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    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki fateh, I am a transplant to Ilford too, my personal experience is I made the mistake of sending my eldest at age 3 to GGSK college... he was bullied constantly by older students and also to some extent by his teacher because of his mixed background his father is European descent Brasilian and I myself Punjabi . I thought being a Sikh school with its own Gurudwara the kids would be more understanding of Keshadhari Sikhs thus my Son would remain confident in Khalsa roop but the truth is he was picked on constantly by the Mona sikhs and even had a knife pull
  2. you being wacist ? :ph34r: besides you get dark going out during the day not tea LOL
  3. In that case guys Chocolate is out too ... don't cry too much :biggrin2: When I was expecting I couldn't take anything which contained caffeine this included the sweet drug Chocolate ... severe illness not matter which stage . My advice if you are stopping -taper down rather than going cold turkey as you can get really bad symptoms. remember it is only a temporary boost to alertness the come-down is twice the tiredness
  4. Tory party is under scrutiny currently for 'losing' over 100 files relating to evidence gathered supporting allegations of predatory Paedophilia going on within the Tory party hierachy during the eighties (Thatcher era) , one would think they would do some homework before putting their foot in their mouths like this normally they are very conscientious of image ... opps methinks
  5. only thing is other people who don't realise or are not 1. amritdhari 2.up to date with current situation in India or here will always click to sign and Gorey who are uninformed.
  6. Theresa May probably is chasing the agenda of Indian Govt as Sikh Federation UK have opposed Gandhi statue and that has put a fly in the ointment for good 'relations' , Gurnam SIngh is being a fool playing into the Govt hands next they'll be rounding up Singhs who wear Bana and Shastars without reason, holding them under emergency terrorism laws. Khalsa can sort out these hotheads by talking them down and around to a more calm way of getting justice for our girls or to stop Non-sikh activities in our gurdwarey. But it has to be a panthic effort.
  7. According to that philosophy no-one would be selected ...taking Amrit is just the first step I was just talking about how older sikhs did things ...of course the ideal is you know your banis and can read but then what are you going to do about those poor souls who want to become Guruwaley although their janam may mean they never had the opportunity to read, write or even pray ? Yes I'm talking about the untouchables and the 'lower castes' they aren't even allowed to hear their granths being read . It is about the soul being ready the body is secondary ... I mean sakhi from Guru Gobind Singh
  8. In Bhai Randhir SIngh ji's book Jail chitian he explain that abilakees for amrit sachar were expected to sit through whole Akhand paat ji and then get interviewed by Panj piare, who were made up of High avasta/kamai vale rehitvan Gursikh if the abilakees were deemed to be wanting they were refused . I have undergone through that interview process(minus the akhand paat as was during reshanbhai) twice once when a little girl and later on when I had again with my children. If you had mischief-makers in that situation would they sit day and night in darbar for three days just to have Amrit int
  9. The Khalsa can and will vet themselves we don't need jokers like you suggesting we carry toys ... we are the khalsa and we are here to save the oppressed and establish the raj of sach here on this Earth. Sorry your family member got scared, maybe he was scared because he was the cause of the accident ? I don't know, that little story doesn't prove anything the world is made up of Individuals maybe that Sikh guy was having a superbad day . if you don't believe we are living in the medieval ages explain why messed-up stuff like this happens
  10. sounds like my childhood , just walking around doing my thing with quickfire questions from all sides , it was challenging but I was lucky I was switched on to Sikhi and also other Dharams so I enjoyed smiling and sharing Sikhi and Guru ji with the different Non-sikh folks , they were always so grateful 'you're the first sikh girl to answer my questions they usually ignore me or say I don't know' I would apologise for the lapse and offer to answer what I could and to be straight when I didn't know (rarely). Religious education classes the other kids would ask me questions or to explain more a
  11. Maybe we all need to do parchaar of what we are and why we are all the places we go, if someone asks us questions . It can be easier if we start using the pamphlets produced by 'Basics of Sikhi' team here in UK (check out their channel on youtube ) they even have translated it to French, Spanish, Brasilian Portuguese and other languages just download print off the double sided, three fold colourful leaflets. They even did one for 30th anniversary of 1984
  12. An ex3HO SIkh, Gursant Singh has been trying to alert people for ages about the beadbhi that happens onsite at the Espanola Gurudwara and the fact that Sikhnet follows 3HO policies but tries to get donations from bhole Gursikhs and Sangat on their site. I mean they have a moderator that prescreens/approves any entry on the discussion forums, so there is no real open spontaneous discussion. Yogi Bhajan was not a very good human being(stories of gun running, drugs smuggling and sexual assaults all over internet) and some even suspect he was linked with govt RSS types . While he has created his
  13. Depends if Girl kehndi hai singh sajo , amrit shakia? then you would kiss that girl's feet for recognising the truth ...Guru ji is everything You're right any Man who throws away his Sikh kaum for the temporary love/lust of a girl is lost to the world ... is janaam juhe ch haria.
