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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew any good sites for buying sikhi related books, in english, and shipping to canada. Thanks in advance :biggrin2:
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh In the spirit of organization and mobilization of the Sikh Youth, I have come across a program that I have found useful in the past and many other have too that I think Sikhs can benefit from using. Its called Tor, Its is an open source program created by the US navy that is free to download for anyone. It is mostly used by human rights activists who are monitored online by their oppressive states. "Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic anaylsis" Of course there is no 100% foolproof way of hiding your online identity but with this softwares track record I think its a valuable piece of software that can come to be of use to the youth in Punjab who are most definitely monitored by the indian state. Below I have provided links on where to download the program and more about the software. Mainpage: https://www.torproject.org/ Who uses Tor: https://www.torproject.org/about/torusers.html.en#activists Wiki page on the Tor Network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_%28anonymity_network%29
  3. get a firearms license. nothing substitutes a gun.
  4. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh hey guys, a group of friends and I decided to create bulk posters of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and hand it out to the sangat in our area. We are trying to track down good quality/large sized images fit for poster making... if anyone has any please pm or post the image for us! Thanks! Fateh, :biggrin2:
  5. Found an interesting article a few of you might enjoy... LINK GrimReaper
  6. if you in university, you can search your school library database and they will usually have online books that are written by scholarly sources on whatever topic you want to read about. I've tried it and have come across some good material for papers on Babbar Khalsa. GrimReaper,
  7. does anyone know where to find the full speech of the above link? many regards, GrimReaper
  8. Macbook pro, youll need the extra power for the editing you want to do. GrimReaper,
  9. do they still exist?... yes are they active?... i'd say their more sporadic
  10. LOL! how does dera sacha suada have to do with anything this guy did. Resorting to fruitless off-topic issues in order to prove an argument that has nothing to do with what is being discussed shows a lack of basis to your argument. In the same rationality your using, "fix our own problems first" i guess the Sikhs of the past should have let the mughals pillage hindu villages and take their women because we had problems of our own. or better yet, dont donate to world vision, red cross, or any humanitarian organization because we have to fix our own problems in punjab first see how lame that sounds. whatever the guy did is up to him, no matter how heartfelt a thread is in the global picture its not going to have an impact on anything. people do what they want and how they want. Im just glad this guy chose to do a good thing rather than be another 'sikh' guy caught with a crap load of drugs.
  11. LOL!! Its legendary i think there is, i actually stumbled upon it couple days ago, but i cant seem to find it anymore. Just google around and prehaps you'll find it.
  12. Max converted into Sikhism, if you believe strongly in that then take the initiative and go to pakistan and fix them no ones stopping you. Its easy to talk but in the end, its actions that matter. If the guy wanted to fix a mosque good for him, why hate. we all say that sikhism is about being open and accepting other religions but if we see someone working for the benefit of another religion we B*itch and complain.
  13. who cares, he did a good thing. Look at the person in your profile picture Max Arthur Macualiffe, he was white yet, he probably did more seva for Sikhism than most people on this forum.
  14. What can you expect, Sikh people sprung around a region where caste heavily influenced your mobility in society. Aryans brought not only their rituals but also ideals about the socio-structure of a group of people, thus forms of what we call 'caste' today formed, such as the Hindu: Jati and Varna system, and arguably the Islamic system of Ashraf and Ajlaf which is mostly has implications in the indian sub-contienent. Becuase India as a whole has mostly displayed syncretism; it's evident that the Sikhs would adopt such schools of thought from others. As much as people want to argue how wrong it is and how its against Sikhism, the fact is that it has been a part of the Sikh culture for so long that it's considered normal to display ones caste. What we can be hopeful for is that this is slowly losing foothold in western countries, just as the Jajamani System has been on the decline in India.
  15. I agree with KhalistanGunMan, their should be a definite attempt to revive the martial art. But learning modern weaponary should be a priority too, comparing gatka or martial arts in general with firearms is dumb, no matter how many years of training, there is no comparison between being able to kill somone a few yards away and being able to kill someone a kilometer away.
  16. LOL! who cares what looks good, i dont think in the end gods going to judge you by what people thought of you. and i dont think anyones going to get snuffed for laundry detergent at at laundermat anytime soon. so you should be good.
  17. This gang stuff is pure B.S Their are plenty of white and asian gangs in lower mainland i dont see the Vancouver Sun screaming that the church's should modernize. Lower mainland is full of apnai, and in any community of course theirs going to be the criminal element. Sikhs have been used as scapegoats in the media to cover up more pressing issues. yeah a lot of apnai get shot. But plenty of asians and white people do too, i dont see that making headline news in the daily paper. The media needs to be ripped another arse hole for generalzing and amplifying an issue that isnt even that big. Their are more bigger and more organized gangs in BC, Hells angels, Triads, MS13 etc. i think desi gangs are the least of our worries.
  18. i've seen a bunch of these "i want to kill myself" threads and seriously get a grip. look at the people in africa starving look at people with no legs, arms, etc. people born blind, deaf, and dumb Be thankful for everything you got, if you want to be a good person go do something rather than write useless threads, go to india and serve like needy like bhagat puran singh ji. the list of things you can do is endless, so pick one and go do it.
  19. I don't think facebook is wrong in itself, the choices a person makes on it maybe.. facebook, like in any other social setting is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. if you choose to friend people with negative vibes, well you'll have those kinds of status updates, comments, etc. LOL!! illusions?? in that same reasoning one could argue that we should stop talking on phones because you arn't able to touch the person your talking to. Even better, people should stop using computers because the images on websites are too 'realistic'. I dont know about this illusion business, but, its the world we live in, some people rather play poker online or see some randoms latest status update, just like how some people would rather cut their hair or eat meat, etc. maya is everywhere, every shape and form. but that doesn't mean we should hide from it, people come cross maya at school, work, the mall, grocery store, and basically everywhere. but it boils down to a person being able to self-control. I dont want to be a party pooper but their are even some 'religious circles' and gurdwaras where bad things have happened like beadbi of guru jis saroops and even touching of girls etc. I dont see a out cry for not going to the gurdwara. the fact is in the world we live in everyone has to make their own decisions about EVERYTHING. Facebook isn't the greatest place in the world and im not trying to say it is, what I am trying to say is their isn't much good left in the world in general. My 2 cents.
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