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  1. Heres the developer's offical site basically a youtube profile, he has also created app about islam & buddhism. If you want to contact him do it via this link below: http://www.youtube.com/user/pearlspro You can also report the app if you an apple iphone / ipad or ipod touch user by clicking "report a problem" when checking out the app from apple app store.
  2. How many youths are following him? i'd put it 10-20 max. Doesn't it ring bells to this pro-pakistan guy that he has failed to gain support from the 800,000 strong British Sikh community and maybe he should look for a younger educated british born sikh successor to lead the movement? Harping on about hindu terrorism (though important to expose) is irrelevant for most British Sikhs they are more concerned about Islamo-fascism and lack of guidance for the majority mona / sahejdhari sikh youths.
  3. Glad to see our community is waking up and helping our own too instead of going on crusades helping other communities (tsunami, haiti, sri lanka,etc) while our own is being persecuted and neglected (afghani, pakistani and kashmiri sikhs). Rule of thumb should be that funds are channelled to go towards helping our own first, once our community is secure we can help others in need, this will also give incentive to other Sikhs to give their 10% of earnings to support the community worldwide become stronger.
  4. who watched this program on bb2 uk tv? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00xxgbn/Horizon_20102011_What_Is_Reality/ horizon does excellent ground breaking scientific documentaries. In this program they discuss what is reality and are we actually living in reality? is it all a mathematical formula. In relation to Sikhism Guru Ji has already told us that the creator can not be comprehended, he is too mind blowing for the human mind to begin to understand and these leading physicists (even Einstein) confess they are failing to understand it all.
  5. TWO COVENTRY men, arrested by counter terrorism officers in dawn raids following a murder in India, have been released without charge. The men – aged 27 and 29 – were arrested after police swooped on the Holbrooks area in July last year. Counter-terrorism officers also seized two men from Smethwick and Wolverhampton, as part of the same police investigation. Those arrested were interviewed at Willenhall Police Station, in Chace Avenue. Following questioning, all four men were released on police bail and have now been released from bail without charge. The men were arrested on suspicion of the murder of Rulda Singh in Patiala, India in July 2009. Mr Singh, a high profile public figure and the Punjab chief of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat (RSS), died a fortnight after being shot outside his home. Indian media reported the 62-year-old father-of-three was shot five times in his abdomen and forehead during the attack. Two men in the Punjab have already been charged in connection with Mr Singh’s killing. Both are reported to have links to a Sikh extremist group. The West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit leads investigations where it is believed the offences may have been ideologically motivated. West Midlands Police said this case was being handled by the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) because of its potential links to Sikh extremism. In December, West Midlands Police officers made their second visit to India, as part of the investigation. Officers said the latest visit to India had been “very productive”. Speaking of the latest developments, Detective Superintendent George Tracey, who is leading the inquiry, said the investigation is on-going. He added: “This is a complex international investigation. Our inquiries are ongoing and we remain in close contact with the Indian authorities.” Speaking at the time of the men’s arrests, Shinder Thandi, head of economics, finance and accounting at Coventry University and the founder editor of the Journal of Punjab Studies, said there has been growing tensions between the RSS and Sikh organisations in India. He said: “The RSS is an extremist right-wing organisation that tries to claim Sikhism is not a separate religion and it is, if anything, the militant wing of Hinduism. The RSS have always denied the diversity of the Sikh religion. “There are Sikh organisations who argue the RSS is using tactics in the Punjab to create confusion between the Sikhs and Hindus.” http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2011/01/21/men-arrested-in-holbrooks-in-counter-terrorism-raid-released-without-charge-92746-28030211/#ixzz1Bls1j7n9
  6. no problems bro it is never a good thing to have a crusade on a group of people who are not entirely at fault. Besides our faith started off with muslim and hindu followers who bravely tread on this path of sikhi.. this is what we have to remember.
  7. We need to forget this muslim guy bashing thing, most of these girls arent stupid they go off with non-sikh black, white guys and even other girls these days. So they are indulging in kaam ie hedonistic lust crap at the moment, lets not soley focus on the muslim guys because plenty of our monay/sahejdhari guys (who arent dont care about religion) also are chasing muslim girls and non-sikh girls and doing exactly the same. The sikh girls who go off with non-sikhs for a bit of fun arent hating on turbanned Sikh guys they are just not attracted to the image of a religious looking guy when westernised society is always promoting the notion of having sex with multiple partners and have cut hair/ shaved groomed faces this is what these girls go for you cant blame them guys will equally go for girls who look "sexy" have their cleavage out or wear other provocative dress wear This is more about the moral decline, lack of self respect and self control. What we as a community need to produce is awareness campaigns on social networks, online media (youtube), gurdwara classes, etc to teach and show them what consequences results from there actions (ie truth of their past will come out one day and no decent sikh/guy will want to marry them).
