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Found 13 results

  1. Sikh martial art 'Gatka' earning sport status A govt official goes all-out to get Gatka the recognition it deserves, at home and abroad, writes Harpreet Bajwa https://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/2021/aug/01/sikh-martial-art-gatka-earning-sport-status-2338347.html 01st August 2021 09:47 AM | Last Updated: 01st August 2021 09:47 AM | A+A A- The NGAI headed by Harjee
  2. The fact he killed 3 and fought off another armed with knives and hammers.... the court heard he went "Bruce lee" style and 3 were dead within 13 seconds all proven to be self defence. Does he teach shaster vidya? Where has he learnt it from? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8849961/Indian-overstayer-person-UK-face-no-charges-self-defence-triple-killing.html
  3. When is the next Gatka world Cup and how do you sign up? Also, are there any Gatka tournaments in the UK?
  4. This channel is dedicated to gatka. Respect to these brothers for keeping sikh culture alive
  5. VJKK VJKF I was wondering if Daangs that are used in gatka and shastar use can be made from bamboo? I have large sets of bamboo, thick and thin. Would it be right to use it as a shastar (daangs)? VJKK VJKF
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why is literature on Indian martial arts so rare? There are countless books on Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts, but probably only about 5 Kalaripayattu books, and only 4 Gatka books (two in English and two in Punjabi). The first Gatka book was published in 1936 by K. S. Akali. He refers to Gatka as a ‘sport’ and exponents as ‘players’. No association to Sikh warriorhood, etc. And the pentra doesn’t seem correct. Also, it only covers the soti; no dhal talvar, barcha, etc. Then there is Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa’s
  7. Anyone know of any gatka classes for girls around West Midlands area? Thanks
  8. Great example of why Gatka is not taken seriously in the martial arts community. http://dailysikhupdates.com/watch-group-kaur-khalsa-perform-for-funtertainment-on-sony/ Exactly why Gurbhachan Singh Bhindranewale described this type of Gatka as that of circus performers and baazigars rather than a combat art.. Do people still think The Khalsa , Akal purakh di fauj went into battle against the armies of ahmed shah abdali and carried out circus acts ??
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khasla Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I wanted to know about any gatka jathas or classes in delhi,India....Also if anyone has been to these classes, what are they like and do you learn Thanks for any replies in advance.
  10. wjkk wjkf, Dear all, I was wondering if there is anyone on this site from Leicester. I am trying to find contact details of a Gatka Ustaad based in Leicester, their name is Bhai Baljinder Siungh Ji., Does anyone know where he teaches in Leicester? Akara info etc? Thanks in advance, wjkk wjkf
  11. I am sure the Nihungs would have had a system of unarmed combat, after all they were warriors and what if someone sneaked up on them or they were wihout shastar or had no time to use a kirpan. And I am sure someone somewhere will know what is it and how effective it is. Please share your thoughts on this topic and lets not argue esepcially since some people start slagging of or approving of Niddar Singh.
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