than companions of the supreme male devatas. Dasmesh Pita thus raises the status of the female principle and women as being just as important as the patriarchal male. In Sikhi, Chandi represents the power of Akal Purakh to destroy evil, and in spiritual terms Chandi represents that divine part of ourselves that battles to overcome the demons of pride, anger, ignorance and so on that are represented by the demons in Chandi di // like Sumbh, Nisumbh. Regards, K.
  7. Fateh! Yes, and it will keep on happening until Sikhs learn to help themselves first instead of throwing money and services at whatever new cause is being advertised in the Western media every other week, whether that's Pakistanis whose government refuses to take care of them, Palestinians who need money in order to kill more Jews, or poor Christians in India who adopted a Middle Eastern religion for financial rewards or pure stupidity and are now realising that neither their paleface Christian missionary friends nor the dead man on a stick they worship is going to help them. This is Kaljug, get used to it. None of these Middle Eastern religions are religions anymore, they are just corporate enterprises whose profit is in souls not american dollars, and each of them wants a monopoly and will do whatever it takes to get it. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are spiritually a farce, but I gotta give them some respect for realising the nature of the endgame. At the end of the day, they know that they do not have to have believers in this generation of Indian converts - the grandchildren of the grandchildren of these new Christians will be believing Christians, and they will not know any different. It will be the same as Islam in India now, with people who seriously believe that their ancestors chose Islam because it was true, rather than because it was forced upon them at swordpoint, or because it made financial sense to be the same religion as the ruling political elite. These new converts will be the new Mughals seeking to destroy Sikhi and any other religion, philosophy or ideology that challenges their ideas. This will happen by force, but more likely by simply outbreeding and outnumbering Sikhs and any other challengers. But keep on feeding on them becaue of your bleeding liberal heart - maybe they will take pity on your great great grandchildren and allow them to keep their religion as historical curiosity. Regards, K.
  8. Fateh! The UK website for coldsteel is http://www.coldsteel-uk.com. They sell the shamshir for £292.10. You can probably order from the States for less money, but UK customs is becoming a little more difficult about releasing swords with a curved blade. Unfortunately, we in the UK have to pay thorugh the nose for good shastar. Coldsteel blades are excellent. I'm trying to get the guys there to make a decent tulwar and khanda, then maybe some katars. Regards, K.
  9. Fateh! The difference between that goverment document and the Pakistani love for the Taleban, is that the former is not true. Do you not wonder why the tribal militia groups were sitting on their butts when the Taleban gave them what they wanted (a strict Islamic sharia state within Pakistan) but now that they are fighting them they are being heralded as heroes saving Pakistan from the evil Taleban? Here's one poll which describes the views of the Pakistanis before the Taleban turned on them: http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/pipa/art...mp;nid=&id= Note how few want their government to take action against the Taleban and other Isl;amic militant groups. Here's another poll you may find interesting: http://people-press.org/report/165/what-th...0.1/t.gif[/img] Take a gander at the number coming in from Islamic countries: Note some of the conclusions from Muslim countries: * The majority of Lebanese support suicide bombing. * The majority of Nigerians who expressed an opinion support suicide bombing. * The majority of Bangladeshis who expressed an opinion support suicide bombing. * 47 percent of Jordanians who expressed an opinion support suicide bombing. * 43 percent of Pakistanis who expressed an opinion support suicide bombing. You might wonder why I use a poll from 2002? Because that was before the Iraq War, the event that is supposedly responsible for radicalizing Muslims against the Western world (and the U.S. in particular) like no other. Some other interesting findings I've seen: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ah...0.1/t.gif[/img] This one finds that: * The majority (52 percent) of Egyptians support the Sept 11th killings. * Only 19 percent think Islamists were behind 9/11 (even the leader was an Egyptian), while 39 percent think it was an Israeli conspiracy. Here's another one I found weird (not only because it came from The Guardian, either): http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...0.1/t.gif[/img] Poll