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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Veerji u can go to www.gurmatsagar.com. They upload keertan from darbar sahib everyday and also have 3 months old archives.
  2. Veerji dont translate gurbani according to yourself. "Kaam" in the shabad you mentioned does not mean kaam vaasna. It means kaamna. please refer to all teekas. it has several other meanings.
  3. 31 no. is the oldest shop and they have more stuff than the other one. ( sarbloh shasters and other stuff). 31 no. is not dhumma owned, its is operated by ajnala jatha ( bhai amrik singh) as u can see all the gutka sahib they sell has written sant jarnail singh ji as mukhi of taksal. the other one is dhumma owned. though 31 no. is no more 31 no. now as the numbers have changed. it is in the shopping complex. but dont let them know u are from abroad. they tend to raise their prices if they come to know. but 31 no. rate is reasonable than most other taksal shops. if u are just looking to buy sri sahibs, go to bhinder kalan instead coz taksali sri sahibs are made there and then delivered to different locations.
  4. they talking about giani ram singh who declared himself mukhi while baba thakur singh ji was still present. dhumma said he agrees with baba thakur singh ji about sant jarnail singh jis's chardikala, but after baba ji left for sachkhand he declared sant ji shaheed.
  5. Im Sorry im posting this topic here but i was trying to contact Sikhistore through their website but it was not working. I ordered 4 Kachhehre on Nov 30 and its almost a month now and i havent received them. I didnt even receive any info to track the package. Please look into this if anyone from sikhistore read this topic.Thank You.
  6. Just do Chaupayi Sahib. "Sunai Gung Jo Yahae So Rasna Paavayi, Sunai Moorh Chit Laaye Chaturta Aavayi"
  7. Yes, this is a big problem in kids, mainly who are born here( not all but most of them). It really hurts when i see amritdhari kids abusing( even in Gurudwaras) as if its so cool and that too when they study in Khalsa school. Im not sure but i think its because their parents dont raise them in a proper gurmat way. I have seen many of them become amritdhari just becoz their friends are but they do not follow rehat. Their parents say that they are just kids and they need not to follow rehat strictly. And theres a recent trend i ve seen that small kids are allowed to wear elastic kachera and not the one with nala coz their parents say it difficult for them to tie nala. Even they say that its nothing wrong to wear hats, i ve seen many of them wearing it on haloween and did other stupid makeups.They look down on the Singhs from India or those who stay simple as if they are the pendu Gavaars and they themselves are the mordern day sikhs. I think this modernization is going to hurt us someday. As our santheya teachers says that" ajj kal sikh zyada modern ho gaye aa, juraaban(socks) samet hi guru darbaar ch chale jaande aa, dekhiyo kite zyada tarakki na kar jaayeo, kal nu kite joreyan ( shoe) samet hi na jaan lagg jayo). Even tying dumaalle has become a fashion, one who do not wear a dummala is not considered as chardikala wala, Singhnis wear revealing clothes and go to parties which a matter of concern. and they come to gurudwara on a particular day when there is simran or AKJ samagam as if Guru ji is not present on any other day. This is not the case with everyone, but most of them
  8. I ve heard that Singhs stood against him and didnt let him do katha. I think it was in Gurudwara Sahib in Slough(not sure)
  9. Let me add some more ways of matha tek here. I dont know which one is the perfect way(depends on individuals sharda). Our Santheya teacher explains 3 different ways of it. 1. Ashtaang Bandna ( the way Consciousness veerji explained, touching ur forehead and 8 other angs) 2. Dandaut Bandna ( laying flat before Guruji) 3. Matha Tek in Bir aasan ( As Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to do and most of the taksali Singhs do) Also they told that ur palms should be facing the ground, imagining as if u r touching the feet of Guru Sahib.
  10. It comes in Naank prakash katha that Akal Purakh himself dig the sarovar, where Har Ki Pauri is situated these days. Sarovars have nothing to do with teerath ishnaans. It is the water which has the significance. Our santhiya teacher( student of sant gurbachan singh ji) explains that water is such an element which absorbs all the vibrations and energy. It is just simple water, which becomes amrit after reading of Baanis. At Harmandir sahib, keertan is done throughout the day which affects the water that is why it is called amrit sarovar. That is why Guru Arjan Dev Ji created amrit sarovar. If it was of no use Guru ji would not have created it, coz Guru Ji never wanted Sikhs to fall in traps of Brahmins at various teeraths, so Guru Ji created our own teerath for us. Sant Jarnail Singh never missed the amrit vela ishnaan at Harmandir Sahib. Theres a sakhi related to it. When Sant Ji surrendered himself, two Singhs accompanied him to Jail. Sant Ji said to them that we are not going to miss the amrit vela ishnan at darbaar sahib, Singhs did not took it seriously. Whn the singhs woke up at amrit vela Sant ji was not there in the jail. They shouted and called policemen and asked if they had done something to Sant ji , but the policemen instead said that they both have helped Sant ji to escape. When it was around ten o clock in the morning, Sant Jarnail Singh was seen coming to the jail from the entrance gate. Everyone asked that where he was. He replied that i told you before that i m not going to miss the amrit vela ishnaan at Harmandir Sahib. The policemen said that these 4 walls are not capable of keeping you imprisioned, there is no such jail which can imprison you, you are great, and after few days only they released Sant Ji. There was also a person who had cancer and came to sant ji, he was not able to move even. Sant ji sent a singh with him and told him to constantly pour amrit sarovar's jal into his head and do sukhmani sahibs path and his cancer was cured. Theres a recent case where a girl got his eyesight back after doing ishnaan in the sarovar. you can even see the video at youtube So it all depends on one's sharda. If we no sharda and just taking a dip in sarovar coz everyone else is. that might be of no use. But i have personal experience with this. whenever i do Ishnaan at amrit sarovar, it feels as if a lot of burden has been lifted off me. Even when i m not feeling physically well, i get relief by taking bath at amrit sarovar.
  11. You can also check calgarykeertan.com for live online santhiya. Timings are given on the site main page
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