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Gurfateh !

One of the roots of my obssession with Sikhi related pictures etc is that when I was growing up in the England of the dark distant 1970s 80s I was always the only Singh at school - I lived in a town with a few Sikh families and 'Sikh resources' were very hard to get hold of . Our local library had only 4 books on Sikhi,one by Khushwant Singh, two by Piara Singh Sambhi / Owen Cole and my favourite - as I was about 7 and liked the pictures - was 'Pavan is a Sikh'. I grabbed as much information as I could wherever I could find it. On TV there were very few 'Sikh' faces - the dodgy comedy 'mind your language' type or the ' let's have a programme about racism type' - anyone remember 'Randhir Singh' and 'gripper' in 'Grange Hill' ? another distant memory is the BBC kids drama 'The Changes' - from the book 'The Devil's Children' by Peter Dickinson - it deals with a time when people have turned against machines and all aspects of modern civilisation - it featured lots of Sikhs and a story line where they are initially feared then become accepted and become heroes and saviours of a village. - The TV situation is not really much better today ! - but the Sikh 'resources' situation is better.

Nowadays most school children in England are taught about all faith communities and are encouraged to reflect on and consider religious and spiritual feelings, experiences and concepts such as worship, wonder, praise, thanks, concern, joy and sadness. This is a great step as in many parts of the world this is unheard of - while sometimes the teaching can be a little 'saris, steelbands and samosas' as it focuses on the surface symbols of dress, food and music - anyone who has tried to give a talk to younger school children will know that sometimes it is hard not to fall into that type of explanation. In the main the teaching is very heartening with emphasis on looking at similarities and personal experiences and asking questions - which can only lead to better understanding.

There are lots of resources available to teachers - many of these resources are also good for Sikh kids as they help discussion and understanding. I am posting some of the videos shown on 'schools' TV about Sikhi - while they are not perfect , they are presented in a child friendly way - I am also posting them as 2 of the 3 films focus on female Sikhs and their experiences - this is heartening as many resources on Sikhi focus exclusively on Male Sikhs.

have a look at the videos and see what you think - if you don't like them - you know what you can do - make one of your own !! - in these days of 'youtube' it's not that hard to reach a wide audience !

Harsimran Kaur - 'The Golden Temple - Sikhism (Channel 4 1996)

Click link to see ;


Simranjit Kaur - 'God , Oneness and equality' - (BBC 2 1998)

Click link to see ;


Sahib Singh Lall - 'Living as a Sikh - Vaisakhi ' (BBC 2 1998)

Click link to see ;


These next pictures are of 3 'Sikh' books for kids published in the UK - they are out of print and hard to get hold of - 'Pavan is a Sikh' was published in 1977 - Pavan is probably about 40 now !. - While it is not a brillant book - with some strange comments which aren't exactly positive - it was one of the first books of its kind, and has some great 1970s pictures.

Rani and Jugnu Singh's 'Stories from the Sikh World' is a classic - it has wonderful illustrations by Jeroo Roy - published in 1987 - Rani and Jugnu used to have a travelling show which performed plays in schools of these stories.

The last book is 'Topsy and Tim meet new friends' - - a favourite because of 'Balraj' , perhaps one of the first books with a little boy with a 'jura and rumaal'

--- aw so sweet !

Pavan is a Sikh - Sean Lyle - A & C Black - 1977











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SORRY for the mammoth post ! - hopefully those with children or nieces and nephews etc will find it useful .

(**If the copyright police are watching SORRY !!**)

Hope you enjoyed the movies and pictures

Pyar Bhari Sat Siri Akaal !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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Guest Narinder Singh

Freed veerji does it again! Thank you so much for all the seva you do on this forum, all of your posts are so informative and inspiring. Manmukh moorakhs such as myself need all the inspiration and information they can get.

Thank you once again! :TH:


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Guest Guest

I am a Christian looking to promote inter-faith education to children. This website has been very helpful - thank you.

