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Kabir Ji's Sakhi

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Guest Mafi

Bhagat Kabir Sahib was carefree, he had little regard of reputations and worldly praise and invited occasional slanderly. As his bani says, “slander me people, it is pleasing to the servant of the lord… slanders clean my ‘clothes’ ie soul’ “ One day he decided to see for himself how many of the village people truly followed him. 

He took a bottle, filled it up with water from the ganga river (considered sacred) and dyed it with color and made it look like alcohol. He then talked to the village prostitute and convinced her to walk with him throughout the village. She hesitated, she knew that Bhagat Kabir Sahib regardless of his various actions was spiritually elevated, close to God, Kabir Ji told her, don’t worry for this sins she will be forgiven. She agreed. Kabir Ji took her arm put it around him and he put his arm around her and walked the street holding a bottle to anyone’s naked eye would look like alcohol. 

All those village people who use to claim greatness of Kabir Ji started to slander him, they moved away, finally Kabir Sahib reached the kings party. Kabir Ji took the bottle (which was actually dyed water) and threw it onto the floor and it smashed and all the water came out.” This king had sworn in his life against alcohol, he had utmost respect for Kabir Ji (and never even used his name when calling) but today his mind became furious (His mind changed — God didn’t show him the truth) he was furious starting yelling at Kabir Ji using his name and slandering him. Kabir Sahib looked up and said king why are you upset, this bottle is just water there is nothing in it, there was a fire in the nearby temple, the fire was reaching the drapes (rumalas), so I decided to throw the bottle and the fire got extinguished.


The king not believing, sent his guards to the temple, they asked the priests there who said the exact same story at the same time. They said from don’t know where suddenly water splashed from the sky and extinguished the fire.


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