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    I don't really believe in the western concept of dating, but if they are openly doing the 4 Bhujer Kurehits they simply aren't compatible with someone who doesn't do the 4 Bhujer Kurehits. It's easy to be friends with them, but when there isn't a compatibility spiritually; where does it actually go?
  2. In the past, when someone had to go for Tankhya for non-Bhujer Kurehits, they wouldn't have went specifically at Amrit Sanchars to get punishments and would get punishments from Sangat, (of which Punj Pyare would be selected). Non-Amritdharis still have never been giving punishments for Tankhya to Amritdharis, (which accounts for 80-90% of the sangat).
  3. Sikhs tend to be one of the most educated groups in India, other educated groups in India like the Jains also have very low birth rates per women. The difference between the old generation and our Sikhs now is that their very thinking was different. (Women would marry around puberty time same for men), also monogamy wasn't exactly required from the old generation, so one man could have a few wives assuming enough men would die from infant mortality or in battle.
  4. Anand Karaj at earlier ages instead of older ages. So what makes certain communities increase fertility rate like those in African and Muslim countries?
  5. The main thing is, the sangat there was expecting someone to step-up as they still shouted meaningless Jakare at the end. Which is an issue in of itself that people aren't willing to stand-up especially in Urban areas.
  6. Yes, but Sikhs outside of Punjab within India also eat meat, even some proportions of Amritdharis in other states in India eat meat at restaurants.
  7. Seems like even some comments need approval as well
  8. I'm going to be completely honest, I avoided this video entirely because of his Hindustani tricolor pagg.
  9. https://www.timesnownews.com/india/kamal-naths-presence-at-khalsa-college-event-sparks-outrage-over-alleged-role-in-anti-sikh-riots-article-95386749 Sad day when people choose to celebrate Guru Nanak Prakash with awarding Sikh killers. Good job for Manpreet Singh Kanpuri for keeping our respect high.
  10. I mean to the western governments, a Hindu economic migrant from Gujurat is equal to a Sikh economic migrant from Punjab.
  11. Here's the thing, even our greatest Gursikhs in this century can't compare to even the weaker Sikhs who took Amrit from Guru Sahib in until 1708. What we need to do now is to follow Sikhi to the best of our abilities along with being more intelligent in how the real world works. On the one hand you're talking about Sant Ji tattoos while in actual Gurmat tattoos aren't ever allowed, (imagine if Singhs in Puratan times had tattoos of Baba Deep Singh Ji or something).
  12. Islam is glorified Arab nationalism with removing the old Polytheistic elements.
  13. Someone can be a friend sometimes and an enemy during other times, but it was the non-practicing Sikhs like Deep Sidhu and others who stood for the farmers protest, while some Amritdhari Sikhs like Badal did nothing.
  14. I'd say even non-practicing Sikhs would be better than less Sikhs from a purely political standpoint. They might not be ones who are fully connected with Naam Simran or being well connected with Guru Sahib/Vaheguru, but they can still raise awareness for Sikh issues.
  15. I'm sure this is 90% of this is related to immigration and birth rates.
  16. When you don't have an identity, you'll do what everyone else is doing. When you do have an identity, even if you are the only Sikh there, you still won't be absorbed with everyone else.
  17. Khoon hai punjabi, but oi phir vi hai Hindu. He may have punjabi blood, but he's still a Hindu.
  18. The fact that an RSS Hindu can win in UK, while some far-right extremists have lost is surprising ngl. Weird world.
  19. When Constantine became Christian, Christians were a small fringe group that weren't solid in many beliefs, unless the Roman government intentionally became Christian to change that religion forever? (The orthodox countries who converted before Rome seem to practice a very different version of Christianity to anything in the west, like Ethiopia or Armenia).
  20. Something I always wonder is why the Western pagan kingdoms chose to stop being seen as "gods" by their subjects as chose to adopt Christianity and many African societies along with SouthEast Asian societies voluntarily converting to Islam where their status of godhhood becomes something of the distant past, while in societies like Japan and India, they still believe their main leaders are gods, (for Japan it's their monarch being descendant from a god, while in India people be doing murti pooja to Modi).
  21. Yes people actually believe in this. It's the same with the "Sikhs" who do murti pooja as well, they actually believe in seeking those devi devte for help. Why they believe in these things IDK really, but to question if it's genuine or not isn't really the right question to be asking.
  22. Eh Fasting doesn't make you more fit, the way to solve that issue is going more towards Sikhi and have gatka and wrestling in gurdwaras.
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