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  1. Bhai Nand Lal wrote a poem in the persian language, "Nasro Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh" I am interested in looking up the first two lines written not in Gurmukhi or English but in Persian.. i cant find them online.. if anyone knows a source or how to write those two lines in Persian, your help will be very appreciated: Nasro Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh Eaezadhee Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh.
  2. Those "Singhs" weren't Karkoos or real Singhs.. i wanna say they were hired by the police to harass the sikhs into serving them food so that while the sikh family were busy preparing and serving the food those "singhs" will hide weapons in the houses so that when the police came in later on the police can easily charge the sikh family for hiding weapons in the house.. it was basically a tactic to charge the sikhs and come up with an excuse to arrest them on the basis of those weapons thus, holding them in jails and oppressing them.. something that was advocated by both the Punjab and Indian g
  3. Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj righfully said "when an affair outstrips all machinations, it is legitimate to grip the hilt of the sword".. the only solution to this discrimination and oppression from the indian gov't is for all sikhs to grip the hilt of that sword and claim a revolution.. revolt all the jails where our beloved singhs are held and release them with force .. with the grip of the Khanda Sahib in our hands,. with teers in our hands to battle and fight anyone who comes in our way... create such an uproar that Delhi and Punjab sarkaar shakes at the might of the Sikhs.. thats what we ne
  4. do you even know why Guru Amar Das Ji rejected the veil covering of a woman's face? because the veil covering supressed the personality of a woman and reflected her inferior status.. such is depicted in the culture of the Islam religion.. Sikhi doesnt recognize that.. Sikhi treats women and men with equality. but as MehtabSingh's hilarious examples proved, it is perfectly okay for the woman to wear googles and cover face while driving scooter .. after all she has to protect her eyes and skin.. its practical health reasons..
  5. I am personally suffering from a hearing disability as i was born pre-mature.. however, in addition to that, i also had 2 life threatening surgeries at ages of day 1 and 19 yrs. in between those 19 years, i was always weak and remained thin... soon, i was diagnosed with anemia and my small intestines were infused with bacteria at the age of 17.. it was a life threatening surgery and thus, the doctor tried 2 yrs to treat with medication (i gotta say i was hospitalized atleast 10 times)... and my small intestine issue was gone after my surgery with the kirpa of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.. but yes,
  6. i am not surprised Gaini Gurbachan Singh is quiet on this issue,.. like others, he too dances to the tunes of Parkash Singh Badal. Rebel Singh: SLAVERY INDEED! "freedom from slavery is achieved only when a person starts to feel and understand he would prefer death to life as a slave" -Mahapurkh Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.
  7. That is the very definition of a Sikh! AKKAALLLLLLL Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave Sikhs one pure appearance in the Khalsa, intertwining Sikhs together. Today, these very Sikhs are separated and torn apart into different groups. I pray that one day, we can all connect back into the intertwined Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh. :waheguru:
  8. lol, i was just curious.. i even asked for forgiveness beforehand.. i m still learning so it sparked a curiousity within me :blink2: ... okie dokie Singho, i will search up Taksaal's interpretation.. thank you jee :biggrin2:
  9. I will beg for your forgiveness beforehand if i make any mistake by saying what i am about to say... but now that I think about it, Hindu's were largely populated at the times of Guru Gobind Singh.. it is a strong possibility that Guru Sahib did indeed meant it as a metaphorical way of showing the power of Waheguru. That Guru Sahib meant to say that just like Ram recieved his power from Waheguru, similarily we all receive blessings of Waheguru to go through the tasks in our lives.. that only with Waheguru's kirpa are we successful. That without Waheguru, such tasks cant be achieved. Now in
  10. No, my point was that why insult bani by shortening it.. what i meant by this was what happened at Sri Darbar Sahib where the Rehras Sahib was shortened and that version was imposed against the Sangat... why was this paath shortened??? shortening the paath in 1920's and 30's is in itself an insult no?
  11. THANK YOU! Bani should be read the way its written why even insult it by shortening it?...
  12. which Sikh Organization emerged in Post 1984?
  13. my interpretation of bani? Sikhi teaches the panj chor ... go ask any high granthi or strict Sikh he will explain to you that Sikhi is against homosexuality if my interpretation isnt enough for you just because i am 21?..yes, i am only 21.. says so in my profile under age... .uneducated? i was brought up in a Sikh Household where both my parents did paath every single morning and we all went to Gurdwara every Sunday ... i got deep into Sikhi myself at the age of 12-13 and started doing paath and research myself.. yes, i do not know everything and i am still learning... never mind.. y m i a
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