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    • Here is some history about the Ottomans. They were a turkic people like the Mughals.  Like the Mughals who bred with Rajput women, the Ottomans did the same with the locally conquered women: https://www.thoughtco.com/ottoman-sultans-were-not-very-turkish-195760
    • Thread from an Albanian friend of mine (Albania is a formerly part of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans) so he has far better understanding than I ever will.
      There are aspects that can be related to our people and the history of partition (but this guy does not like Greeks or Turks very much), but I suspect if you ask a Greek he may have different point of view:

       Okay thread.



      Not a joke.


       During the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, ethnic groups were spread out across the empire.

      Once ethnic states started to appear with the creation of Greece by Germans in 1827, a chain reaction ensued across Ottoman Rumelia (aka Land of Romans), the mess started.

       Long story short, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey etc were created over the course of 100 years from the Roman Revolution in 1822, now known as the Greek Revolution.

      3/ During these 100 years, from 1822 to 1923, (literally 101 years), was to find a way to pinpoint all borders in order to avoid ethnic conflicts, within each new ethnic state multiple ethnicities resided, which itself had multiple religions, which was normal for the ottomans.

       There were Orthodox Greeks and Muslim Greeks, orthodox bulgarians and muslim bulgarians, orthodox serbs and muslim serbs, orthodox albanians and muslim albanians, orthodox turks and muslim turks.

      And all were spread UNEVENLY across the collapsing empire.

       In the meantime what we now call Western Europe, was going through an ethnic consolidation as well, as German elite was trying to create Unified Germany, which they achieved in 1871, excluding the Austrians, who refused to be Germans.

      6/ Long story short, by late 1870s onward, Ottoman elite was getting together with the western elite, aka Big Powers, to solve the mess.

      It started with Congress of Berlin in 1878, then Treaty of London in 1913, it ended with Lausanne Treaty in 1923.

      7/ During these years, Balkan Wars occurred and the weakest links were sacrificed to achieve some kind of managed peace in the Balkans.

      It started with Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of the unified Germany declaring:

      "The Albanian nation does NOT exist".

       So, the only way to find any solution was to assert that X nation does NOT exist at all or does not exist in X area, there was no other way.

       So, that is what they did.

      What is now called Greece, it used to be a mixture of Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians, Vlachs (Romanians) and Turks.

      Baaaaam, nobody else exists, only Greeks. Decision made.

       The only reason that Albanians now exist, is because at last moment a Hungarian prince raised the issue with the Austro-Hungarian emperor, that if Albanians do not exist, then Serbia/Russia would have access to the Adriatic.

      The Emperor freaked out. Albanians exist he said.

       Long story short, after 101 years, all comes down to the Lausanne Treaty in 1923 between Greece and Turkey.

       In the Lausanne Treaty, it was codified the practice of deciding whether a nation exists or not.

      Venizellos and Mustafa Kemal, one orthodox greek and the other muslim greek (Ataturk spoke greek fluently), simply decided that any orthodox was Greek and any muslim was Turk.

       So, within Greece, per Lausanne Treaty now codified as international treaty supported by big powers, all orthodox were forced to be hellenized, all albanians, bulgarians, vlachs and turks.

       Per the treaty as well, codified as international law, anybody inside Turkey, whether turks, greek, albanian, bulgarian, or ....KURDISH, simply did not exist, there were only Turks in Turkey.

       Hence per the treaty, anybody had to be Turkified, like in Greece anybody had to be hellenized.

      The problem here, and I understood this by reading Taleb saying "scale matters", the problem is that it takes long time to Hellenize and Turkify large populations.

       Based on past practice now codified in international law, Greece and Turkey intensified now openly what they say "population exchange", which was LEGAL MUTUAL ETHNIC CLEANSING, now codified in international law.

