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  1. I have read the thread many times, but cannot find the answer to my question of whether mahaprashad is greater than gur prashad / Amrit or greater than degh/karah prashad? The term maha suggests that this prashad is the greatest.
  2. Maha Prashad is not something I have heard of until this post. The term Maha Prashad to me would mean the great blessing. Does this mean that it is greater than the Karah Prashad served in Gurdwaras? Is it greater than Gur Prashad? Is it greater than Amrit? From what I have been taught in gurmat classes is that a Sikh only sacrifices themselves before Guru Ji (hence taking Khande thi Pahul symbolises sacrificing oneself). Once someone has sacrificed themself then they have nothing left to sacrifice, because everything essentially belongs to Guru Ji/Waheguru (Tan, Man, Dhan Sabh Saop Gur Ka
  3. WJKK WJKF, Can anyone tell me where the 1st shabad that Giani Ji sings in the clip above is from, it is amazing kirtan. I have tried to search on Sikhi to the max but I can't find it. Please can someone help? Thank you, WJKK WJKF
  4. WJKK WJKF, Bhagat Kabeer Ji is telling us to trust in Waheguru 100% and Waheguru alone. It is not possible to trust humanity as much as Waheguru. There is no instance where Waheguru will not let you down. Humans are fallible therefore Bhagat Ji is explaining that even in the instance where a mother (whom we would trust 100% with our lives) may poison her own child then who can we trust? The answer is trust in Waheguru, he is our creator and caretaker. (Poison doesn't just have to be poison ingested through the mouth. Poison could be not teaching Gurmat and steering the child away from Guru
  5. When everyone becomes Amritdhari then the whole world will be Khalistan. Aim big and spread the Sikhi, that's all that needs to be done, then Khalistan will happen automatically. Raj Karega Khalsa.
  6. This video I found seems to refute the sakhi that Guru Arjan Dev Ji went to his Nanake in Lahore (see from 4:37 minutes in) and that Guru Arjan Dev Ji wrote the last line upon returning to Guru Ram Das Ji because Guru Arjan Dev Ji wasn't Guru at that time, Guru Ram Das Ji was. So therefore Guru Arjan Dev Ji had could not have used Guru Nanak Dev Ji's name because he wasn't the Guru. Only Guru Ramdas had the authority to use Guru Nanak Dev Ji;s name at that time, until the Gurgaddi was passed onto Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Also Professor Sahib Singh Ji's darpan of Guru Granth Sahib Ji states that the
  7. The voice for Khalistan will grow, The whole world must know, We Sikhs must unite, Continue the fight, One Panth, One Guru Granth, Eventually Khalsa will rule, To to think otherwise is being a fool, So Sikhs everywhere, Spread the Sikhi, Encourage your family and friends to embrace the Khalsa way, So everyone will have peace in their lives every day. Raj Karega Khalsa,
  8. You can get Taksaali santhya in the UK i'm sure. I don't think you need to go all the way to Punjab. I got my Taksaali Santhya from Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick. That was 15 years ago. I don't know if the Santhya is still Taksaali, but i'm sure there will be other places in the UK that provide Taksaali Santhya.
  9. As Sikhs we must believe in the Shabad and spread the message of Guru Ji.
  10. I am unsure where they got the idea that jhatka meat is ok because Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji does not authorise the consumption of meat (jhatka or halal). The only time meat would be allowed is when there is no other food source available, therefore the consumption of meat would be to save a life and not for the pleasure of the tongue. People read individual lines of Gurbani and come up with the wrong conclusion. The whole sabad must be understood.
  11. Sikhs are not allowed to eat meat period. Rehat Maryada may say not to eat Kutha or meat killed in a ritualistic way (halal or kosher), BUT IT DOESN'T SAY GO AND KILL AN ANIMAL IN A JHATKA WAY (where in the Maryada is the word Jhatka written?). Meat is only permitted in the extreme circumstance where there is no other food source available. One does not have the time to kill in a ritualistic way when they are starving. This issue should not affect Sikhs. jeea badhahu su dharam kar thaapahu adharam kehahu kath bhaaee | You kill living beings, and call it a righteous action. Tell me, brother, w
  12. I prefer to have east and west Punjab independent unified as one nation.
  13. Tell him to take some alcohol to the Gurdwara and let the sangat tell him.
  14. The main reason why Sikhs and others leave is money. For example the minimum wage here in Australia is $16.37 an hour which equates just over 950 Rupees an hour. They just can't compete in Punjab and other areas of India.
  15. I don't get it, how can they have a full relationship with a girl so young? How can she provide full love to him and vice versa? What is the point?
  16. Aape Beej Aape Hi Kaho, Nanak Hukmi Aavhu Jaho. (Jap Ji Sahib).
  17. Sikhs are Punjabi not Indian. Sikhism began in Nankana Sahib which is in Punjab and Khalsa was created in Anandpur Sahib which is also in Punjab.
  18. Not in Australia. I live here, I know. There are areas that are dominated by Lebanese Muslims that other people just don't go to.
  19. Can someone explain then, where does 'free will' fit in?
  20. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji. I would like to share what I do when I do my simran. Jap Ji Sahib tells us that we must: Listen, Accept and then Love. So each time I say Waheguru I listen to my own voice. You can practice your concentration by saying Waheguru faintly and still trying to hear your own voice. I just think about the word Waheguru. Then through repetition, your simran automatically becomes Saas Saas simran whereby you say Wahe on inhale and Guru on exhale. If you are doing it correctly then you will taste sweetness. This is the same taste as when you take Amrit
  21. Can people please stick to answering the question in the discussion topic title. people are going astray.
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