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*supreme Sacrifice - Programme In Memory Of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee

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Vaheguru jee ka khalsa, vaheguru jee kee fateh jeeo,

Nah, we just arrived late at the keertan darbaar and couldn't catch all of Bhai Sukhjinder Singh jee's keertan.

The whole of Veer Manpreet Singh jee's keertan was also not recorded right till the end....

everything in the middle should be all good...

sorry about that...i'm sure there will be other recordings put up for those 2 keertanis...but that's most of them which are online :)

bhull chukk maafi,


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www.SaintSoldierSounds.com :o

Site dedicated to Puran Brahmgyani Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale!

Will be opening its vaults on Baba Ji's Barsi 22nd Dec Onwards!!!

With Live broadcast of the whole smagam!!!! start till finish!!!!!! this will include the full akhand path!!!!

All Hi-Quality Recordings and videos (with translations) from Supreme sacrifice program will be available!!!

Watch this space!! :TH:


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Yeah, we have the full katha...and all the other really high quality recordings (from the whole program) but we're just editing them atm. They should be up within a few days :)

Also, as SikhiTube is now HD Compatible the high-definition videos will be up for viewing soon as well. As well as the standard quality to download directly from the site.

Sorry for the delay.

vaheguru jee ka khalsa, vaheguru jee kee fateh ji.

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