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  1. Why do sikhs living in their own state of Punjab speak Hindi instead of punjabi?
  2. I was just very fascinated and curious by it all plus the fact I had many sikh friends to help me to learn about sikhism ! I have been a sikh for six years now.
  3. They were very suprised when I suddenly started discussing God. I have always been an atheist prior to become a sikh. They are supportive mostly but sometimes they also ask a lot of questions about sikhism. I been divorced for nearly two and a half years. I need all the luck to follow sikhism thanks.
  4. I realised it as soon as I read your post but couldn't understand why you omitted the sikh Ardass. Even I have a problem explaining to my own parents about wearing the Sri Sahib beause of their Christian backgrounds. They try to support me as much as they can but still haven't come to terms with my conversion to the sikh faith and then the divorce, but I remain hopeful. I like the video posted by another poster.
  5. You are lucky to have someone to help you type your posts. So, we will hear from you after three weeks? Once your English improves you will start to undersand difficult posts, don't worry too much about it. It will come. I understand your posts perfectly well. Good and hasta la vista.............friend.
  6. I asked because you forgot to mention the Sikh Ardass. I know it is taken from Vaar Sri Bhagauti ki, so I was just wondering why you didn't make any refereneces to the daily Sikh Ardass. Good, now you have done that.
  7. no puedo esperar para que usted pueda dominar el idioma inglés. Parmjit10, can you buy Spanish food easily where you are now at your local grocery store? I can never find anything Spanish when I go back home. How long have you been following Sikhism?
  8. Bhagauti is a mighty sword with powers to free us from bondage? How? I read the theory but I can't recall coming across this word ever.
  9. I have noticed this too. I can tell their style of writing is similar. At first I thought, it's nothing, but now I am starting to think the same. There are many people here with multiple ids. Though, I won't mention them, I can tell. Unless they are all living in the same building and sharing the same Internet, eg, halls of residence, hotel, or rented accomodation. To be honest, it does not distract me at all. Each one to themselves.
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