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  1. Exactly veerji..when we place money it is NOT for Guroo Jee..it is for the gurdwara expenses, building fund, rumallas, books/supplies, etc. When you matha tekh you do it with nimrita..how could you give or take money from Guroo Jee? Akal Purakh is the banker/trader of this world and when we bow down..it is truly our head we give.. So taking change from the Gurdwara is perfectly fine, we are no one to judge if a person puts $1 or $20..how can we think of such things whilst in Guroo Jee's presence? Chardee Kala for all...
  2. Veerji..can I use the USB link that I use with my digital camera (memory stick inside)??
  3. Kandola veer.. No need to apologise jee. I'll post some information by Bhai jee soon..Yes he is the true epitome of a Sikh..
  4. i can't believe yuo said that about bhai jee :umm:
  5. Veerji..the first step of Sikhi is love..if we can't accept our fellow brothers, what can we possibly do for ourself, our own relationship with Guroo Jee? Thanks for this most refreshing post veerji..sometimes we need this wake-up call :umm: The truth is ever-prevading. Gur Bar AKaaaaaal!!
  6. Thanks for sharing japman veerji... I think from the responses I've been getting of late on this forum, I won't question this matter any more
  7. What do u mean 'some'?? and why did you just say Kaurs?? :umm:
  8. A small attempt at sharing the joy... I stand here today with the same sentiments as previous years, but with a refreshing new sense of strength and understanding of this day, a day too easily passed like beach sand through fingers... Celebrate by loving and appreciating the gift of life, the trees, even the sun for rising every morning.. Dive deep and fall prey to the intoxicating inspiration the universe holds in it's every corner.. Hold on fast to your beloved's lotus feet and soar the skies with joy. Let the sounds enchant your heart, feel the nectar trickle down, and surrender yourself.. now breathe in the glories of this day..'jin prem kee-o, tin hee prabh paa-o'
  9. Actually pyareo..today (the 14th of April) is the First of Vaisakh and Vaisakhi..according to the Panthic Calendar and today is Sangrand, which is also on the Calendar (nanakshai Panthic Calendar) and if you go to sgpc.net the Hukamnama from Darbar Sahib also states 14th April is the first of Vaisakh.. Vaisakhi mubaraka!!!
  10. I downloaed the other day as well..the first chapter just blew me away..
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