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  1. rehras and aarti akhand path bhog maryada like nanaksar . they do puratan 25 singh akhand path which is according to dal panth maryada.
  2. its wrong jee .baba jee's old asthan is at 13 silverton road. restoration of church was done by baba fauja singh jee not sant mani singh jee.
  3. actually baba jee named it akal ashram but it was formally known as akal bunga sahib because bunga is more commonly used word for gurdwara rather than ashram .there is no direct connection between takht sahib and akal bunga sahib.
  4. Actually they got name mani singh after their bhagti at soho road asthan.They also went to dalpanth when They came to india.They did bhgti at nanaksar at baba nand singh jee's hazoori sewadar's house ,hazoor sahib they used to live in giani hardeep singh jee's house,guru ke lahore.They did extensive meditation at bhangala village.About this we can listen to katha by bhai dhana singh jee.
  5. Could you ask them if they remember any incident or bachan with Baba Mani Singh Jee
  6. bhai preetam singh jee chani .They did akaal chlaana last year only.
  7. 2 bhai amolak singh 6 bhai preetam singh jee chani 9 looks like dr preetam singh jee 11 bhai jeevan singh jee 12 master niranjan singh jee 13 singh from UK 14 giani amolak singh jee 15 bhai joginder singh talwara 16 bhai surat singh jee pooran 17 bhai harbhajan singh jee sagoo 18 bhai rama singh jee 19 bau mal singh jee 20 jathedar raghbir singh jee 21 bhai kulwant singh kaki pind 22 Unknown 23 bhai avtar singh jee 24 bhai fauja singh 25 sri maan sant giani jarnail singh jee khalsa 26 kulwant singh jee nagoke 27 mehnga singh jee babbar 28 bhai anokh singh jee 29 sukhdev singh jee babar 30 gurjant singh budh singh wala 31 jathedar gurdev singh kaonke
  8. bhai surat singh jee pooran bhai harbhajan singh jee sagoo bhai rama singh jee jathedar raghbir singh bau mal singh jee bhai preetam singh jee chani bhai jeevan singh jee giani amolak singh jee master niranjan singh jee bhai joginder singh talwara babar khalsa jatha damdami taksal singhs jathedar gurdev singh kaonke bhai fauja singh bhai kulwant singh kaki pind bhai amolak singh gurjant singh budh singh wala mehnga singh babbar sukhdev singh babar bhai avtar singh jee kulwant singh jee nagoke
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