in Egypt, 2006: * Which country do you most hate? Top answer - USA. * In which country would you most like to live? Top answer - USA. And another Pew survey from 2007: http://pewglobal.org/reports/display.php?R...0.1/t.gif[/img] Which finds that: * 42 percent of Nigerians support suicide bombing of civilians. * 34 percent of Lebanese support suicide bombing of civilians. * 23 percent of Jordanians support suicide bombing of civilians. * 20 percent in Bangladesh support suicide bombing of civilians. * 9 percent of Pakistanis support suicide bombing of civilians. * 8 percent of Egyptians support suicide bombing of civilians. * 57 percent of Palestinians support Bin Laden. * 41 percent of Indonesians support Bin Laden. * 38 percent of Pakistanis support Bin Laden. * 20 percent of Jordanians support Bin Laden. Contrary to what you may believe, I do not hate all Muslims. In fact, I have many good Muslim friends who chose to reject Islamic teachings that condone and encourage the killing of innocents and converting everyone to Islam by force or deception. Unfortunately, they are the minority, and most unfortunately they do not stand up and debate their more orthodox religious brethren because they know that what groups like the Taleban, Al Qaeda, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Hamas, Hezbollah and many others preach is real Islamic doctrine and their actions are based on the example of Mohammed who raped, killed, enslaved and assassinated in order to spread his creed. Here's an article which details my reasons for being careful where we Sikhs send our money: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/02/world/as...l?_r=2&hpw) The war with the Taleban may have reached its climax already, but the propaganda war in the refugee camps is just beginning. I do not want money that would be better spent on Sikhs to go to these people who make use of foreign aid then go right back to the jihad against the infidels like you and me. Warm regards, K.
  10. Pretty much the whole of the Arab world and much of Europe was ravaged from the 8th century onwards by these Muslims whose interests you serve. Yet you would likely call me a racists for tarring Muslims with the same brush. What allows you to do the same with whitey and feel superior about your racism? Like I said, Singh, go live in an Islamic state, or go live in Bradistan in the UK, and let's see how your idealism lasts. K.
  11. Singhavelli: I'm not talking about the people doing seva, Singh, I'm talking about people like you who live their comfortable lives in Western countries, criticise whitey while living in white's country, then compare yourself and what you are doing to Bhai Khanaiya because you are supporting whatever political position that the liberal media has decided is the issue of the day. Grow up, I wasn't accusing anybody of anything, I said I would prefer to send my money to the Gursikhs who need it, and would support a charity that serves the interests of our people. Is this really the best you can do? Accuse people of racism when they don't agree with your ideology and don't view the world through rose-tinted spectacles as you seem to do? These same Muslims had no problem with the Taliban initially when they intorduced sharia law into NWFP. It was only when their own interests were under threat that they started whining about the Taliban. Quit being such a drama queen, man. I don't want to put the poor people who now realise that the Taliban were not what they thought they would be, but I want to make sure that money goes straight to Panja Sahib so that Sikhs benefit, and anyone who takes shelter in Gurughar. I do not want it being used to poor Taliban-supporting fools who think they can get a free meal from the infidels before they go back to their jihad. You're quick to jump to accusations of accusations, Singh. It really hurts me to see that people are so naive that they think that serving people who are intent on destroying Sikhi is some form of seva. Take it easy, K.
  12. Fateh! Nope, there is nothing in Gurbani against Guru-ordained traditions like shikaar and chatka. This is recognised in the Sikh Rehat Maryada which Namdharis choose to ignore. For whatever reasons, this forum has also decided to ignore this part of the Sikh Rehat Maryada. Sukhnidaan is also a Guru-ordained tradition, but this forum does not allow this discussion to take place, but you are welcome to have it on sikhawareness.com. So let me get this straight. Naamdharis ignore the rest of the Panth and declare their own dehdari guru to be the real Guru of the Sikhs not Sri Guru Granth Sahib and then you claim that they want unity? That is the height of hypocrisy. If you truly want ekta, get your fellow Naamdharis to quit the Nihang bashing and join the rest of the Panth, the perhaps we can sit down as brothers despite the differences we have. Regards, K.
