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  1. Wow you seem like an unbiased moderator (yes this is a sarcastic reply)
  2. Mahan - there must be a reason you wind up so many people. Look you are a fellow Sikh and I would wish no bad on you. Stop trying to be some social media popular guy. If you want to learn then great...otherwise as paji said above....stop craving attention - surely you get enough of that at Aston uni?
  3. singhunit

    beard hair

  4. singhunit

    beard hair

    Do not limit the beard oil....you cannot overdo the oil! After showering I use aran oil - makes it nice and smooth!
  5. Anyone else bored with this yet?
  6. This is exactly what i was referring to! Zzzzzzz
  7. I'm 35....hardly old. I genuinely thought you were a troll on this website at first. Just stop posting your silly comments to try and get attention, stop trying to always play devils advocate...your blogs really have no meaning.
  8. Mahan - seen you on Sikh channel yesterday on that student show. Have also spent some time watching your meaningless vlogs or whatever you call them. I can now understand why your posts don't add any value and you demand attention by trying to stir things up. Don't rely on the blogging stuff as a full time job - get with it son.
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