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Found 25 results

  1. Ardaas is a great gift of Guru Sahib to a sikh. A sikh can do Ardaas and ask for forgiveness for a mistake. But there is a rich amritdhari who removes his kirpan kakaar while swimming in his swimming pool.Sangat told him not do so but he says he does ardaas of forgiveness every time he removes kirpan before entering swimming pool. Is he doing right? I don't think so.
  2. Hi guys, after ardas. Why do they say the next part that goes: "agiya bhai akal ki, tabi chalaiyo panth..." and where is this from? Also, is it "tabbay" or "tabi"? I always heard tabi but I recently got into sikhi a few months ago and in a kirtan hymn on YouTube, they say "tabbay" so I am confused on the pronunciation. I will put the link below:
  3. A lil background about me, I am came to Canada 4 years ago. I’m currently working for a crooked manager who exploits me to his gains (being made to work extensively for long hours, less pay than minimum wage, odd hours, inconvenient work) this has gone on for far too long and I despise him so much. because of which I wanna do an ardaas for him, specifically to request that he experiences the same pain that I’m going through and even worse. is it wise to do so? I’m getting anxiety attacks late at night and I’m in a lot of pain cause of this.
  4. Hi I'm back after a long time, I wanna know so when I'm doing my Ardaas is there a part where I speak to God for my wishes and to explain the purpose of this Ardaas. Please, someone, help me and write the line in English Punjabi, Thank you.
  5. Recently I have been pondering over this a lot...why isn't Mata Ji mentioned in the Ardaas? Almost all the key figures in the Panth throughout history and currently are mentioned either directly or indirectly, but oddly enough the Mother of the Panth has no mention. Not only that but Mata Ji has generally been sidelined and treated as a background figure up until recently where there has been (somewhat) more awareness of Her status, which in actual fact is a very exalted status; Mata Sahib Devan Ji is the Puran Sargun Saroop of Adi Shakti. Why isn't She talked about more? Why do we not d
  6. VJKK VJKF, Sangat Ji, daas was blessed to read some sakhis about some gursikhs. I won't go into the whole story as I don't totally remember it but the main taat (essence) of the sakhi was that the ardaas of a Rehitvaan, Amritdhari Gursikh is always heard. I just wanted to know if this was true. I used to take everything I heard about Sikhi as true (mostly I do because I have a lot of sharda for Guru Ji and Sikhi) and I personally believe the taat of the sakhi but I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the truest of the truest paths and when I'm not always sure I know that Guru Ji
  7. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I have a question. In the Ardaas it is mentioned that if you "simar" (meaning to remember or like simran itself; to repeat over and over) Teg Bahudar then you will get Nau Nidh. Or if you bring your mind to Har Krishan (for me again, it means to do simran on them) then all your pain will vanish. Is this true or is there another meaning to this that I'm missing? Vaheguru Ji.
  8. I'm not sure about how many times we can do ardaas in a day. Are we only aloud to do one ardaas in a day or can we do more? Is there only a certain number of ardaas's we can do in a day? Am I aloud to do many ardaas's everyday?
  9. Guest

    I need ardaas please

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I am having a lot of problems at home and also at work they said I might get dismissal and I will get sacked I'm really scared as I'm already working part time and I'm struggling with money also I will be so depressed if that happens can you please do ardaas they don't sack me. I am a good worker but I forgot to tell something.
  10. Guest


    How should we do informal ardaas?how to make Waheguru listen and answer to our prayer
  11. Gurfateh Ji, Is anyone going or gone through the avasta where they just want life to end now? Not as in suicide but asking Guru Sahib with a powerful ardaas. More due to biraag of Gurbani, Naam kamai and also experiences of life which have detached one from many worldly things. I will add more to this if any Gursikh piyaara can relate. Akaal
  12. Guest

    Doesn't listen to ardaas

    God as never listened to any ardaas my mum has made Mum had asked for a great Mother-in-law, one that she would treat as her own mother, but it doesn't happen instead the mother in law treats her badly Mum had asked for a son to look after the house after they die and to help us as a brother, but that didn't happen either Asked for he Brother to have a son since they are in india to help out with the family, doesn't help instead God takes away her brother from her leaving two daughters behind one 9 years old and the other 7 years old Mum wants her family in India to live a
  13. "Gippy Grewal directs a powerful Punjabi drama exploring deep-seated social problems. Gurmukh Singh is a bereaved teacher from the city, who finds himself transferred to a small village. He quickly becomes aware of the many social issues facing villagers, from poverty to alcoholism and suicide. When his past catches up with him, Gurmukh resolves to live his life to the fullest and devote himself to improving the lives of those around him. His strength is his firm religious faith. But will this be sufficient to deal the ever-growing problems besetting the community? Having made his name in
  14. https://instagram.com/p/BLwgToNjRHX/ More info on Bhagat ji http://www.gursevak.com/about-us
  15. Guest