  8. It is much easier for even an average girl/ woman to get used and approached and abused by many a guy than it is for a good looking man to be entrapped by a women just to sleep with him or enter in relationship with him. So once girls within our community get their head around this and implement it to block out all non-sikh guys (or women in some cases with the rise of lesbians) from their social networks and thought process and solely look for a male partner of the Sikh faith. Then you will see a generation of the best of Sikh women, at the moment we have one of the worst generations of so called Sikh women ever produced and the men are not far behind. But if we take action now we can turn things around and make our sisters and daughters strengthened and shielded from negative attentions from men of non-sikh backgrounds.
  9. everyone makes mistakes we are all unique and human but its important to learn from them and live a sikh lifestyle. Reformation of character is important in the Sikh faith. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was able to have such an impact on murderers, demons, cannibals that they renounced their previous behaviour and live a righteous path. So people can change, as long they are strong enough mentally to know not to make the mistakes of the past they will have a brighter future if they live according to Sikh philosophy & faith.
  10. When we have a society where punjabi / desi girls think sleeping with other girls is normal and do it openly on things like facebook and in clubs, how can anyone find nothing shocking no more? The western society is so messed up that it is giving islamists an easy route to multiple and in the future with enough demographics change society by voting in an islamic party that forms the government and implements islamic sharia law. We are sleep walking into disaster due to leaders, parents and majority of people these days having no foresight for future but living for the present indulging in hedonistic filth ruining their bodies, their mind and the panth.
  11. Heres an interesting video and makes alot of sense when you see the events in history and why nations go to war under duress and short of economic credit. Control the flow of money and you control the government, press and its laws to suit your community.
  12. Perhaps they should organise charity boxes in willing gurdwara's so that it gets not only gets another stream of income but also promotion and awareness of the channel.
  13. Good points, but in regards to Jews they are the original fiancers, money lenders and interest chargers, when they lived in europe/uk they would lend money to christians as it was prohibited in the faith for Christians to this. The industry leaders are of jewish heritage they basically run the financial banking sector when you have money, when you control this resource you can covertly buy off governments and make them implement polices that favor what you agenda you have. Same with saudi's muslims they have money and they control america in the opposite way, Saudi wahhabi funded ideaology is where all this global islamic terrorism and intolerance is coming from. But the western governments have not attacked it, it is the poplar opposite and prime enemy in terms of ideology. I blame the SGPC for lack of progress of Sikhs internationally in getting their voice heard and having some degree of autonomy and the whole rigid rehat maryada drawn up in 1950s has played into the hands of those who do not want to see Sikhism flourish (as it is more of a philosophy than ritualistic religion) . This has lead to conflicts within sikhism between various sects (khalsa damdami taksal vs nirankari's, namdhari's, etc). Something that only can be resolved by a reform movement if the leaders are unwilling to tackle the issue affecting the panth.
  14. He has a point but this was common knowledge when he and his cohorts were in charge of the uk government why did they create laws that created such hysteria and then didnt do anything about the muslim gangs who would target white/non-muslim girls for sexual exploitation up and down UK. Jack straw is two faced never trust labour they are enemies of freedom and civil liberties. And isnt he the same jack straw that proscribed babber khalsa and ISYF under anti terror laws thus ending the support for legitimate right to wage an armed struggle against an oppressor state. I believe he did this because he had pre-knowledge of what was going to happen in 9/11 from intelligence sources so to make it seem he wasnt targetting the muslim community by proscribing al-qaeda and islamic groups. He as home secretary at the time banned several organisations seeking to militarily free their homelands from brutal occupation including Sikh, Tamil and Kurdish groups. Strangely enough he as a Jew has not proscribed any jewish groups (ie IDF), when British jews openly travel to israel under joint citizen ship and serve in the army. Isnt this hypocrisy and double standards? as much I support the right for Israel to exist were it is and even expand into greater judea I can not understand the logic and favouritism that western governments seem to show towards the Jews. I personally think it call comes down to money, jews have strong industry leaders in banking/finance, politics, military and media. Something us Sikhs should learn from if we want progress as a community to the upper echelons of society.
  15. Dr zak naik is a joke, he cant debate properly only does stand up comedy. To destory the Islamic supremist myth all you got to do is concentrate on what islam says on the afterlife. Sikhism talks of countless heavens and earths when you merge with the almighty. Islam talks of 7 heavens and the almighty sits on a throne and you will see his face if you reach jannah. Also in this very jannah you have rivers of wine (alcohol),, 72 virgin houri's, 36 pearl eyed boys (pleasures of the flesh), palaces made of diamonds. These fantastical crazy idea's of heaven is the desire of every muslim to reach they make halal in heaven what we consider haram to be on earth, which makes their so called heaven a pretty sick place. regarding sufi's.....I would like to add because of the radicalisation export of oil rich saudi arab <Edited> ideology even sufi's of pakistani hertiage have been infected with a envious and hateful attitude towards Sikhs these days. Real sufi's believers in mysticism and rejection of rituals in islam are few and far to find.
