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  1. If we did not develop the electronic age as it is now with TV, cinema, computers/internet etc, what would be the state of Sikhi in India right now? I mean without all the rubbish Bollywood/Hollywood movies, cassettes/CD/Mp3/youtube music and TV influences on the masses? Would our heroes be only the Guru's and Puratan Singhs/Singhnian/Shaheeds rather than movie/music/sports stars? Also, would there be an inverse effect on those Sikhs who emigrated, i.e. without mass media would Sikhi be relatively weak in the West?
  2. Premi5

    Another Hypothetical Scenario

    Meant to be a joke that Uk is Islamic
  3. Premi5

    Is Donald Trump right

    What do you think the Russian and Chinese view on Islam is? i doubt they would want to be taken over
  4. Collapse imminent? News to me. What you talking about?
  5. You mean England flag? I guess you don’t live in England? Well, those of us that live here are loyal to the country we live in
  6. Premi5

    UK Gurdwaras committee

    More preaching (in English) needs to be done by the youth for the youth on our history and showing examples of why certain other minority groups cannot be trusted to make us more streetwise This would help against issues like grooming and make the youth more interested
  7. If true, can you post link? And I am sure black crime is well out of proportion to their population numbers
  8. Premi5

    Another Hypothetical Scenario

    The U.K. is an exception then !
  9. Premi5

    The people without an identity, Pakistan.

    Some very good and valid points. But don’t think even at the most Pakistan was ever ‘majority’ Punjabi, although it’s most fervent supporters are . The Mughals were ‘turks’ but really from Mongolia area. Also, a lot of famous non-Punjabi Sikhs like some of Panj Piare and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur . What does cucked mean please?
  10. Premi5

    UK Gurdwaras committee

    Do the younger generation want the power? Certainly the younger guys in 30’s/40’s are more attuned to the ‘word on the street’ and could help strengthen the identity of our youths and bring them more towards Sikhs. As far as I know, none of the Gurdware in South east or east London or North Kent have a young President Being President seems to be a more than part-time commitment so usually the Presidents are retired bazurgs.
  11. Premi5

    Sikhs - Health & Diet

    I think the darkness around eyes is just hyperpigmentation due to genetics and/or ageing
  12. Premi5

    Sikhs - Health & Diet

    Which horrendous results?
  13. Premi5

    Sikhs - Health & Diet

    So, you would be happy if someone is taking up half your seat because they are severely obese?
  14. Premi5

    Suicide bomber kills sikhs in Afghanistan!

    I doubt the 'elite' know who he or Khalsa Aid is
  15. You sir, are extremely humble and politely-spoken (not)
  16. On tonight https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b8h92m Anita Rani tells the story of one man who has devoted his life to helping the homeless. Randeep Singh started his small Southall charity with just a handful of volunteers but has now transformed it into a sophisticated national task force that feeds and clothes thousands of people every week. As the charity tries to expand to other outposts they face obstacles and challenges that test their dedication. Part of the BBC's Our Lives strand.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44562746 Interesting this family are Jehovah's. "In June 2007, 10 years after he murdered her daughter, SumanVirk turned to Warren Glowatski and hugged him. Glowatski, who had just learned he would soon be released from prison, then shook the hand of Virk's husband, Manjit."
  18. Premi5

    Christians becoming Sikh

    Not seen this in the UK much
  19. Premi5

    Side businesses and jobs

    Why not mention plumbers, dentists, lawyers, stockbrokers too?
  20. Premi5

    Justice in Sikhism

  21. Premi5

    Justice in Sikhism

    What is the Sikh perspective on treatment of criminals? How would Sikhs deal with convicted criminals for example during reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh? Would it best compare with British, American, sharia or current Indian system? Would there be capital punishment?
  22. Unfortunately it seems they are reaping the results of their misdemeanours during their Empire in various countries and lack of religious culture
  23. As bad as the things these Hindus did, it is still only small compared to Muslims and the rulers were all Muslim

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