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  1. Both Muslims (Ismael) and Jews (Isaac) are the sons of one father ABraham (descendants of Noah). Israel on one side is correct that Palestine belongs to them because this place was the place of Judah before it was taken over by Ottoman Empire and later by Islam/Muslims. Currently, Even Middle east powers like Saudi/ Qatar/ and other Sunni countries donot support Hamas bcz they think HAMAS as a Islamist outwing is much worse for them then Israel (Link it with Arab revolts in Egypt/Syria/Iraq/Saudi and other countries). These countries do not want HAMAS like ppl to bring Arab revolts in their countries. That is why Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt and was taken over agin by Military (Mr. SISI).
  2. Uthagyi Sabha Malesh Ki......Kar Kora Pasar Danka Bahje Fateh Ka.....Nehaklank Avatar.
  3. Sikhi was there since satyug times. thats why bhagat prahlad and Dhru bhagat names have come in SGGSJi.
  4. THe Original one is in London Musuem. British took along with them.
  5. Chaudan Jaame Satgur Hovan, Satar Bhagat Dhaar, Chaurasi Jame Pehar Kar Kalyug Karo Udhaar.
  6. Sant Kilewale Mahapursh, Once Master Tara singh and Group of Sikhs came to Mahapursh and requested,"Sant ji,....Khalsa panth is in trouble" Before They could say further, Sant Maharaj ji told then," Khalsa Panth can never be in trouble bcz its roots are in Pataal and none can uproot it.....There is no trouble to Khalsa Panth.....But there is trouble to your Political Positions and Power"
  7. Panch Parvaan ....Panch Pardaan. THose Panch are puran Sant , Mahapursh, Gursikh who are Ram Kabeera Ek Baye Hai ....Koye Na Sake Pashaani...(THIS GURBANI TUK IS ONLY FOR PURAN....COMPLETE KHALSA)
  8. You should be even more surprise we throw Punjabi Newpapers in Sewages or Garbase(which contains Gurkhmukhi Akshars and GUrbani and Pics of Guru Sahib Baan). . . . . .Guru Bakhshand......Guru Bakhshand......Guru Sada Bakhshand.
  9. You are right ....nobody Can be Satguru.......But kabir sahib is telling RAM KABIRA EK PAEHE HAI.....KOI NA SAKE PASHANI Kabi sahib is also telling himself in SGGSJi as Sant........"Kya APRAAD SANT HAI KINA"
  10. Please post more of these..... I heard from my PArents....that Jatha of bhindrawale(Group who was very close to Sant Bhindrawale) had done enormous paaths of Chandi Di Vaar to get Bakhshish from Guru Maharaj.and there was special noor on their face
  11. Bhenji You again took it wrong. Satguru would not consult me or you before declaring the Guruship to someelse.....That is his Mauj......He is srab kala Samrath and can do anything. . . . Just to sum up .....lets we keep our Jargon on side and keep our faith on SGGSJI...... . . Even if Dehdhari Guru is there......He would eventually tell what Guru Nanak dev ji till SGGSJI told "Naam Jap" No more debates......Pls FOrgive for any nonsense from myside
  12. Bhenji......Kindly Clear you facts......If Guru Arjan Dev ji Didnot come in Dehdhari Saroop...You wouldn't have seen Dhan DHan Guru Granth Sahib ji Today... Without Dehdhari...We are nothing.
  13. Satguru Always Gave Raaj first to Devils.....in satyug...it started with Hrinakusipo(Father of Bhagat Prahlad), Jalandhar Dhaint...then in Treta to Ravan,,,then i Dwapar to Kans and Mughals.......and so on. . . . .but the in the Climax( ). Satguru took avatar to establish Dharam.
  14. No Offences Bro......SOmetime even Older ones at Home could be wrong.........Avoid Listening to many Katha Vachaks these days....who donot know anything about GURU and talk about Everything about GURU. . . . .Try reading the Jeevanis of Sant Mahapursh.....You will get more gyan in those jeevanis bcz Sant Mahapursh do Practical of whatever Theory is written in SGGSJI.
  15. Lolzzz If you donot bother to check Sri Dasam Granth.....Then you donot even bother to check WHat Dasam Pita ji is telling in his Bani..
  16. So as per you...in future what Sri Dasam Granth ji is telling Nehaklank Avatar and Kalki avatar would come in SHABAD ROOP not in Dehdhari Roop.?
  17. My Friends COrrect your facts....that time Guru Arjuan Dev ji bowed to Guru Adi Granth and Considered it as Shabad Roop and First Hukamnama was SANTA KE KARAJ AAP KHLOYEA....HAR KAM KARAVAN RAM.
  18. My Friend what more proof you want more than this...... 1.Guru granth sahib maharaj ji was parkashmaan as Shabad Guru and At same time from Guru Arjun Dev ji till Dasam Patshah we had Dehdhari Guru.
  19. My Friend There is no Equivalent to SHabad Guru Roop(i.e. Guru Granth Sahib ji who is the current Guru of entire Humanity). I justed wanted to make a point that Satguru Can do anything. If Guruji had told that Guru Granth ji Maneo Pargat Guran ki Deh that time......Same Guru can give Guruship to anyone(to whomsoever Guru ji consisder). I or You cannot make assumptions that If Dasam Patshah Gave guruship to Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj ji......then there won;t be any further Dehdhari Guru in Future. On One side you are telling Guru is Sarab Kala Samrath....and on other side you are telling there is no Guru after Guru Granth Sahib ji.......Guru can do anything. We see Guru Granth sahib ji as only Hold Book(Our Physical EYes only see Papers in it), Ask those Bhagat, Sant Mahapursh who had not seen Papers in SGGSJI but got Partak Darshan of Patshahis in it.(Pargat Guran Ki Deh)
  20. If Guru Gobind singh ji Can give hukam that Guru Maneo Granth.....WHy Cannot Guru Granth Sahib ji mhahraj give hukam to the deserved onces. If you people think You donot need Dehdhari Guru like 1st patshahi till Dasam Patshahi, Then my friend WE WOUNDN"T HAVE GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI PARKASHMAN TODAY BCZ SGGSJI IS WRITTEN BY A DEHDHARI.
  21. One question 1. If GUru Gobind singh ji Gave GuruGadi to Dhan DHan Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji......then Guru Granth Sahib ji can also give Guru Gaddi further to anyone Maharaj ji Likes? why only till Granth Sahib. 2. Guru Granth Sahib ji was also there as Parkashman when Guru Arjan Dev ji was also Satguru.Right from Guru Arjun Dev ji till Dasam Patshah. We had Dehdhari Satguru Plus Shabad Guru.
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