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  1. My best friend recently died from alcohol at the age of 33 he has left behind a widow and a son aged 8 years, this was due to the fact him associating with people who drink "one can of beer", "one bottle of bacardi" or "one bottle of whiskey" to celebrate their sons "engagement", "marriage", "birthday" this was the reward of happiness for his parents - let me point out my best friend was the only son! My best mate and myself grew up together surrounded by these halls that promoted partying, consumption of alcohol and meat in the name of Sikhi! The "community", "family" and "friends" encourag
  2. Hi, I have studied wing chun and what this Niddar is using is wing chun. He has re-packed it and re-named it Loh Mushti and added a kara in his hand! :6 Where he refers to the pertection of the beard, in wing chun and boxing its referred to as the center-line (regardless of having facial hair). Plagerist. :o Check the video link below and it is the most effective martial art around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0NhqTNby-k&feature=related
  3. You two need to get a grip - aemi gal karde aa - because even when we are adults we act like this child, especially when our parents are looking for a prospective spouse "Mummee main ne viah karna!"... "Minoo ne pasand!":D
  4. I agree with the above as I was recording the event also, the go-ree females were inappropriately dressed and were chewing gum. I found it particularly offensive and uncomfortable to be around also. They were the same at Prakash 2010 in Hayes.
  5. I have been informed that the lobby has been cancelled tomorrow due to the Portcullis House unable to cope with the expected capacity of sangat. Is this true? Parliament have written a official letter I have been told, is this tru? As they will be consulting a official body of sikhs regarding the issue.
  6. Gurfateh I only knew a few letters from the punjabi alphabet, that I learned when I was in punjabi school when I was say 7 years old and I am in my 30s now. However, I started having private classes with a respected taksali jatha Singh and within 7 months I have become with Guru Sahibs grace and blessings quite competent ... still have a long way to go to get shud - patience and effort is a great virtue.
  7. Please check site : www.drlonniesmith.com
  8. Lol people just steal things... PROSECUTE um!!!!! :2singh2:
  9. By far its gotta be Manchester Smagam - the atmosphere, the sangat, the keertanis made it for me. Gurpreet Singh Shimla was outta of this world :nihungsmile:
  10. Ok why do people celebrate christmas because of jesus b'day right? but is it ... lets look at this perspectively.. 1. The bible says Herod's response to this was to murder all baby boys under a certain age. 2. When Mary and Joseph learn of Herod's plan to kill the babies, the New Testament has them fleeing to Egypt. 3. The bible has them returning to Nazareth before the passover. - Now look at the timeframes - 3a. They went to Bethleham 3b. fled to Egypt 3c. and then back to Nazareth On what a DONKEY !!! All this in UNDER a week's time Look at a map and see how stupid this look
  11. Hmmm DalSingh101 its NOT bulltutti, look at it with an open mind because it just goes to show dont have faith in the Hindu religion or its demi god/godesses or you fall into the pit of death and ignorance. "I do not follow the religious ways, preached by various religions, believing in Ram, Mohammad, Puran or Quran." Savaiya, Chaupai Sahib.
  12. My wife is a size 8 petite will the small fit her?
  13. Gurfateh, Sir Jave to Jave Meri Sikhi Sidhak Na Jave Click on link below : Daily Mail --- Page 9 Jus Cant believe it!!!! Please leave comments on bottom of article.. but please be civil. Baldeep Singh
  14. Gurfateh This evening at 9pm - 10.30pm please capture and distribute. BBC2 Indias Partition
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