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  1. I remember when I was in high school, gora's threatening to cut off my guth. Always tried to sit in front of Punjabi or in the back row... It's not always easy being Sikh.
  2. jag


    :umm: :D :wub: Well done, these pics are hilarious... Makes you wonder how things like this happen!
  3. Thanks, was hoping to make a vcd or dvd so it can be watched on the big screen. Know where it can be downloaded?
  4. Cicero by bell mobility is small and functional, no fancy gadgets and lots of ring tones. It's accesories are in expensive as well. If you just need a basic phone try E-Bay, they have lots of variety and afterwards you can pick what plan you want.
  5. I am sure there are many Punjabi families and Sikhs who are affected by the aids tragedy. I know this is sad, but I'm sure it is true. Aids does not only affect the people involved in the 84 riots, but affects all other man kind as well. I do agree that these diseases don't just come out of no where. I'm sure almighty God does play a role, no matter what religion we are. What goes around, does come around, I'm sure.
  6. Hi all, looking for software to make photo albums from digital or scanned pics with sound (music). Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 37 for me! It's a neat test! :umm:
  8. Well said and another thing to consider, our futures are already written and Sikhi comes from within. You have to respect and be proud of your beliefs and religion. This could be the butcher's way of showing pride in Sikhism. Sometimes we can be so judgemental. :i:
  9. If eating eggs is wrong then is abortion wrong as well? I've always wondered about this from the Gursikh point of view.
  10. Regarding thew little kids in Punjabi suits?? So what, the vasaiki parade is not only about religion, but about celebrating Sikhism. The parents of those kids were probably so proud of them. Miss Gurjeet Kaur, have you ever seen vasaiki in India? Now that's a site! :umm:
  11. Well Said! I must agree. Is all of veerjee's family amrit dhari?
  12. I watched this movie also, You have to understand that most caucasion people have not idea how our society works and deals with these issues. I think the movie dealt with issues very well and the producer wants to put the knowledge of our culture out there. Are you so niave as to think that this doesn't happen in real life? If you are then you obviously don't live in the UK, Canada or the states! Shame on you!
  13. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the original article or text. Unfortunately I checked it too late.
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