  16. beautiful gurdwara but our priority as a Sikh community is all wrong, we should spending the resources on living a Sikh lifestyle and promoting Sikhism to the youth than buildings. These holy buildings in places like pakistan afghanistan now are being used as library's, cattle shelters or being left to decay away because the Sikh population is slowly being ethnically/religiously cleasened out by the overtly hostile muslim population. The same way in the west the case will be similar if we dont change our thinking fast and become proactive and missionary otherwise the distinct Sikh faith and identity along with the courageous blood sacrifices of the past will have been all for nothing.
  17. she can be done under the religious hatred UK legislation that was brought in 2006 to combat such publications and inciting of religious hatred it can be argued these kind of fictional plays will incite anger in the Sikh community who in the past did demonstrate peacefully to no avail before more hot headed members stormed the theatre back in 2004 after the play was to go ahead. ironically the same bit of legislation that gurmit singh spokesman for the EDL was arrested for yesterday. If the hot head baffon gurmit can get arrested cos exercising his human right of freedom of speech by expressing his thoughts about Islam and its prophet muhammad then there is no such thing as freedom of speech in the UK of religions are concerned and gurpreet bhatti and her cohorts should be done under the same legislation.
  18. well said, also maharajah ranjit singh was the same sort of character very secular in his approach and not strict in observing the tenants of Sikhism but he was known as one of the greatest rulers that ever lived in the indian subcontinent perhaps the world.
  19. I've been hearing that some of our Kashmiri Sikh brothers and sisters have been facing increasing threats and attacks by extremist muslim protesters in kashmir who are venting their angry and intolerance on non-muslims in that state. There is a facebook group that the owner is saying situation is getting worse, Sikh youths are beaten a few days ago and it alleged a mob killed a Sikh policeman (doubt thats true) but nether the less. We need awareness and action as a global Sikh community to draw spotlight to the sufferings of our brothers and sisters. We closed our eyes when afghan Sikhs were hounded and murdered in early 1990s by extremist muslims, we closed our eyes when Sikhs in pakistan were hounded by muslim extremists (pakistani taliban) recently and did not protest and now in Kashmir home to large ingenious Kashmiri Sikh population right next door to the largest Sikh majority state punjab our brothers and sisters are feeling isolated and living in fear. What are we gonna do as individuals and collectively to help them? we couldnt do anything for the Sikhs in new delhi in 1984 how to best respond to threats to our community? we can not ignore any longer
  20. Chumaar/Dalit is a caste not ravidassiya, the ravidassiya are a sect on margins of hinduism & Sikhism but now claiming they a whole new so called religion. They on youtube have this fued going on with Jatts but are trying to bring the Sikh panth into disrupte by claiming they have a new religion and some of them are posting propaganda against Sikhs with user names like "Sikh terrorist" and video's defaming and mocking Shaheed Sant Bhindranwale. Even though Shaheed Sant bhindranwale did not advocate Khalistan nor discriminated against any caste these people seem to think its ok to produce idiotic videos against his memory. I have respect for my Chumaar/dalit Sikh brothers they are the foundation of Sikhism and one of the reasons why Khalsa was created. However the so called ravidassiya who are trying to create a new religion even though they cant even ask basic questions regarding their so called new faith are just causing more trouble for the community they claim to represent.
  21. I'm sure some of you have come across youtube video's where in their feud with jatts have abused Sikhs and Sikhism including Sant Bhindranwale making derogetory videos of him. Some Sikhs mistakenly thought it was hindu's at first but picture has come clear that it was chumaar ravidassiya's. So question is how do you deal with these scummy people, do we stay slient and let them abuse Sikhi and our sants?
  22. That is good news. What about action regarding popular online websites such as facebook and topix which have derogtory remarks against Sikhs. Any action being taken by Sikh federation in regards to those concerns?
  23. genie


    brother I would advise you to go straight to the head teacher of your school, get your parents involved to make a complaint. They think its funny to make fun out of turbans because social networks like Facebook and others that have not taken action to remove racist pages against Sikhs so it becomes the norm some ignorant kids grow up thinking its ok to make fun of the turban because no one stands up against this abuse however if it was a hijab or a jewish skull cap made fun off there would be serious consequences. So best way to approach this is get your parents involved and get your parents to contact the local gurdwara committee chairman so that political pressure is applied that way you will have backing of more than you and your folks against the unacceptable abuse, which is also against the law so in theory if nothing was done you could get sue the school and get the media involved.
  24. Indian Congress terrorist genocidal party in power? ......yes Anti-Sikh propaganda spread through Indian media and its foreign outlets? ......yes Sikh Victims of state terrorism ignored, side-lined and aggressors let off?..... yes Well then we have nothing to worry about, all is well and normal in Congress run Indian Union
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