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  1. ...mor Dabur amla... :-)
  2. Me wan box 2 ny non-Sky Gud . Sky = rip of
  3. innergear

    Long Hair

    ... Dabur amla... smel so Gud
  4. Cuda gon down if new bot it much2 to L8. 2 protst no jon in or jon in = help guru ghar? No sur
  5. Neva sin gals mok saroop ? Wo dey say? Gals in u famly?
  6. Wo pantHic maryada r u quotn 4m? I no red dis 1 wher iz it? Sauces pse:)
  7. Our womens r sooooooo amazin all want dem . Luv 2 all wan. But we don't c all the amazin things our women hav in many /any wans else r cultur ?
  8. Pleaz quote any gurbani tellin of tis so way of bein a sikh 4 i not heard it much ? Iz tiz the treat mean keep kin?
  9. An intro 2sikhisn it is by gs mansukhani . It made peopl in2 sikh 4m nothn dh . Luv
  10. innergear

    Hair Dye

    O so dhari dyin = no. n kes dyin = mayB?
  11. innergear

    Hair Dye

    Tis so interestn to c wa all perfect sayin dat we no shd dye hair iz cos it Blongs 2guru made by waguru made in us 4 waguru etc etc etc
  12. Is so sad y r peepl tis way ? We r peacefl 1's !
  13. So he iz c ing good wher u canot c it mayB? Pleas sho wot bit of gurbani dey alterd 4 themselfs?
  14. Guru made the jathebandi of khalsa tha iz main 1 al else r after made :-*
  15. Its rite if the mans said he sikh n b2leaves in guru den he sikh so u no cn argu n u wil b the fool ther
  16. U muz take the good with bad. R we all perfect tha we 2cn judge otha brotha ... Ask him 2qu. Time n c y he saids
  17. Real sad n bad . Maki money on telli rong info. Dis not busines so thyr
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