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*supreme Sacrifice - Programme In Memory Of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee

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We would firstly like to thank Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji and all the sadh sangat for supporting the event and making it such a sucess.

Each of the jathe that did kirtan and katha on the evening were amazing.

Sukhwinder Singh's ucharan was truely heart breaking and i personally saw 2 bazoorg singhs crying whilst listening to the bani, perhaps looking at how we have really wasted our lives by not focusing on vaheguru and instead spending our time chasing possesions, families etc.

The kirtan by Bhai Sukhjinder Singh, Bibi Jasdeep Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh and Manpreet Singh was also mind blowing and the sangat commented on how they felt the bani was really touching them deep within.

Kuljit Singh as usual did amazing katha as well, there was so much nimrata, giaan and pyaar in the katha! A true gem of the panth!

Was also brilliant to see so much sangat turn up for the prog! The darbar sahib was full and the atmosphere was something else! If you missed it you really did miss out! Sangat from all over the UK turned up :)

I would encourage those who couldnt make it to listen to the kirtan, ucharan and the katha as its really worth it!

If anyone needs the powerpoint display for bani patsahi 9 - please pm me your email add and ill send it to you, i'll also send it to rajkaregakhalsa.net and if they like they can add it to their bani presentations folder.

Thanks sikhroots for posting up the audio and the pics etc, i think more pics and the audio will also be up on the saintsoldiersounds site as well, thanks again for both sites for brining the parchar to the wider sangat.

Finally the next prog on the radar is the barsi - hope to see everyone there! After that we'll see what else we got in the pipelines :p

Dhan Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharajh!! :)

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