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  1. I believe you read that information somewhere because I've seen it in some recent text or explanation. If you can reference it, then I can discuss 'very maturely', why it is mostly incorrect according to bani.
  2. Entire group of species die , and new evolve to fill their niche. Dinosaurs are dead, no ?? Thats a very gross interpretation of Gurbaani. It means infact the raw ingredients for an entire sequence of events to happen were put at once , then their was just play and interaction between elements and we see baani is true. The collective sum of elements on earth is same, its just chemical reactions between molecules that led to life and formation of cells. But that same elements are present. Those are some very good points. MAYA and creation, including us humans, are all about 5 tats(5 elements) It's explained in detail throughout gurbani.
  3. Doesn't matter because the gurbani tuk is about JOONS and the cycle. The same cycle that you will have to go through unless you get naam pargat inside you. It means that whether you tried to get naam and hear shabad, and failed miserably or whether you never attempted at all; the chaurasi lak cycle is still the SAME. The person that tried and failed isn't going to get less joons in his/her cycle. That person's trying and failing is accounted for in his lekha and karams which he will carry with him throughout these same joons.
  4. The OP is very misleading and there are way too many errors for me to point out. Gurmat Vs Evolution ?? what? GURMAT Vs MANMATT is what gurbani teaches us. The op has just characterized a "theory" as manmat, and he's done it blindly. The creation was created from IK. MAYA is the product. This whole maya is in continuous motion, therefore it can change and transform. Kulbir needs to get familiar with 4 age philosophies - 4 yug that are in gurbani and veds, To compare GURMAT to EVOLUTION is dumbA$$ comparison, GURMAT is ALWAYS compared to MANMAT.
  5. Until you don't JAP, you won't really get the core depths of sikhi. I'm not saying this out of ego, but I've been there aroind in cirlces and questioned the same question about "jap" A gurmukh friend of mine explained it in reference to japji sahib. In jap bani, we have the gaviyeh and suniyeh quotes. What does "gavieh" mean? Most people will assume to sing, or to sing the praises of. YES that's correct, but Gaviyeh is something we do when we are speaking or uttering something that is NOT in conversation to another person. When it's not a dialogue between two or more people. The only time we do this process of uttering words when NOT in conversation is when we are chanting, japing or singing,...be it a singer perfoming on a stage or by himself in the shower. The words spoken are not in some immediate conversation with a fellow. Get the drift? So Jap means to chant, to do Simran, focus attention and mind to the ONE and to recite, repeat his name. Gaviehay also means the same and is NOT specifically aligned to "singing' only. To sing is not always about performing melody in chorus of a song. For eg. my youngest keeps singing about the ps4 spiderman for weeks. I say that "din raat ps4 de gaanay gayieh janda" (day and night he keeps singing the ps4 song, although it's not literally a song and he's not singing in melody) . Follow me?
  6. I'm in UK and have lived in Canada as well. Born and raised here and seen all the changes from late 70's to now. You think i'm just making this 5h!t up?
  7. Do you think that sikhi defames other religions as failures? If they are referring to the same God, then why would Guru defame the religion? I'm saying "religion" and not the followers of the religion, who over time, have distorted faiths to fit their own agendas. Have a ponder, then we can discuss gurbani references to see things more clearly. A sikh has the most direct and simple set of instructions to "gobind milan ki eho teri bariya" Other religions have gone wish wash over time and got diluted/distorted to fit the minds of the one's in charge. Guru ji speaks the truth and you have to carefully decipher messages according to your level of spiritual awareness. Problem with people nowadays is that we get too tied up into slandering and speaking against others. We waste too much energy on trying to decide whether Jesus or kirshan were for real or not. It doesn.t matter whether they were or whethere Ram chandar -sita story actullay occired in some place. The gurbani references to all thes other texts are about the "message" and not on whether Guru is telling us they were fake or not. That's ,y take on it unless anyone wants to show me I'm wrong. Always willing to learn, always sikh'ing, learning.
  8. No. sorry. Call me ol fashioned but these women have same testosterone levels as men and lower oestrogen levels than what normal women should have. All this muddling of Andorgens(testo and oestrogen levels) is a result of human tampering with nature...
  9. you guys just woken up?? Nowadays, drink is the least of worries. There's more apnay girls doing drugs smoking dope, doing snowballs, metamphetamines,..you name it
  10. What the hell are you on about??? You think the shabad is a black hole? Does a black hole created the PAVAN? Where in gurbani does it say that maya was created from the black hole? On that note, do you actually know what "maya" is?? I realised the other day that many of our Sikhs just assume "maya" means all things to do with money and riches????
  11. Don't waste your time on opinions. Read bani…. "jap jap naam tumaro preetam, jap jap naam…..thanh te rog gayee jap jap naam tumaro preetam" When will the "sikh start doing some self-sikhna(learning) and learn what the guru is instructing him to learn from the shabad and within???
  12. sadly, I have to agree with you here. Both parties at fault, but you aint never gonna send your kids to any nkj camps are you?
  13. you should all be learning that today you've been blessed with another chance to saas saas simro gobind. But us manookhs just wake up and sel our breaths to maya. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji's bani says "Sadho ih jag bharam bhulaanaa, raam naam kaa Simran chodiaa. Mayaa haaath bikhaanaa" (Oh sadhu, seekers. The world is deluded in delusion. Everyone has forgotten to simar the naam ansd has instead sold themselves"bikhaana" to maya) ang 684
  14. no son, you lost a little here. it was 'shabad'. Creation came from eko naam, eko shabad. (read gurbani) and from this came the AIR- PAVAN, then water, and then the rest of the 5 elements. 5 elements =5 tat in gurbani. We are made of 5 tat and so is the whole of maya.
  15. Interesting bro. Problem is that we are bound into "time", We associate everything relative to time/kaal. Ek onkaar is beyond time and when the soul merges back into him, the experience is timeless. All the yugs would be co-existing simultaneously. It's just too hard for ourt limited buddi to comprehend./ I agree with you though, Bhagat Ravidas ji says..."bahut janam vicherey te madho, eh janam tumare lekhe" We have had countless births of being separated because like you say "we never got it right" This time, we have another opportunity to make it providing we don't accumulate extra bad karams and re-write additions to our lekha.
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