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  1. I always took hazoori to mean sitting before Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in terms of the role a Granthi undertakes, if you get what I mean. But now you mention it, is there a distinction between hazoori and tabiya?
  2. I thought it was an open secret that Badal sold out Sant Jarnail Singh Ji? Unless I'm adding 2 plus 2 to equal 5?
  3. One thing's for certain, those apes who went on the rampage when this issue originally arose have made darn sure no rehat-adhering Sikh will question Baba Ji and take them to task for making an erroneous statement - if it is against Gurmat - because nobody in their right mind will want to side with the missionary position on this issue.
  4. Hmm... where is this sakhi from? Is it from a Granth or the works of a scholar?I guess the pertinent question is who else amongst the Holy men and learned of Sikhi concur with this katha? Is it accurate according to Gurmat, whether we like it or not? I begin to worry when I hear someone of that position and status in a religion say, "If you question me or the reasoning I've just presented, you're going against the tenets of your faith." I expect that from some other faiths, but not Sikhi.
  5. I was thinking something along the lines of this topic, albeit in a much generalised way. Modern life and, as a result, modern warfare has made it nigh on impossible for an individual to gather a few men, form an army, and challenge and fight the tyranny of those in power. Those who would once, long ago in history, have garnered enough support to challenge the status-quo are now rendered impotent and helpless. The "machine" is simply too huge to challenge. Instead, we're encouraged to protest and appeal and plead, all the while those whom we appeal to are probably cackling in glee at the us
  6. What exactly was said by Baba Ji regarding the "impurity" of women? Did he actually say such a thing?
  7. Bookish knowledge and that gained from such sources is of less value than the type of knowledge and wisdom that enriches the soul? Is that what you're saying, brother?
  8. I was going to say, with a name like Xerxes I wouldn't expect you to be the biggest fan of the Spartans. Exactly! I was never taught this in my run-down state comprehensive.
  9. They don't teach that in schools, do they, lol? I guess my point was this type of behaviour is not a modern aberration, but something that has precedent even in the cultures and civilisations of old.
  10. The ancient Athenians (Greeks) were notorious boy lovers. I learnt this from the film 300.
  11. What this about these sword wielding lads being clean shaven? Is that accurate?
  12. Whilst it's not a common issue for most people, protein shakes (or protein powders) cause heart palpitations in some instances, so take it easy. I found my resting heart rate would fluctuate wildly when I drank protein shakes years ago, so I stopped and began incorporating protein into my diet instead. Much better for me at least. But like I said it's a non issue for most folks, but one to keep in mind if problems are experienced.
  13. Appropriate swimwear for a Singhni? Stay at home. I am, of course, joking. Seriously. Just messing.
  14. What is it with you and Brahmgyanis recently, lol?
  15. I don't hold with caste discrimination amongst Sikhs, but I think the OP was making this into a caste issue somehow, when it's actually to do with mental well-being, especially for someone as young as she is. However, that's not to say her parents weren't thinking along those dodgy lines, which is unfortunate. But, as i was saying, if she continues to cling to others for mental sustenance she will find life to be an intolerably harsh and lonely experience. .
  16. One side kills with kindness, the other does it with gruesome barbarity. Same end result though.
  17. Regardless of caste, race, religion, or anything of that sort, developing a dependency on someone to the extent that when they talk to you you're happy and content, and when you're unable to be with them you're morose and withdrawn, surely that's incredibly unhealthy for your mental health? Nobody but you can sort your head out. I've been there, so I'm not coming from a place which is ignorant or unfeeling. When we're young we crave for understanding and validation from others, constantly on the lookout for that so-called missing piece of the jigsaw that, once found, will slot into place and
  18. Why on earth would anyone want to put the ink from a printer toner cartridge in your food? It makes no sense...
  19. I'm sincerely flabbergasted at that revelation. Is this the same Jagraj Singh on YouTube? And the Sunny Hundal who's always giving Sikhs digs for so-called militantism? Not sure how to process the above information, lol.
  20. The black community she supposedly represents is taking it in good spirit. Some of the banter on Twitter is hilarious.
  21. For me, when I started reciting Chaupai Sahib and other bani of Dasme Paatshah I found it made me a lot more resilient, strong of heart, and dare I say, I developed a bit of anakh (minus the ego). I completely and utterly understand where you're coming from though. At first I found doing just Simran and basic Nitnem was wonderful, but it mellowed me out too much. I was, like you, rather ambivalent about life; the whole "God's will" is wonderful, but if you're not careful you could talk yourself into becoming quite defeatist and almost a passive spectator in life. I rationalised it the follo
  22. In my sheltered and naive days as an over-trusting child and teenager, I considered all elders to be wise. Then I woke up, lol.
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