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  1. As I am from jatt background myself, all I can say is that once jatt loses his turban, I don't know what he is still proud of? And I think everyone should wear turban if they complain about being looked at in a castist manner. If Gurus have given all sikhs freedom to wear turban yet people get a firanghi haircut like they are gulam and complain about being called low caste or whatever?!?!!
  2. What an <banned word filter activated>! Come on there are jatts marrying who-knows what in western countries just so they can get indefinite stay or citizenship. And then this jatt man does this? Seriously? He doesn;t even have a turban on his head, and yet he is ashamed of marrying someone from a poor background and poor class? What is a Ramdasia again?
  3. oh no I was too late, the domain is gone. where is another good source? I have the Buddha Dal gutka at home and I know someone has posted parts of this gutka online. Actually I think I found this gutka in an iPhone app as well!
  4. oh no 3rd generationers, the grandchildren! I have 3rd generationer relatives, just lost people. Good thing my relations with them aren't that good either.
  5. these sikh men are either drowning in the work and make money mentality, and so have no time to think about izzat. Also too many come from these village <banned word filter activated> families that just seem too uneducated to pass dharmik values to their children and grandchildren. Mix both issues and you get a mess. Also seen some religious and amrit dhari families doing these dating things. All the amrit dhari ones I seen are from east african families, but I hear there are indian ones as well, perhaps they are 3rd generationers? Regardless when you follow sikhi in a religious/ritualistic manner like a gora or arab, then you forget to follow it dharmically. And you lose the dharmik culture of which some desi families still have left. Colonial pro-religious adharmik attitudes mess things up, and those sikhs that spent too much time serving gora even when wearing turban and 5 Ks might have lost a lot of dharmik thinking and definitely dharmik culture. Just really weird to see families where the men have turbans and girls are dressed in certain way and are drinking glassy.
  6. I went through her timeline, couldn't understand anything. IS she some kind of troll account, maybe someone pretending to be a girl?
  7. what is the letter that you have chosen from Adi Guru Granth Sahib hukumnama? please tell us so that we can suggest names according to the first letter
  8. yes, there are still a lot of backwards Victorian values which have had an effect on our thinking, with some sikhs even doubting some of the Guru Sahibs' marriages! And also these values have affected how we follow sikhi, including some movements and jathebandis during colonial times! Not to forget that we use harmoniums instead of following keertani maryada in gurdwaras! Being religious instead of dharmik, and basically the degenerate behaviour now from villager sikhs both in the pends and in countries such as UK. Today I just saw a video of a marriage couple, that are both smoking; the groom is wearing red pagh with the trim beard that sikhs nowadays ritually grow for marriage.
  9. actually, now I read the gori's tweet, she worded the shaheedi in a bad way. Guru Arjan Dev's martyrdom wasn't against islam, although it was done by islamic extremists. Where is the pic about Khalsa Aid sangat?
  10. it's dangerous to translate dharm as religion, this is what was done in colonial times. First we need to understand the real meaning of dharm. The fact that many sikhs follow sikhi like a religion like a gora or arab would, instead of being dharmik, is something that is destroying us. The fact that Dasam Granth is not available or visible in post Singh Sabha gurdwaras is also bring down our izzat, annakh and dharam as well as the martial side of what is meant to be the Khalsa dharm. The fact that instead harmonium is instead put next to Adi Guru Granth Sahib is a bit shocking (yet we criticise Dasam Granth being near Adi Guru Granth), especially after what Akali Phoola Singh said when people tried to bring harmonium into Harmandir Sahib, even though now that is what is used!
  11. I saw a blog which disagrees with Manvir Singh's "activities", how do we deal with this? lol I think it was the same blog which found the nervous indian guy
  12. Pleanty of punjabi or "sikh" girls on instagram, facebook and twitter showing off wearing izzat-less clothes and some are smoking sheesha/hookah. also in many pics they are probably drunk. proper pub-club mentality. Seriously, even after coming out of the pend these families are still village <banned word filter activated> penduus. How do you get these people to learn any sikh teachings? They just stamp their head in their gurdwara and don't learn anything. need some kind of revolution to wake up the village idiots' children and grandchildren. (wait that word for stupid is banned? it's not even a swear word, even kids shows use that word lol)
  13. well yeah (besides your very colonial of way describing dharmic panths as religions, and as if the term hinduism even existed before the goras created it in British India), our ancestors saw sikhi as a panth that follows dharma. But also something more, especially with the Guru jis and their teachings.
  14. and that is why they should just keep the name basics of sikhi instead of Advanced sikhi
  15. However that other thread is not specific to one issues, so is a bit generalised. What I don't understand from this article is after taking amrit, would the "Singhs" still follow maryada, especially as they couldn't describe any sikh tenets?
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