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  1. happy birthday curious man hope he reads this thread :lol: no doubt he's a very nice and helpful guy
  2. i like sarabloh soulja's avatar...its wikid
  3. u r right bhenji this is the first time we r organising such a camp in malaysia next camp will be in march & will be announced at the camp this weekend there's no charges, its FOC(free of charge) so do come n join us in the next camp
  4. bakali u seriously need a life man u asking ppl to go on sikh philosophy to do arth cos u have ur pagal khanaa over there jarnail aryshi(from malaysia) we r happpy here...dun wanna meet pagals...hahhaa.....
  5. This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Malaar on Pannaa 1258 mlwr mhlw 3 ] malaar mehalaa 3 || Malaar, Third Mehla: ijnI hukmu pCwixAw sy myly haumY sbid jlwie ] jinee hukam pashhaaniaa sae maelae houmai sabadh jalaae || Those who realize the Hukam of the Lord's Command are united with Him; through the Word of His Shabad, their egotism is burnt away. scI Bgiq krih idnu rwqI sic rhy ilv lwie ] sachee bhagath karehi dhin raathee sach rehae liv laae || They perform true devotional worship day and night; they remain lovingly attuned to the True Lord. sdw scu hir vyKdy gur kY sbid suBwie ]1] sadhaa sach har vaekhadhae gur kai sabadh subhaae ||1|| They gaze on their True Lord forever, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, with loving ease. ||1|| mn ry hukmu mMin suKu hoie ] man rae hukam ma(n)n sukh hoe || O mortal, accept His Will and find peace. pRB Bwxw Apxw Bwvdw ijsu bKsy iqsu ibGnu n koie ]1] rhwau ] prabh bhaanaa apanaa bhaavadhaa jis bakhasae this bighan n koe ||1|| rehaao || God is pleased by the Pleasure of His Own Will. Whomever He forgives, meets no obstacles on the way. ||1||Pause|| qRY gux sBw Dwqu hY nw hir Bgiq n Bwie ] thrai gun sabhaa dhhaath hai naa har bhagath n bhaae || Under the influence of the three gunas, the three dispositions, the mind wanders everywhere, without love or devotion to the Lord. giq mukiq kdy n hoveI haumY krm kmwih ] gath mukath kadhae n hovee houmai karam kamaahi || No one is ever saved or liberated, by doing deeds in ego. swihb BwvY so QIAY pieAY ikriq iPrwih ]2] saahib bhaavai so thheeai paeiai kirath firaahi ||2|| Whatever our Lord and Master wills, comes to pass. People wander according to their past actions. ||2|| siqgur ByitAY mnu mir rhY hir nwmu vsY min Awie ] sathigur bhaettiai man mar rehai har naam vasai man aae || Meeting with the True Guru, the mind is overpowered; the Lord's Name comes to abide in the mind. iqs kI kImiq nw pvY khxw ikCU n jwie ] this kee keemath naa pavai kehanaa kishhoo n jaae || The value of such a person cannot be estimated; nothing at all can be said about him. cauQY pid vwsw hoieAw scY rhY smwie ]3] chouthhai padh vaasaa hoeiaa sachai rehai samaae ||3|| He comes to dwell in the fourth state; he remains merged in the True Lord. ||3|| myrw hir pRBu Agmu Agocru hY kImiq khxu n jwie ] maeraa har prabh agam agochar hai keemath kehan n jaae || My Lord God is Inaccessible and Unfathomable. His value cannot be expressed. gur prswdI buJIAY sbdy kwr kmwie ] gur parasaadhee bujheeai sabadhae kaar kamaae || By Guru's Grace, he comes to understand, and live the Shabad. nwnk nwmu slwih qU hir hir dir soBw pwie ]4]2] naanak naam salaahi thoo har har dhar sobhaa paae ||4||2|| O Nanak, praise the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har; you shall be honored in the Court of the Lord. ||4||2||
  6. thanks rasvinder singh for this link n many thanks to every1 who have contributed to this thread i juz dun have anything to be said after reading this thread dhan guru dhan guru pyaray
  7. bhai sahib dun get me wrong over here but i dun see a point of using daas if im not a daas myself i havent even surrender myself fully.....but im using daas....for wat? i dun think its helping me in anyway spiritually why shud we use if we r not up to that level?......i know a number of ppl who use it.....juz to look to ck.....so tat ppl think they r ck.......but they end up being the most confused ppl i've ever seen im not saying all the ppl who addresses themselves as 'daas' are doin pekhand....they r a lot of em who r very genuine as well i dunno for me daas is a big big word it means looking at the joth saroop in every1 addressing myself as daas im considering myself as daas of guru sahib daas of khalsapanth daas of gursikhs i mean i can juz carry on as much as i want....it wont end if 1 doesnt have this.....wat is the use of calling urself daas.....isnt it equivalent to pouring fuel into the fire(haumai) dun get me wrong im not trying to prove any1 wrong.....juz putting my view forward do correct me on my mistakes bhul chuk maaf
  8. since this thread is on tying dastaar, does any1 have any video how to tie golh dastaar i've been trying so hard but it never happens maybe there's anysite which im not aware of
  9. i was chatting to a singh n then he gave a me link to this forum( thread was bout baba jarnail singh) then few months later i saw a link at waheguroo forums linking to this site since then im addicted :lol:
  10. Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't i love this quote....very true(for me it is)
  11. i wish there was cheap air tickets to manchester/london
  12. thanks for sharing bhai sahib when ever i read about these gursikhs it brings tears i didnt even know them yet i feel their loss(i know i shudnt say this cos they had gone back to their real home....but moorakhs juz feel like that)
  13. daas means servant i can never address myself as daas....cos if i do that its juzt pekhand...juz to look chardikala to ppl(tats me) i have so much of haumai....by sayin daas im only sending the haumai sky high.... i feel ppl who uses daas are ppl who have overcome these things....cos its not easy put yourself lower than others..... my two cents bhul chuk maaaf
  14. ^^^^^viah layi tyaar hogaya *edit tat was for sleek sikh
  15. menu invitation bhej di yaara, nai taa mein mooh chak kay aa jaanaa :lol:
  16. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh saadh sangat jio, i'd like to announce the Sant-Sipahi Camp this camp will be conducted on modular basis it has 2 modules (i) Sant- covers the sant aspect which includes sewa & simran (ii) Sipahi- covers the sipahi aspect activity will include shastar vidya these camps will have 3 phases for each module check out the poster for more details waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  17. bada gian marya yaar wah wah kya baat hai yaar
  18. happy birthday bhai sahib may guru sahib keep u in chardikala always :TH: edited:
  19. i love this topic thinking at panthic level is the most important thing we all have the same BAPU....Guru Gobind Singh Ji....... we all hav 5 fingers on each....hav a look at them.....is it all the same? NO but it remains on the same hand n work together :D the hand is the khalsa panth the fingers are the different jathabandis im no less....im another jathabandi fanatic guy.....haha...i only came to realisation when my ustaad asked me.....tell me harwinder singh how r u gonna answer to guru gobind singh for breaking up HIS khalsa panth keep it up man(fearless khalsa)....i juz love this topic n yeah jaspaul singh veerjee who won the paintballing match?
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