      17/ Greece, per the law, ethnic cleansed all muslims from Greece, except for the ones in Thrace, which was part of the treaty.
        Turkey per the law ethnic cleansed all orthodox from Turkey, except the ones in Constantinople, which was part of the treaty, they moved to Greece. 18/ These ethnic cleansing did not happen instantly, it took decades to be completed, literally decades. In 1945, Greece ethnic cleansed "muslims" from Chameria per the Lausanne Treaty, they were all Albanians. 19/ Yugoslavia, made a deal with Turkey in the 1960s to have about 400k "muslims" moved to Turkey. The offer from Ankara was 1 horse for 3 muslims (no joke, as they were all Albanians). The serbs replied: take them all for free, as long as all albanians leave. 20/ The tricky part of this one is that Turkey wanted these 400k Albanians to displace the Kurds in East Turkey. Of course Albanians refused, they settle in West Turkey. So, the plan to ethnic cleanse the Kurds by use of Albanians, failed. 21/ In 1999 Abdullah Ocalan, Kurdish fighter against Turkey was arrested in Kenya after the Greek government delivered him into the hands of the Turkish gov, fully complying with the Lausanne Treaty. 22/ So, as you see, it is Turkey's right legally, per lausanne treaty, to ethnic cleanse the Kurds. 23/ The only difference here is USA. USA does NOT recognize international treaties which come against its interest, it is in the US constitution. Hence, USA disregarded the Treaty of London of 1913 giving Kosovo to Yugoslavia, simply invaded KS away from Serbia. 24/ USA is disregarding Lausanne Treaty as well now, by organizing the Kurds together against Turkey. It takes time, but they will do it, as Turkey is now basically an enemy. 
      Give it 20-25 years, just like with Kosovo. 25/ END  
    • Erdogan in June 2015:

      “I’m addressing the whole world. Whatever the cost it might be, we will never allow a state established in Northern Syria”

      Why does he not want a Kurdish state in Northern Syria? I know why, does anybody know why?
    • What caste pride do I have? Only Juts have caste pride? Let's get back to the question of Kurds. Instead of looking at the situation from the filter of only British colonialism and caste, what do you actually understand about the whole situation of the Kurds in it's entirety? Do you understand the history of the Kurds, their relationship with the Ottoman Empire, their role in exterminating the Armenians from Eastern Anatolia (1915 genocide) the carving up of former Ottoman lands (sandjuks) in the picot sykes agreement. The effect of the Lausanne Treaty between Greece and Turkey. The role of the Young Turks and Ataturk. The relationships of the Kurds in the 4 countries I have mentioned with Shias/Sunni Arabs/Turks in those respective countries. The relationships and groups within those Kurdish groups, the demographic changes in Turkey. The effect of Erdogan and his family's relationship with the intention of supporting ISIS so that the gas/oil pipelines can be transmitted through Turkey. That is just the tip of the iceberg. There are whole geopolitical implications here that involve Iran, Iraq, Eastern Med, Russia, parts of the caucuses, even parts of the Balkans are impacted. It is very complex and far more nuanced. Compared to that, subcontinental politics is a picnic. You'd be really shocked to see the level of hatred between these people. A real eye opener. You might make some synergies with struggles of our panth with the Kurds but that is an over-simplification.  If you want to do rajniti, you have to understand everything in it's entirety and not what suits us.      
    • Self determination, land rights, water rights are of the utmost importance, as is having the understanding of how to farm said land, and make textile and medicinal use of it. The world is laboring under opression, and too many of us good people have been used and miseducated by the evil of Empire.  We can all respect what our ancestors did out of necessity, but their virtues were misused. I think we should thank the ancestors for getting us this far, but our families were meant to work for themselves not serve global white power, miseducation, opression and greed. We were born to be self determined and serve Vaheguru as stewards of this place.  They will use natural disaster and threats of terrorism, combined with pitting races against each other based on a fake view of the worlds resource situation to keep us tied up until it's over. We can try to fight from inside the system, but when all parties are party to it?  Good luck. We need Jathas and cooperation between Jathas, and we should value first Bani, and second, all knowledge of thriving in this place. If we don't have our own dentists we wont have any soon etc. Other than Jaap Naam and watch the bombs fall, I can't really see much to do other than replace the governments, or our need for geovernments, with our own collaborative family groups. 

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