  14. Ok maybe then America is more like it was when I was younger than I thought ... But surely the Vaisakhi celebrations in the White House/Pentagon got onto national news this year? We knew about it here in the UK
  15. I am female wear a dastaar and I have been known to openly admire strangers' dastaars no matter what culture , funny story I used to see a young African lady every morning on my bus to work when I was 17 man she has such a pristine dastaar my heart would lift when I would see her. Finally after a couple of months I sat next to her and got up the courage to ask her ...'hi am Jasbir I was wondering if you are also a Sikh ? she looked a bit surprised then replied 'sorry no I am African' 'that's OK I just wanted to tell you I think your turban is always beautiful and I admire it' thankfully b
  16. No! make them accepted at home they will feel self-acceptance then and it won't matter what happens outside, I used to be bullied by boys and girls physically in gangs at junior school after having to walk alone past the gangs of skinheads that used to hang around the council estate I lived on and being jeered and sworn at even spat at . But instead of crumpling and giving in I kicked back against it all, my Perfect Guru didn't make a mistake in making me a sikh . That is the steel of Khanda inside ...
  17. Veer ji , it is only rare because we as a panth have made it so , When I had my first child I made a real heart-felt decision that I would create the kind of home environment that I had but better ... my childhood's background music was kirtan even when Dad and Mum hadn't taken amrit in the early days they would play old LP vinyl records of kirtan whether raagi kirtan or the soundtracks from Nanak Nam Jahaz hai with Mohd. Rafi . Mum was a very spiritual person as was my Nani ji in fact Mum had amrit before marriage from Kaleranwale Sant amrit sanchar, but that was taken away from her in or
  18. wrong ! show your daughters brothers in their own household with sikhi saroop who are caring, helpful to others, hardworking, fun-loving who keep Guru's rehit and I guarantee 100 % she will want to marry a gursikh not a kesh dhari but Khalsa . My 6 year old informed me in no uncertain terms' i am going to marry an indian' ( as we live in mixed neighbourhood) I asked her what she meant and she pointed at her teenage brothers 'like my brothers with turbans who do waheguru waheguru'. It's not about control its about opening their eyes to how others live . she doesn't want to marry someone who e
  19. Well it just goes to show that he hasn't bothered paying attention to rehit of amrit if she is a mem then his amrit is null and void they both have do pesh and take amrit together . That's why amritdhari girls pick an amritdhari guy because they pay attention unlike these bheki singhs
  20. How can you be low like that ? You should be saying I want a singhni who will give my future family strong faith in Guru ji, who is strong in her abhihaas , is intelligent, have a warrior spirit, can read Guru ji and teach children the same; NOT provide me with housemaid service and 'entertain' me jeeez . SIngh ho ke ehni neech soch and you wonder whats up. Try learning to cook and clean and provide your own entertainment THEN look out wards . Become a worthy husband PRIOR to looking for that wife by becoming a true khalsa and having an uchi suchi jiwan. Guys look for that special SInghni
  21. Maybe true in India but will have to be checked in UK, USA and Canada ... when in doubt use nim di datan Has Guru's OK
  22. I disagree the best age is from when you are small as you have no chance of doing big paap just bhul if you start early you can get a lot done before you get to an age where you can be tempted and won't feel the pull of maya so much by then because of you bandagi (think of Sant ji). Besides veer ji is right we are 'bandey ik dammi' meaning of one breath the current one, no guarantees of the next .
  23. Once you have 'chased the dragon' as it called that dragon sinks its teeth in deep it is very hard thing to get rid of ...someone must have introduced him to it . SHame on them I mean he's so frail he can't even hold the shisha tube
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