  13. Not at all. Baba Khanaiya was involved in Jung and doing seva of all. Are these pseudo-Sevapanthis following Baba Khanaiya's example by sitting comfortably in their homes and encouraging funds to be sent to the people trying to harm our kin when it would be better to send the little money we have to take care of our brothers and sisters? This is not about Sarbat da Bhalla, this is about handing over money to people have destroyed the homes of Sikhs. Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not hesitate from criticising Babur for his tyranny, nor did Guru Nanak pat him on his back and hand him a tulwar to carry on killing innocents. Regards, K.
  14. What's to debate about when the mods allow puratan Nihang maryada to be denigrated by Kukay who follow a liar in the form of Jagjit Singh who claims to be spiritual heir of Dasmesh Pita. Let's put this man on a horse, give him a spear, and let's see if he can do anything other than fall off or collapse under the weight of his shastar. Would the mods allow such nindiya of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh or the AKJ stance on Raagmala or Keski being kakaar? Furthermore, what happened to this forum's so-called rules on meat when this aeroo is accusing Nihangs of committing some kind of paap when they play shikaar and do chatka - all things that were parvaan in Sikh tradition long before Namdhari conspiracy theorists fabricated their claims to obtaining Gurgaddi rather than Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and long before these Namdharis even came into existence? You do not have to actively promote something to be responsible for spreading these lies. All the mods here have to do is to allow these people to refer to Ram Singh as Guru Ram Singh and you are pretty much doing the promotion for them. If these Namdharis have such a problem with Nihang maryada, please encourage them to visit their local Dal and tell the Nihangs to their faces. Then let's see how their fake guru fails to protect them from having the crap slapped out of you. Regards, K.
  15. This bandar is preventing nindiya by doing nindiya of Nihang maryada? He is calling Bhai Ram Singh guru, which Bhair Ram Singh was not, unless you are a Namdhari. That is promotion of Namdhari nonsense right there. There are no Nihang Dals that promote Namdhari beliefs so you can quit talking crap. If you are talking about Gurmat sangeet, that is traditional Sikh maryada not a Namdhari invention. ALL Nihangs believe that Sri Guru Granth Sahib was given gurgaddi by Guru Gobind Singh, NONE believe that your Jagjit Singh is the spiritual heir of Dasmesh Pita. K.
  16. Fateh! What is up with the mods on this place? You allow Nihang maryada to be abused yet you allow Namdharis to promote their fake dehdari gurus? K.
  17. Thankfully a vast majority of Sikhs are Khalsa and not all pseudo-Sevapanthis who believe that feeding the hand that bites is a good idea. I want my money to go to the innocent Sikhs who have been turned out of their houses by Muslim fanatics. Does anyone know of a Sikh charity that serves the Sikh population in NWFP who have had their homes destroyed and families shattered by these neo-Mughals? Does Khalsa Aid concentrate their efforts on Panja Sahib and the Sikhs of Pakistan, or is the money that is sent to them handed over to the Pakistan government and the one's who are responsible for putting Sikhs in this predicament in the first place? Regards, K.
