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  1. I agree. During the Birmingham riots in 1985 and in Southall riots.
  2. The following did a lot of Parchaar for Sikhi in UK in the 1960s and 70s. Our numbers were very low then compared to now. 1) Sant Isher Singh Rara Sahib 2) Sant Puran Singh Kericho 3) Giani Amolak Singh AKJ 4) Sant Mihan Singh Nanaksar Many were inspired to take Amrit and Samagams were held.
  3. I brought my Senchis from DTF 117 Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham UK They sell books on Sikhi.
  4. Yamuna. Guru Jee sat by the river when composing Bani. He also held Kavi Darbar.
  5. That’s where Guru Gobind Singh Jee composed Jaap and Chaupai Sahib. The river by it is awesome. They gave me a nice room to stay in since I’m from UK.
  6. Taran Taaran Sahib isn't far from Amritsar, just down the road. The Sarowar (sacred pool) is massive. I have been to 4 Takhats just want to visit Patna Sahib. Also want to visit Nankana Sahib (Pakistan).
  7. Muslims in Pakistan want a Sikh-Hindu conflict in Punjab (India). They want a passage to connect to Bangladesh via northern India. UP has a huge Muslim population and they are officially a majority in West Bengal.
  8. Trimming beard is not allowed for Amritdharis. Rather we wash it everyday and comb it.
  9. 41 Shabads in Guru Granth Sahib Jee are written by Bhagat Ravidass of Kanshi. Brahmins, kings and queens became devotees of Bhagat Jee who belonged to a low caste. There is a shrine in Kanshi in his memory.
  10. The Nitnem is:- In the morning 1) Japji 2) Jaap 3) Swayyae 4) Chaupai 5) Anand Sunset - Rehras Night time - Sohila Reading from Guru Granth Sahib Jee is extra to Nitnem.
  11. White British are leaving the UK in droves. They were 92% and now they are 87%. Mostly go to Australia (their cousins). Other top destinations are USA, Canada and New Zealand (their English empire).
  12. Sukhmani Sahib saves us from Kaljug. I read a Sakhi from Baba Nand Singh (Nanaksar) who said Kaljug is afraid of this Bani.
  13. Check out http://www.srigranth.org/servlet/gurbani.gurbani?S=y
  14. Guru Nanak went to Dhaka (Bangladesh) and established a Gurdwara.
  15. Try and do 2.5 hours of Simran alone in my bedroom.
  16. Hindu caste system 1) Brahmin 2) Khatri 3) Vaish (includes Jatt) 4) Shudra
  17. Kar ishnaan Simar prabh apna Mann tann bhei aroga Take a bath and meditate on the lords name and free yourselves of suffering of mind and body.
  18. Dozakh - hell Jannat - heaven Ibadat - worship Tashreef - honoured
  19. Just stick to doing your daily Nitmen.
  20. It is best to read their life stories. Mahapurakhs connect us with Waheguru via Gurbani. They have ridhi sidhi yet repeat the Name.
  21. Canada has now officially the largest Sikh community outside of India - 500,000. The UK is not far behind. The US Sikh community has grown to 250,000.
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