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  1. Why is Badal, KPS Gill, KS Brar, and many others who have contributed to the killing or innocent Sikhs and Operation Blue Star are allowed to roam around freely. Sikhs have killed others like General Vadia and so forth. Look in the mirror before looking for justice for killing of Sikhs by others groups. Why was Longowal killed because he told Sant Jarnail Singh not to take a fight with the government because there would be destruction to Sikhi. There were other members of that Khalsa Panth that told Sant Jarnail Singh not to start a war. They were labelled Gaddars.
  2. I am surprised that the people in India do not follow SIkhi very well. Out in the west when the soccer had a Distar ban in Quebec the children stopped playing. Why did these weaklings not stop playing. The entire Canada opposed and we won. Look at the ban that was to be in Quebec the party that was going to stop people from taking government jobs were about to be forbidden with religious headgear. The party that was to bring in this law lost the election majorly.
  3. Myself and my wife do not live together due to some issues involving two different countries. For 3 years she was very hesitant to wear a Distar. Our relationship started to fall apart due to some reasons. We both wanted to resolve all the differences. I told her that she must wear a Distar. She was very scared of her mother. The day came when she put her foot down and started to wear a distar. Her mother just started to say so many things but once she put the distar on few days maybe a month later her mother quietened down. Another words if wish to do something people might not like it but re
  4. Can't Find a Punjabi Girls there other girls who will respect you better. They will convert into Sikhism even better as your are.
  5. Personal experience every fate is written by Guru Jee. Sometimes you try everything possilbe, to make it works, for some it will not work for others it will. I think the most cases of breakdown is usually around 35 and up. Thinking about Divorce in Aanand karj Does seem wierd and not right but that is probably something new for the Sikhs to think. I personally believe there should not be any divorce but It took me ten years to move on. This mid life crisis is not a pleasent time for a couple. I say Midlife crisis comes to everyone some make it some break it.
  6. Well here is the thing to think about how many amirtdhari police women are there in the Punjab Police and how many amritdhari women wear 4 metre distars over their heads. I doubt there is any policewoman wearing a distar. Next 99% of baptized women do not wear distar. The cholce just like any other country that as accepted distar in replacement of a helmet should be the same in Punjab. So If you are baptized then wear a distar so no one will ticket you for not wearing a helmet.
  7. manvimattu

    Ramgarhia Kom?

    Sometimes I think Maharaja Ranjit Singh made the biggest mistake in his raaj. He brought the misals togehter. As far as the history of the Khalsa we have never been able to unite. We have to go our separate ways. Either caste, jatha or whatever. We need an issue to fight with eachother. It seems majority of the Sikhs want their own powers. We seem to have 90% leaders and 10% who perfer to stay mumb.
  8. In 1978 Tara Hayer opended up his business. The struggle of those days were some people would come to Guru Ghar with a naked head. Or they would come drunk. There was resistance to change that. Tara Hayer started to write things like there are 2 masands in Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Delta-Surrey. These were the old days where the Guru Ghar was very small and located somewhere in the city. He opened up to mock Sikhi in his own way. Then came the movement of 1984 so he had more ways to mock Sikhs. His paper was like the The National Enquirer. He would personaly attack a persons image. So one day s
  9. Why are you all worried. Canadians are not stupid. Let the dogs bark. Don't even look at them in ther eyes. I have been living for 36 years and I havev seen a lot of change. Few years back the bolen bolted head barked and the mayor of the Surrey did not come. Well she came to the next years Nagar Kirtan. Freedom of speech. You don't need to counter attack. You just need to preach your religion. 1985 when Air India exploded the Canadian did not care they were they are killing their own so who cares.
  10. Guess what the Badal are making us take our attention away from the super-evil cop that is now the head of the Punjab Pig Force. Either we keep up these kind of activties or we go back to sleep.
  11. To the original writer let me get this correct. So if Darshan Singh speaks at a Gurdwara and says something that you do not understand the way he does then slap him. Then people call the police you will allow the police come in bare headed and with shoes. Seems like you people are more out of you mind than him. Eventhough I never heard what he says. I don't care because I have my own problems. My biggest problem is a life time problem is how to be a puran Gursikh. Which I will never be or I won't know. A puratan Gursikh asks Guru Jee to forgive people like him and people like you. I am in Indi
  12. I don't think Reyat Marjada means anything any more. There are no educated Khalsa anymore. There when Guru jee signals one.
  13. Question should be are the Sikhs enmies of Ravdass followers. Sikhs in General have not accepted low caste people into Sikhi because they themselves are not Sikhs just Images of Sikhs. I would say 99.9% of Sikhs are this way. Sikhs could not stay Sikhs after Guru Gobind SinghJee they slowly went back to what they were before all the Guru's. Only they retained the name of Sikh panth and some kept their turbans and beards some did not. In general Sikhs are mearly turbaned Hindus confused in their own mind.
  14. People don't waste your time. I am sure even the Akali leaders have gone there too. Esp: Badals. Only they have control of the Police and the Media. Does it not say somewhere that all these masands or traitors will come out in the open. Then the Khalsa shall rise and wipe these poeple out. At this time it seems all leaders and their followers are traitors and destroyers of Sikhism. There is no real Khalsa in India. It seems western countries are going to have to train the Khalsa amry one day. Under the UN flag. This would be after India goes bankurpt by wasting money or weopens. Just like the
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