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Found 16 results

  1. Something which I recently acquired from the Sikh Talk page on facebook, worth a read: Akal Security is, according to their website, 'one the largest U.S. owned security services provider to the U.S. Government'...'and is responsible for protecting critical government and industrial facilities'....'Akal Security specialises in providing security for critical federal government facilities, state and local government agencies and military installations.' . . . This includes the infamous I.C.E, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the government detention centres tha
  2. Notice the gora 3Ho sikh trying to shut up the protest, first threatening arrest, then surrounding him and even putting hands on him and one buddi starts hitting him
  3. WJKK WJKF I have a question about this mantra. https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/kundalini-yoga-mantras/mantra-toolkit-chattra-chakkra-varti It is the last part of jaap sahib. I stumbled across it on YouTube and began researching the meaning. I'm a little torn. Should a sikh be taking snippets of bani and using them as a mantra (apologies for lack of a better word)? These are the words of our guru so reciting them can't be bad right? I am not a 3ho person nor do I understand a great deal about them. I hope my question makes sense. please fo
  4. Once again 3HO are at it trying to justify their practices of yoga. Through an article written by Harjinder Singh Khalsa, the claim is yoga (posture, breathing, mudras and mental techniques), specifically kundalini yoga aids the mind to where the person is able to focus on Shabad Guru. This sounds very innocent and some are probably fooled by it too. Let me rephrase, a lot of Punjabi Sikhs are fooled by this teaching of 3HO. Harjinder Singh Khalsa tries his best to make a case for 3HO. 3HO have been sought after because they make many wild claims. They use numerology to name one manmat p
  5. I shared this with several pages on facebook, and share it again on this forum as well. Nidar, the Lost Sikh Warrior, has now fled to Germany after divorcing his wife. His personal affairs his own, the main reason for his departure is probably the fact that his shop has closed down in UK. We all remember how several Nihungs, who he asserted were supportive of his dancing style-cum-"martial art," went on video and refuted his claims. Whilst surfing the net, I chanced upon some of his prior fallacies: "Baba Mohan Singh was unanimously elected as his (Giani Gurbachan SIngh Ji's) right
  6. Guest


    Why hasn't anyone stopped 3HO from doing all of their manmat? If someone is new to Sikhi wouldn't that soul get permanently lost or extremely delayed in their journey to Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message going to these people?
  7. Could anyone please explain to me what Tantric Yoga is? The reason I asked on this Forum is because on the 3HO website I know there will be a biased. I wanted to know, why exactly do people do it? It looks disrespectful and bad from what I saw from Gursant Singh.
  8. There was a question ask to basicsofSikhi creators yesterday on the folowing site. http://ask.fm/basicsofsikhi The question arose because of the unclear response basicsofsikhi gave, when asked what they think of 3HO cult? The question further elaborates on what he considers to be 3HO practices and how aware he is of Yogi Bhajan's creation, 3HO. This is not a smear campaign against basicsofsikhi, but to get a clarification on their stand. Once they answer the question, it will be posted here.
  9. Missing that special someone in your life!!!!! Well, don't look no further, the cult of 3HO has solved your problem. Pull out your magic carpet from under your bed. Don't forget your purity white garb.......and the most important objects......stone idols!!!!!! I actually took the liberty to try this and guess what I found that special someone. I felt so green and relaxed inside. There was a faint voice in the background telling me puff, puff pass, puff, puff, pass, but my relationship is special, I don't share this joyful joint union with any hippie or Nihang. If anyone is missing thumb
  10. Please watch the following videos including other parts to it: In fact I would suggest watching all the videos in the channel for those unsure about the wrong teachings of 3ho. It is wrong to slander a jathebandi based on a few individuals commiting big violations of sikhi. However it is our duty to be aware of and warn the panth of any organsation which is actually BASED on anti sikh principles. This ex long term member of 3ho has been brave enough to publicly discuss anti sikhi practices of 3ho, especially its founder yogi bhajan. There was already a great book written on this by
  11. http://www.gurbani.org/articles/webart301.htm
  12. Why do you believe Snatam Kaur of 3HO, NOW has to make a video of trying to convince everyone that she is a Sikh? Seems pointless right!!! Shouldn't her actions speak for whether she is a Sikh or not?
  13. i saw some pics of 3ho sikh who doing havan, and poojas on the ganga , is it true,is all the miri piri ac student do this, i am amritdhari singh and i wear only a sarbloh kara, and 5 kakkar, i saw they wear also stons in necks, please tell me anybody about this
  14. Can anyone who attends any 3ho functions or considers themselves 3ho, explain the following for me? http://www.gurmukhyoga.com/forum/index.php?id=569
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