  18. Im from the uk and totaly agree. Theres a general hate of muslims just for the fact of islamaphobia. Thanks for making this point 'you realize after your white man is done with muslims your <banned word filter activated> is next?' Some sikhs fail to realise this is the main motive of bnp(british national party) they try and trick sikhs into to coming on board, then all of sudden they will send us on the same boat :rolleyes: vaheguru Fateh! Give me a break! Any time anybody points out that there are a large number of Muslims in the UK who want this country to be a Sharia state and non-Muslims to be considered inferior citizens of an Islamic state they get accused of Islamaphobia. Islamaphobia is a word coined by Muslims to prevent criticism of ther Islamic Imperialist agenda. You might as well call me a Nazi-phobe because there is nothing different between political Islam and Nazi ideology. In fact, the Islamic Ottoman Empire fought on the side of the Nazis in the Great War. The fact of the matter is that Muslims want to spread their religion to every country and every citizen through fair means or foul. They have already succeeded in convincing the powers that be in the UK and some ignorant dhimmis that criticising Islam is racist but when Islam criticises everybody about them that is all well and good because Islam is The One True Religion . Some of you idiotic idealists sitting on your high horse outside of Canada ought to come and live in predominantly Muslim areas in the UK to see how long your Baba Khanaiya philosophy lasts when your daughters, sisters, and mothers are being sexually solicited by soolleh on a daily basis, your house and property are vandalised, your dastaar and kesh are abused, and your younger male family members are made to feel inferior and/or beaten up, and all because you are a Sikh. It is not a case of siding with the BNP instead of becmoing the slave of Muslims as some of you seem to prefer doing, the issue is about the general populace of the UK pointing out of the media and the governments hypocritical attitude towards Muslim scum. On the one hand, they want freedom of speech and equal respect for all religions and races, on the other hand they continuously ban all criticism of Muslim violence in the UK. The Mughals are still alive, Singho, but their war against Sikhi and all non-Muslims is now a war of words and propaganda, and I'm afraid that those of you who are ignoring the issue are just playing into their hands. Regards, K.
  19. What makes you certain that these people are "Jatt" and not "chamaars" in disguise seeking to cause further conflicts in the Sikh Panth? Chamaar Ravidassis have been putting up anti-Sikh- anti-Jatt, anti-anything-that-disagrees-with-them videos in a concentrated and organised manner recently. Why would someone who calls herself Bibiejatt put up anti-Jatt videos? Regards, K.
  20. Fateh! Yes, it's all fine for soollleh to hold rallies and claim that Jesus Christ was a Muslim, or to hurl abuse at soldiers, because in the West we are allowed freedom of speech and the right to hold protests, but when others do the same because they are offended by the actions of soollleh it's because they are racist scum. Regards, K.
  21. What is this - the Punjabi version of Jerry Springer? Why would they record this event and put it up on youtube for everyone to see the family's shame? I don't know why the prostitute is getting beaten up, she is just doing her job, and I'm sure she would want to do a different job if she could afford to do so. The man got away way too lightly. The brothers of the married woman should have chatkaed the man. K.
  22. Fateh! I think it's because the bandree was discussed before. She is an undereducated specimen of a people who are determined to remain the untermensch of the Brahmin world. She also has the most annoying voice in the world. I am not usually an advocate of violence against women, but I would not be too saddened if she was hit by a meteor right in her ugly mouth. However, I fear that she is so probably so stupid that she would not realise she was dead unless her brother had read a book about the topic. Regards, K.
  23. Fateh! Some of the shastar afficionados might enjoy these vids of the European longsword (nostly in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer) in action. Longsword techniques: The Zornhau: The Zwerchhau: The Krumphau: Duplieren and Mutieren: Enjoy, K.
  24. Perfect answer. Bring on the next topic! K.
  25. Fateh! Erdogan calls the riots in Xinjiang a "kind of genocide' and Turkish Muslims burn Chinese flags. This is just a day after the Turkish Industry Minister urges Turks to boycott Chinese goods: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8145451.stm This is coming from the mouth of the head of state of a nominally sectarian but in reality a Muslim country, who is blaming the Chinese government for the murder of the Chinese Han population at the hands of Muslim Uighur rioters. He calls this a genocide of the Muslim Uighurs when in fact the Uighur terrorists murdered more than 3 times as much Han Chinese. This is the same man and the same country that still denies the 1.5 million dead in the Armenian Holocaust at the hamnds of the Ottoman Empire. It seems that it is only a genocide when Muslims die. Regards, K.
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