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  1. agree with this bit from your reply! cow is just an animal, just like other animals. I can explain it bit more with an example if someone really interested.
  2. indersingh1313

    hair cut

    wjkk wjkf ji dear younger brother please hang on to it. Please don't give up on guru ji. its just a matter of time and time will pass on. divert your mind from this king of thinking. I am sure you will be fine!
  3. according to me: its good that you are bringing it up. but there's nothing to be scared of. it happens to most of us and we just have to trick the mind and tell our mind that its nothing or if it happens again I am ready to face it instead to getting scared. do Ardaas in front of guru to give to power to deal with it. or maybe you are watching to many horror movies and your subconscious mind stores everything and play it afterwards as a dream: just joking
  4. the schools and govt. should work on fixing this problem (Bullying). banning a Kirpan will not solve or prevent an incidents like this happening again. Sikh society in Australia and around the world is well respected and banning a Kirpan making Sikh society very upset and disappointed. A lot of kids commit suicide because of bullying.
  5. they used it for a reason and that's how they lived back then. I understand your point, you see it as a cruelty towards animal. back in those days they only used dead animals skin, when they die not killed. whereas its little bit different these days where we create demand for leather products, most of us want leather sofa, leather interior in the car, leather shoes , belt, ladies bags, feather jackets and many more I can count... and big companies fullfil our demand providing us with leather and feather products and in this case animal don't die naturally, they get killed and this is disturbing bro. and we still like to regard ourselves as vegetarian.
  6. wjkk wjkf ji happy vaisakhi and many congrats.
  7. wjkk wjkf ji you are a daughter of Sri Guru Gobind singh ji. you are on a right track and doing good job please don't use the word Pappi for yourself! chardi kla!
  8. indersingh1313


    hi mate try to read Gurbani and Sikhi code of conduct. read stuff and Guru Ji's history and try to know the reasons behind it. like Langar meaning and purpose of it and helping others etc. staying with reht mariyada. most of the things we do in sikhism are very straightforward and they make sense as soon as you start to read and doing them.
  9. wjkk wjkf ji Really good point and I agree with this. my view:-going with nature is a Guru's will(Hukum), going against nature can not be Guru's hukum. its manmukhta. Guru has created and placed everything on place on a purpose. Human, trees, vegetations, animals and everything is created and placed according to nature but if we make changes it will go against nature. a mango tree can only grow at it best in tropical humid weather and if we try to grow a mango tree where it snows, it can never grow naturally. similarly human bodies are also designed according to the environment. people in Tibet have a different body naturally according to Tibet weather and African people have different than European people. hope it make sense,
  10. 3 months are gone from 2021. lets see if their theories really work or! 9 months to go and I am looking forward to see what really happens.
  11. English : bhai Jugraj singh ji Sant singh mashkeen ji
  12. it happens everywhere bro and its really sad. my opinion! we have identified the cause and lets just work for it to be resolved. solutions could be: 1. make a satikaar committee and stand up for it. 2. become a member of gurughar's committee because not many young people in the committee (most gurughar). mostly elderly uncle are in control and we have to be part of committee to make a change. note: I am not saying uncles are not doing a good job at gurughar, we just have to work with them and make them understand of the points which they aren't aware of.
  13. Netherlands ( a lot of tourists) and Switzerland (high standards + tourists) are good places for retail or restaurant kind of business because people have money to spend there. This is what I observed while travelling Europe. Norway and Sweden I haven't visited but you can look into it when you do you research.
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