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  1. im not sure if its called a 'ishnaan kirpan' but thats what i call it hehe :s ....its like on a stringy type gatra ...and its really small... they sell them at sacha sauda in toronto
  2. vjkk vjkf! do ardaas before going to bed...or try putting your alarm clock on the opposite side of your room so you have to get up and turn it off.... Waking Up For Amrit Vela By G. Udham Singh in Gurmat Sidhaant Saagar Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org 1. That Sikh who remembers Vahiguru at Amrit Vela will achieve liberation. 2. Ishnan, nitnem and simran/abhyaas at amrit vela can transform the individual 3. Only that person can wake up for amrit vela who forsakes laziness and remembers death. 4. It is just as essential for every Gursikh to wake up in the last quarter of the night, a
  3. Hershi

    Cutting Hair

    Someone once told me while we were having this discussion thatthe tip of your nails...where like the white part starts is where guruji drew a line ..showing u cut from there or something...it was a while ago so i dun remember exactly....hm i hope i made sense lol.
  4. hehe i already posted this: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=33742 but ya... its really a eye opener! :s
  5. i admit... its snowing in atlanta!! its a miracleeeeeeee :s
  6. I admit... i ate more than usual today after class and then watch Dr. phil for an hour..!
  7. hahahhaha o mannn...i lhavent seen that show in a whileeeee :s
  8. i love reading theseeee...so inspirational! :s
  9. I've heard this story like a million times and each time its amazing ... reminds u hukums hukum! guruji knows whats in for ya! :s
  10. vaheguru...that was a nice read!
  11. vaheguru.... reallyyy a wake up call... i usually fly through ardaas after doing sukasaan sahib paying no attention to what im actually saying... :s
  12. same here!... i know some who just swear away and i told em to calm downnnnn but he still does it but adds a sorry after each time ..for example ...i *******sorry... and blah blah blah ****..sorry blah blah...and so on!
  13. haha... man i think i've watched like every single episode of 'fresh prince of bel-air' ..i even memorize the rap thingie in the beggining of the shows hehe :s ....gOoOo will smith!!!!
  14. thanks for sharing :D hahaha :s i admit.... i should be workin on my essay thingie right now rather than sikhsangat-ing! hehe n heera veerji....half ur posts on here have to do with food.... now im hungryyy! cant eat till 4 30 arg.
  15. couldnt of said it better! ... we need to concentrate much more on our jeevans before anything :s
  16. hehe i love lil kids!!! ... we usually have weekly sessions down here, usually on saturdays and theres this 5 yr old girl who ALWAYSssssss steals the chanaiy away from me! ah!!! and i mean ALWAYSSSs..she just comes and pokes me and puts her hands out..i sigh and hand them over *sniff sniff* so this one time i didnt feel like giving them up soi see her coming towards me so i like close my eyes extra hard and pretend i dont feel the poking...but she doesnt go away!! and im like doing simran twice as hard hopin the pokin would stop.. but no. poke poke poke!!! so i sigh once again and hand them
  17. hehe that translation helped! ... nice story...!
  18. ..i was pretty bad i high school hehe...so one friday i wasnt in the mood for class and i thought my mom n dad were at work ...so i drove home after my first class..got taco bell and everything!..i made sure my moms car wasnt in the driveway n ya i turned on the tv and ate away enjoying myself :D ....but then i feel someone pokin me and yup it was my mommmmm ...i go "tehehehhehe" and try to make it to my room without getting a lil thupur or something but she reaches for a shampoo bottle which for some reason was in reach and trys to throw it at me and misses and it hits the wall and the bot
  19. i think the 2nd ones worseee cause you know you have it and even though ur kinda in denial you know you have a disease in which youll die from.. rather than you living peacefully thinkin everythings ok
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