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  1. wjkk wjkf ji you are a daughter of Sri Guru Gobind singh ji. you are on a right track and doing good job please don't use the word Pappi for yourself! chardi kla!
  2. hi mate try to read Gurbani and Sikhi code of conduct. read stuff and Guru Ji's history and try to know the reasons behind it. like Langar meaning and purpose of it and helping others etc. staying with reht mariyada. most of the things we do in sikhism are very straightforward and they make sense as soon as you start to read and doing them.
  3. wjkk wjkf ji Really good point and I agree with this. my view:-going with nature is a Guru's will(Hukum), going against nature can not be Guru's hukum. its manmukhta. Guru has created and placed everything on place on a purpose. Human, trees, vegetations, animals and everything is created and placed according to nature but if we make changes it will go against nature. a mango tree can only grow at it best in tropical humid weather and if we try to grow a mango tree where it snows, it can never grow naturally. similarly human bodies are also designed according to the envi
  4. looks good, nice work khalsa ji!
  5. 3 months are gone from 2021. lets see if their theories really work or! 9 months to go and I am looking forward to see what really happens.
  6. English : bhai Jugraj singh ji Sant singh mashkeen ji
  7. it happens everywhere bro and its really sad. my opinion! we have identified the cause and lets just work for it to be resolved. solutions could be: 1. make a satikaar committee and stand up for it. 2. become a member of gurughar's committee because not many young people in the committee (most gurughar). mostly elderly uncle are in control and we have to be part of committee to make a change. note: I am not saying uncles are not doing a good job at gurughar, we just have to work with them and make them understand of the points which they aren't aware of.
  8. Netherlands ( a lot of tourists) and Switzerland (high standards + tourists) are good places for retail or restaurant kind of business because people have money to spend there. This is what I observed while travelling Europe. Norway and Sweden I haven't visited but you can look into it when you do you research.
  9. wjkk wjkf bhenji does it really make it any difference who walks in front, behind or beside each other. we all believe in equality and never noticed this thing until you mentioned it. as you said you both get married together to God and waheguru is not discriminating, then why to tress about these things. if you would like to do it your way to please your thinking, then it is still ok. and Vaheguru will be happy either way, I am sure!
  10. wjkk wjkf ji you asked very good questions! to conclude, I can say only one thing, "its not an important that there is a God or not or his existence, important is "believe in something" and you can name it anything if you don't agree with the word 'God'.
  11. There's a saying in Punjabi " people's job is to talk about others, and they will talk no matter what." (even same race still chugliyan or gossip about complex fair or dark, height too short or tall, caste educations, job, or even when to have kids etc. so its never ending bro. you do what suits the best to you, just a joke if you have a baby boy after marriage, he might not have as thick beard as you (this is my gossip) just to cheer you up bro lol wishing you all the best from the core of my heart!
  12. agree with that. it has been like this since Guru ji time too. majority of us choose to go with the flow. I just don't like the idea of capitalism. and maybe saying this makes me hypocritical but there's nothing wrong with having an opinion and working on it. bro
  13. they are two parallel things (humanity and business). let people decide what they are happy with. cave or glass buildings.
  14. spot on! Guru sahib teaching takes us towards humanity! whereas mostly science inventions are based on materialistic things and promote businesses, money and capitalism.
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