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  1. Pen Jee, do not torture yourself by looking into the past, rather look forward with hope and faith in Him. God is always sad bhakshankhar, provided we learn from our mistakes and do not incurr in them. You want to wipe all your dark past, right? Then, recite His Name with love and devotion as per Bani, then you shall cleanse yourself throughly, not only the karmas of this life, but as well as all the karmas we have committed since we stepped into this false and temporary creation. Pen Jee, just love Him with all your heart, and He will take care of you. My blessi
  2. It is good to do spiritual practices, but please do no give the wrong picture of Guru Sahib wanting to punish for not getting up and do those practices. Guru Sahib is not any fascist nor any such cultist extremist to punish for not doing His bhakti. He has no such "laalach" for us to perform our devotion. Our relation with Him is of utter and unselfish love, that´s it. So what if one for some reason can not attend the regular time, it can be done at any other time, His doors are always open, there are no restrictions like school timings or work timings...or be it anything else.
  3. There is suffering and shall always be, unless we have Him within ourselves, within our mind. He is the only source of true and everlasting happiness, or call it bliss. Lakh khusheeyaa patshaeeya jeh Satgur nazar kareh.
  4. Brother Saheed4life, all that you describe above, could not it well be a result of our on karam? Because if that was the Hukum (partiality to have more or less), it would be much unfair towards those who have sufferings or pain or etc, just because of His Hukum. That would be seen as unfair from His side if it was so, but thank god, it is not. Of course. our karam, our destiny, is a law, which is executed under His hukum, which means, as does one sow, so does one reap, and not because He wants to favor you or disgrace you, for above everything He is an infinite Ocean of l
  5. 1) Please do no lie so much, if ever anyone bans you, it would not be for being biased, but because of your so much nonsense /bakwaas in so many years: your bullying, your harrasing, your disrepectful attitude towards members, your fake knowledge bahamwadee in sikhee, and more of your negative behavior.... 2) Again you are lying. If you had good intentions, you would have been a better person after all, not a rascal. If you had good intentions, you would have helped those members with whom you interact, not bullying and harrasing them, with your so much hankar. Why is that, you are
  6. In the picture above, we see that Guru Jee is telling us, that, if we workg for the world, or whether we work to seek Him under the Law of Nature, we shall get that only, that what we work into(karmas), no more, no less. Aapay beejeh, aapay khaae.
  7. I think we are forgetting or not being aware, that, our present state of each soul is that we are a consequence of Hukum, as I said above, Hukum means also Law of Nature, so what is that consequence of which are we talking about? The consequence referred above, is law of karma which also operates by His hukum. Once we are under the law of karma, we have a very limted free wil, for our present is based on our past; and our future will be partially dependant of our present karmas. I say partially, because there is still a vast stcok of our karmas which we have been collecting in e
  8. Nothing happens without Hukum. Let's take for example the traffic lights signal, if you respect it and move accordingly, you may remain safe and reach destination, if one does not respect it, one is sure to meet accidents and fining by not abiding with it, so that is also as per rules and regulations of driving/circulating in vehicles. Hukum does not necessary mean order, like we are used to at our human level , but could well be Law or kanoon of Nature(made by Him) which has to be respected for our own safety and welfare.
  9. 100 % correct. I support you, we need more people to come forward like you and remove the trash from here, we come here to share our views, our strengths, our weaknesses, but not to see someone constantly bullying and challenging everybody. Why so? Why being so lenient with the wicked and hankari fellow? He is on quality control, yet he keeps on vomiting and poisoning this otherwise nice forum, where as sikhs we come to share all that we have to do so, with our pains, sufferings, our inspirations, our dreams.... in reality, just sharing and being respectful towards all.
  10. First of all if you think you are so smart , why are you mixing threads? Stick to what is as per title of this your own created thread and then go to another thread if you want to continue vomiting. Everybody knows how you are since a long time, you are a narcissist, lost in your ego, you feel threaten whenever you see that it does not match with your limited pigeon size brain understanding. You keep on creating controversies with almost all members, look around and see how members are telling you to behave yourself and stop making noise. The poster you refer as not wantin
  11. This is the type of answers which should be given. Though not all agreeable, but very much respectable, keep it up Bro, it is for this I enjoy your posts.
  12. The picture of facepalm above, shows more how much incompetent and dumb one is for not seeing what is being said with facts, rather than accusing someone as dumb for no apparent reason, other than oneself being drunk in ego...
  13. Bro, I do like your posts, which usually are well expressed and denote a brilliant mind. But today you have not reached to your usual high level. it is true, we all need to grow constantly, and that includes you yourself. You must bear in mind, not all are at same mental levels, neither can you do something to accelerate that growth to which you refer, hardlly can anyone physically grow "fast", so what to say to about the mental level. You can try hard to nail someone on the head with a hammer and pour in what you want them to think in that way, even then, you can not
  14. I would say yes they are more dominant in men. Let us take for example "kaam", when will you see that women can commit gang rapes or just rapes as men do... Then going to krodh, men can just kill for nothing... But maybe in hankar, lobh and moh, the situation seems equal... But then too, I do defend women from unjustice, and the violence they suffer at the hands of "males", for no apparent other reasons than that of being a woman in all societies, but much evident in the muslim dominant population. This is a crude reality of life, so many women everyday suffer at the h
  15. Bro, I said we are worse than them, because see how most of the bad deeds are comited by men, like wars, invading other countries, rapists, fights and so many other things, which you will never see a woman do by large and far....so let us widen our horizons and see the picture as whole. Though I have also said, that they being women have some specific particularities, but these have nothing to do with the title of this thread.
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