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  1. I never said follow white culture. You've seen the op ask if she'd be a good sikh if she left- her question had nothing to do with Sikhi and everything to do with Brown culture. Most asian women I know around my age who are married are unhappy, at being beaten, treated badly, cheated on etc. Theyre too scared to leave their spouse's because they think it would look bad, they spent so much money on the wedding, how will they make it on their own etc. There is No Price you can put on freedom, the Gurus taught us that when they refused to convert, when they stood up for hindus who were not free to practice their beliefs. To live in fear because of a soul who has chosen to treat one badly is choosing to live in fear. Only the OP can decide but she should at least have called the police and dealt with the situation.
  2. What are we in a third world country? If u leave and dont have a job, get benefits till u find one. If you can't afford a flat, rent a room in a shared a shared or house. Your parents sound retarded. Why on earth would any parent ask their own child to stay with a spastic and be beaten up.
  3. My gosh, youd be a bad sikh if u Didnt Leave. Do you really think the Gurus would have taught for a woman to stay with an abusive spouse? Rubbish BROWN CULTURE has nothing to do with practicing Truth.
  4. Stop being so Brown and Leave. I got beaten badly and left my family, and its the best thing I could have done. Life Isnt complicated, we ourselves complicate it.
  5. Yes. But the Guru tells u what's already in our hearts but our ego doesnt want to hear. The cause of us thinking we're seperate is our ego. Who do u think taught Guru Nanak Ji?
  6. Guru Nanaks first teaching was that there is no Hindu or Muslim, and hence no religion. Truth is One, it cannot be confined to a religion, it is All Pervading, the powerhouse of the Universe and the knower of hearts. The Gurus knew this, we all know the Truth really deep down, the answers all lie within us, where else did Guru ji get them from if not from God within. The Guru taught us to treat others with respect and to respect the freedom of humans to practice what belief they choose. But they glorified Truth, hence when they saw someone adding rubbish to it, they called it out. When they did many listened to their own hearts(God) and knew it was the Truth.
  7. Lol, definitely do NOT go to Marbella or Ibiza. Lol. Marbella was so beautiful but turned to hell on earth in the evening! But then i went with a bunch of chavvy Indians (who have alot of Money and good jobs but still chavvy) so I deserved it. Bad sangat. I was the only one who didn't drink or act like a tramp.
  8. Wish I could draw some of things ive seen! If people only knew what kind of horrors lie in the afterlife, they'd think twice about sinning! I had an experience once kind of similar to the drawing where two people, a man and a woman were throwing kids down a tunnel leading to hell. I knew if I was thrown down, I would die. My turn came, although I was around 17yrs old and i was so scared and screamed for help. And basically I was saved by a good soul.
  9. Awesome post The mind is the ego- the identity and is home of the five thieves. Silence the mind and they are also silenced, a Silent mind is a Free mind. Look at this site www.satnaam.info, read the writings section from the menu, don't worry about the teacher or the group on there, just read the writings, it explains everything beautifully.
  10. Look at this site: Www.satnaam.info Don't worry about the teacher or groups on there, read the 'writings' section from the menu and the breakdown of the gyan of Gurbani, it is the best out there.
  11. Hi, you Did meet Guru Ji, believe that 100%. I had a dream about Guru Nanak Ji a few years ago, and I've never been the same since. We humans waste time loving and hating each other when the real lesson is to Detach and love Truth. Rid yourself of worldly attachments and maya, it's all just procrastination from finding Balance/ Truth. Make an account on here and PM me.
  12. Hi I'm not sure. However, I've been thinking for a while that someone should open a gurdwarra in Central London. There are Gurdwarras around central London but not actually In central London. Or one in Canary Wharf would be good aswell. Somewhere that City workers can go to meditate and do paath on the morning, lunchbreaks, evenings etc. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  13. Intent means everything, going to the gurdwarra knowing youre going to get drunk in the eve is bad. But then your body's Gods temple aswell.
  14. And your definition of a Sikh? Is it brown people who get married in the gurdwarra in the morning and binge drink in the evening at the reception?
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