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  1. Thank you for everyones input, very much appreciated
  2. Amritvela is between 3 - 6, does that mean nitnem has to be finished by 6? What if you started at 5.45 but obviously took you past 6? Thank you
  3. Wjkk wjkf Sangat ji I need some advice and tips. I wish to take amrit and need some help.. My wife is not ready yet - can I still take it without her? Everyone I speak with recommends waiting for her and doing it together. What routine do you guys have? What time do you start nitnem in the morning, how do you fit it in with working out in the morning and getting kids ready for school and then going to work etc? Thank you
  4. Fools, Indira Gandhi once walked into Harmandhir Sahib and all sangat stood up apart from Sant Kartar Singh Bhindrawale. Khalsa ji simply said why are you standing up for a mere mortal when already in the presence of the King of Kings. Singhs in this video practically kissing his hands and feet
  5. Wow you seem like an unbiased moderator (yes this is a sarcastic reply)
  6. Mahan - there must be a reason you wind up so many people. Look you are a fellow Sikh and I would wish no bad on you. Stop trying to be some social media popular guy. If you want to learn then great...otherwise as paji said above....stop craving attention - surely you get enough of that at Aston uni?
  7. Argan*!
  8. Do not limit the beard oil....you cannot overdo the oil! After showering I use aran oil - makes it nice and smooth!
  9. Anyone else bored with this yet?
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