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  1. Acha ji.... so what will his future be lyk?? lol would he jkoina sikh mafia crew or summing <_<
  2. FATEH! Sorry just need 2 ask... Kumi r u a "gangsta"..or do u fink u r? coz i dunno abt u but in my eyes wen i see a singh wid a long flowing beard n pagh/saffa ...i see a true gangsta. Dont know if ne1 else agrees wid me bhul chuk maaf FATEH!
  3. FATEH!! LOLL i no many who try 2 speak dialect....wannabes, how cum u speak dialenct kumi?? Btw ur pic: isit a white pag or bandana <_< FATEH!
  4. FATEH!!! :wub: its wikid how u ridiculed the way people are more interested in should sikhs eat meat etc etc These controversies r given more attention than events lyk dis 1... <_< :homer o well.... ....it happens FATEH!
  5. FATEH! GANGSTAAAAAA <_< :TH: lol respcet 2 veerji. With Guru Ji's Kirpa he can keep up may Guru Ji help u FATEH!!
  6. FATEH! khalsa ji, I got a video from DDT stating the above, that green and red are anit gurmat. It's a scientific fact that Red colour excites the mind or makes u panic under pressure (which is y casinos etc etc haf red lyt <_< ) Anyway the link to the download is below: http://www.gursikhijeevan.com/media/video/...aksalColors.wmv s1ngh ji u r quite right...but this could leadto arguements as 2 y we need 2 wear 5 K's. Basically, its best if we wear simple clothes...so i fink orage/blue/black/white r simple colours Pleasee tell me if Im rong.. Bhul Chuk Maaf FATEH!!
  7. FATEH!! Mehtab SIngh ji...are u my twin?! LOL i was exactly same situation as u, except my parents didnt make me...i did it myself..i felt embarrased for sum reason. Yeh i dint relly tie it too much, just lyk its stick out naturally. Anyway, i slowly started 2 tie it looser n looser...til it wasnmt tied at all! every1 was lyk WOW ur beard has grown over 1 weeks holidays Anyway now im happy that i feel proud of my darhi- Guru Gobind Singh Ji''s darhi. :e: Seems funny how times have changed. 6+ months ago i asked my dad if i can cut my darhi. Now i aksed em how 2 amritshak! ALL fr
  8. FATEH! o im DEFO gna watch dat... THis should be announced EVERYwhere so people can uindersatnd what India's "democracy" means. Maybe it'll open their eyes on issues abt human right violations againt Singhs... FATEH!
  9. FATEH sarab jeeaa ko dhaevanehaaraa || He is the Giver of all souls. gur parasaadhee nadhar nihaaraa || By Guru's Grace, He blesses us with His Glance of Grace. FATEH
  10. FATEH! u may think im backward slightly, but i only no abt AKJ and nihangs in uk (aka "nangs") problems...wot are the rest :umm: i ent herd of em i herd of tabopan but dont even no wot the issue is abt! can sum1 enlighten me plz? bhul chuk maaf 51NGH FATEH
  11. There are not the words to describe Baba Deep SIngh Ji's love and bravery to save Sri Harimandir Sahib Ji just wish there are more borne warriors lyk himself then surely Raj Karega Khalsa bhul chuk maaf ji
  12. :umm: joga parji is dat sarcasm or naiveness coz it made me laff dont worry not being offensive 51NGH :e:
  13. FATEH!! Khalsa Fauji That is so true! Couldn't have said it better myself. That is exactly how i feel, spot on :umm: You'll haf 2 BE Khalsa to haf the right to fight for Khalistan. The Youth nowadays (no offence ) are going away form SIkhi and we have to do summing abt it! its harder than it sounds huna but there has 2 be a way Anyways forget abt that, it would just turn the conversation towards the young sikhs instead of keeping to the main subject of Khalistan. dunno if all this even makes sense! BHul Chuk Maaf 51NGH FATEH!!
  14. FATEH! nice post veerji :umm: where did u get the info from? changa 51NGH :e: FATEH!
  15. Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! www.ajitweekly.com is the site 4 the indian newsapaper, maybe dat myt be usual hope I helped :TH: 51NGH Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!
  16. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! chek out this site veer ji:.. http://srec.gurmat.info/srecarticles/srida...ntichaupai.html it has got both romanised and translations. hope i helped :TH: changa Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
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