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  1. hey they tried to do that last month at farmer protests too to malign the farmer youth
  2. amazon do the regular strength then the max dose one
  3. they still think of such women as loose and chiritar heen , sure they have kids out of wedlock because the guys have their dalliance then run out on them , most people still expect marriage to be the natural outcome if people are in love
  4. get better you sublingual spray d3 it's better than tabs
  5. make sure you are mega dosing vit D and zinc
  6. well there is still massive judgement on females in South America and other catholic countries
  7. looking at the devious antics of the Gates's I can see him playing all sides gmo crops, factory farmed /synth meats with restriction to access to fresh fruit and veg , pharma drugs/vaccines leading to cancer and its and treatment and ultimately chronic disease generation to hike up health care costs per capita /denial of medical treatment leading to death
  8. it is interesting how a man who never married can be so sure about the bad character of women , the same females he goes to claim donations for pooja , marries to other men and perhaps secretly covets .
  9. the question was kind of open to interpretation , most of the sikh world associates saints with sikhi parchaar and sewa not so much material world progress. I suppose Baba iqbal Singh ji's akal academy schools and university and treatment centre could be another progressive , Sant Sucha Singh ji of Jawaddi Taksal is reinvigorating gurmat raaj kirtan and tanti saaz players
  10. sant Teja Singh ji was a pioneer in academic circles as well as serving the panth , don't be so sure about what you said
  11. Giani Kulwant Singh ji Giani Sher Singh ji bhai Avtar Singh Hazoori ragi Bhai Balbir Singh Hazoori ragi Bhai Nirmal Singh Hazoori Ragi
  12. I am currently working my way through all her enviromental books smart lady astrophyscist , also books like 'food choice and sustainability' dr opplander , 'the third plate: the future of food' dan Barber, kiss the ground
  13. Genocide and rape,pain and hate,what else? this was removed same day in true BJP IT cell stylee
  14. the great reset there will be no ownership and you will be happy or if you are part of the 500 million dead.
  15. sheer fact of multitude accepting ghulami of manuwad, just imagine if they the 80% woke up and accepted Guru ji 's adesh it would change the whole of India's society for the betterment of the planet.
  16. look their roots are in a failed aryan mythology which has been disproved by DNA analysis , combined with a false racial purity theory which never existed anywhere on this planet . They do not follow their claimed faiths granths at all neither geeta nor Shastra Puranas they are all about the thuglife
  17. Fact a non sikh cannot excommunicate a gursikh only the panj piare at Akal Takht can , that's why no sane sikh talks of this as a real thing - because all these british sponsored excommunications are not valid
  18. the only one I know of is Guru Teg Bahadur ji who completed a painting by an artist as the artist did benti because he couldn't complete it .
  19. the gurdwara was built by the sheikhs/princes so they cannot say no in a way, similar to having to take golak money donated by sikhs and put iftar meals special for muslims (ghulami)
  20. when they have no dharmic roots what fruit do you think that will bring ? The truly secular minded hindus are who we should be dialoguing with because they will rather be associated with Guru ji than the toxic mess of RSS stamped hinduism (they are proposing to bring all mandhirs under one department (surprise surprise benares ke tugg) to be funneling funds to a central location . (yep basically they've had a taste after ripping of sikh golak via double GST and straight up thievery)
  21. this man has an excellent plan: https://www.facebook.com/SDBMTV/videos/432059047848302
  22. surely would need tweaking but it gives close hand to hand techniques you cannot deny it would be a good skill set , besides Guru ji used Pesh Kabaz instead of curved short kirpan as personal arm .
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