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  1. That’s a valid point. I can’t understand why the Jung was not fought away from built up areas, the public, and of course the Hari Mandir sahib? Historically, it is seen that Anandpur Sahib is the safest place for Sikhs when it comes to war like situations. The forts of Anandpur Sahib with their inter-connecting underground tunnels were meant for defence and war-like purposes.
  2. Thank God you did not find the photo of the scene where both of them are getting intimate. "World War 2 photo of Sikh getting intimate with goree"
  3. Guru never punishes. Have faith. Be Strong
  4. ^^^^ I don't deny what you say. But in you post your choice of words were very poor. Although now you have edited it to say "hence they are also responsible ****". You know what I am talking about. I highly doubt that all the ones killed were his guards. I know for a fact that one of them was a medical doctor. He might have been the chief minister's doctor but imagine how many countless lives he must have cured or saved in his career. Please don't make assumptions on the dead bystanders.
  5. ^^^WOW ! What hate !! Since when did Khalsa start thinking like that. Every arrow of Guru Gobind Singh ji was mounted with half an ounce of gold. Its object was to alleviate the suffering of the person killed or injured. There was no hate. Can you see him or any of his Khalsa saying, " You deserve to die a dog's death because you choose to fight under Aurangzeb's army" Can you see Bhai Kanhayia Ji saying to injured Mughal Soldiers, " I won't give you any water, you dirty dog" What a shame.....
  6. ^^^ mainu jinna math aundha see, main khalaar tha baaki aap hee sumbhar layo te carry kar lo. :wub: :wub:
  7. Without getting into details: "Kirat Karo Wand Chako Naam Japo". This defines a Sikh to Me. Building on what B4ND4 veer said, a Sikh is a student: A child asked his mom once "Why has God send us on this earth, and when our time is done, we have no choice; we have to die and go back to God. Why send us in the first place when we eventually have to die and go back? What a logistical nightmare!!!" Mom: "To Learn, to gain knowledge" Child: "What?" Mom clarifies: "In the mornings, even if you don't want to go, I force you to go to school. I pretty much drag you to school. Because, I want you to learn something. However, I the one who forced you to go, eagerly wait for you when school is done, and I am worried if you are late. In the same fashion, God forces you to leave and become a life long learner (SIKH), but when your time is done, he eagerly awaits you"
  8. I've got it !!! I think for most of us, this formula applies, and what is engrained into our heads by our parents when it comes to marriage: Not Sikh = Bad Sikh = Not Bad However, our friend over here has come across the genius mathematical logic: Assumptions: Sikh : "Non Khalsa" Types Adding Equation 1 & 2 Not Sikh + Sikh = Bad + Not Bad (Not + 1)Sikh = (Not + 1) Bad (Not + 1) gets cancelled Hence proven, Sikh = Bad :WW:
  9. After reading your proposals, which are quite amusing, I come to the following conclusion: Majjh bhaich ke ghoree layee; Dhudh peenho raye, lidh chaknee payee.
  10. ^^^ur right. Gall Mukdhee ethe yaa kee, Jithe Rabb ne Sanjog banaya, viyaah tha othe hee honha ya.
  11. girls in punjab are not that innocent either !!!! :wub: True.. But the bad apples in Punjab are known to everyone. They are the notorious ones. The girls in UK, Canada, or States are different. You see them with family and they'll be the ideal daughters looking like smita patel. You see them anywhere outside, they'll be chain smoking and downing bacardi and rum, looking like paris hilton. My observation, but there are still some good ones.
  12. ......and how many kabaddi players have you dragged around before you get put in an ankle lock.
  13. Apart from Gurdwaras, which you probably know: These are the places you should visit - Rangla Punjab / Haveli , Jalandhar - Science City, Kapurthala - Punjab Agricultural University, Rural Museum, Ludhiana - Chandigarh - Tiger Safari, Ludhiana - The back lanes of old bazaars of Amritsar to get some sense of olden times - all the rehrees that serve junk food i.e. kulche, gol gappe, pau bhaji, etc - Kanjli Wetlands, Kapurthala - and many many more and while you are there help someone sow some paddy to get some insight into Punjabi farming.
  14. Watch out Punjab !! Bond.......................SunnybondSingh is coming :T: Just Kidding Have fun...If you have family over there, they can take you to a lot of places of interest.
  15. Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his shabads has made reference to "Hindustan", and how it is being terrified by Turk invaders. I do not believe he meant to say the place he lived in was the "land of thieves and slaves". So, the land mass or peninsula in general (even it were small kingdoms) as a whole was known as Hindustan. So, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born in Hindustan. Your argument is like saying, “I was born in Doaba, not Punjab” Or bettery yet “I was born in Scotland, not United Kingdom” So, do you get a good laugh when you read Guru Nanak Dev Ji's "Babar Bani"
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