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  1. Admin Note: Dude, seriously now, is it that hard to understand? We do NOT want to spend 2 minutes in reading and understanding one line from you. QUALITY CONTROL in effect from this point on !!!!! To save our brains and time.
  2. *removed* Admin note: Okay, fair enough, your phone does not support Punjabi font. But surely it supports English, please start writing coherent English
  3. innergear


    So we shud go on honee moon wid our famleys? Sowndz weerd! :-)
  4. ROFLMAO.... y is spellin so importent 4 U? Iznt it mor importnt 2 Xpress yoself?
  5. Wo will happen is u will prob not marry
  6. Some1 said this is lyk Baba man singh what do this meen? Thanx
  7. Wo i wan kno iz dam-dami Taksal mayx no fonetic senz it wud B mor fitting + akurett 2ryt DumDummi taksaal . Bit lyk Bombay got chanjd 2Mumbai . I wil sapport a WW kampayn 4chanj. . .
  8. 1 klearli u cn undastand wo i hav ritten ~ 2 I rite lyk diz az i am no slayv 2the inglish langwaj. Wich mayx no fonetic senz. i meen wo did da British eva do 4uz dat we shud submit 2ther rubbish system so vehemently lyk gud slayvz? 3 sukhwinda s Xpozd dat tons o money flo in2 deraz so Babaz kan dryv nice karz an bild nice houz's . Lall butti lagaa ke ! Hop dat helpz Dont B a slayv B a sique
  9. Sience stil catchin up wid sikci
  10. Y iz da fool sunny reprezentin Da Sicqz he iz da biggezt joke. Kudnt we fynd any1 norml 2be on der? How dyu get on diz sho anyhw? Islam iz full of really dumb ppl dat convert. Iz Gud coz dey r ther own worst enemy. Any1 wit 1/2 brain Cud work out mohamhed wo afta power n money n women- younga da betta 4him . Sick
  11. Daaz haz all redi talkD 2 hd bout hiz ego issu letz all do An Ardas 4 him . He needz it :*
  12. We aint A-shnz we R Sicqz we don't hav az many sex pervz in Sicqz az pak lot do!
  13. Iz tru wen me no doin nuttin me gt randi 2kwik. Bt wen me out fixin me gaddi me less randi ope diz elpz . Eithr gt wyf or gaddi
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