    Maryada for Sehaj Path

    Hello Currently with gurus kirpa, I do my sehaj path on my phone and would like to pick up where I left off from maharajs saroop. What is the maryada for this? I will be going to the gurdwara where they have a separate room with prakash, so not sure if degh is prepared for that. Is that necessary? Please advise. Thanks
  16. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji. I have a question and I hope someone can guide me to the right way: If I need to read bani from Guru Granth Sahib ji, gutka sahib ji or if I need to touch any holy photos or holy material(example periodically cleaning the worship space), do I need to take complete shower and wear clean clothes and then do the needful? Isn't it sufficient If I just wash my hands properly after using the toilet and then touch gutka sahib, guru granth sahib ji or any holy photo or any holy material.
  17. Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh, Could someone please post in English translation and Roman transliteration the Ardas before and after eating? I'm looking for the ones that start with salok (before eating) and pauri (after eating). I know I posted this in a different thread, but I don't think anyone noticed it. I apologize for the double post. Thank you.
  18. wjkk wjkf i just wanted to ask what you can say after "Hai Ni-maaniaa dai Maan, Ni-dhaania dai Dhaan, Ni-oatiaa dai Oat, Sachai Pitaa Vaheguru" in ardaas, i know you have to say whats the reason for doing the ardaas but i just wnated to know is there an exact wording you say after whatever your doing the ardaas for, eg if your doing it for nitnem, do you have to say it in a specific way, if so could you please tell me what you have to say, because i dont know punjabi that well so when i do that part of the ardaas im kinda lost for words aha, and sometimes theres somethings that i wanna say in
  19. some people at the and of ardaas read "Khanda Ja Kai Haath Mein Kalgi so hao Sis, So Hamri Rachaa Karai Kalgidhar Jagdish" Where si this dohraa from and who wrote? What about "Vaheguru Naam Jahaaj Hai.......?
  20. Guest

    Ardas Benti Ji

    wjkkk wjkf sangat ji plz do ardas for me ji i am taking test ji for collage i took it once already you need 100 to get normal level collage class i got 91 so idk if i should take it or not ji plz do areas and tell maharaja to pass me ji i am very stressed and mad and sad right now
  21. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru Ji Ki fateh. My mom has a cancer at very rare place, the doctors are not giving much hope. But I have confidence in god and I know ardaas is always heard by our guru . I read before posting this that everyone is prayin for bibi Jagjeet kaur to get well I m praying to god for her too. Can I please ask sangat to do ardaas for my mom. She is in a lot of pain she wants to amrit shak as soon as she can but our gurudwaras do it when there is a mahapurush coming from India. But may be on baisakhi. But pleAse can I beg in front of you sangat to please do ardaas or mool
  22. Guest

    Please Do Aardaas For Me

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am an Amritdhari Gursikh in America and I really need everyone's help. I am going through a very difficult time in my life, I am doing Sukhmani Sahib to get out of this difficult situation and my mom is doing the same so I get out of this difficult time. Please if you all take out two minutes from life and pray for me...maybe Waheguru will listen and accept my request. I am really in a terrible situation and I am no longer able to handle it. Please I really need everyone's help. Please do pray for me.
  23. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I have learnt the ardaas ritual by observing sangat in the gurdwara- when to kneel, when to rise etc. Outside of the gurdwara, I do a personal and long ardaas (conversation with God) without the standard structure present in gutka sahibs. However now I am learning the ardaas, for the sake of community harmony and in case my services ever are called upon, I need to be able to perform the ritual correctly, but I don't know what is actually happening during ardaas. Please help me understand. Questions: - What is the reason for standing and folding ha
  24. What do you say or ask for in the Ardaas? Are your wishes fulfilled? For example, if you asked for a stronger connection with your inner self and to concentrate more while praying, did you get it? What things are factors in this? "Jo Mangey Thakur Apne Te" Do some things be fulfilled later than others? I believe that your are supposed to ask for things that will make your human life successful so you don't have to take part in this cycle again. Some of may laugh.... but once I asked for perfect eyesight again, since I have glasses and I hate them. I value them now and I want a second c
  25. sache Dilon Mango (ask with a pure heart) This is very prevalent among sikhs today , yet few realize it is entirely anti gurmat. The lie has been perpetuated by our pracharks and katha vachaks who either have no knowledge of gurmat or just want to tell the sangat what the sangat wants to hear so they can collect their maya. Here is a real life example - if mothers of all the kids in a certain grade in a certain school come to gurdwara and ask with saccha dil to make their kid attain first rank in the class, how can parmatma possibly make this happen ? Another'd be in an election , all c
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