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Needed Bir Ras Dhadi Songs

Guest amar_jkp

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almost all dhadi vaar's will be have bir rass material. cuz thats the point of dhadi vaars, to full the singhs with birr rass.

heres a link for a bunch of different dhadi vaar artist, and their albums:


but bhai daya singh ji dilbar is someone u cant go wrong with when it comes to dhadi vaars:


to download these, just click on the album u wanna download, and then u'll see a list of tracks that are in that album. underneath each track name u will see it says "download track" click on that and another box will pop up with a link that says "download track". right click on that link and save as....

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Maharaj Ranjit Singh Sher-e Punjab's Death

Dhadi Raag: Sialkot da Saka

Singing about the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Dhadi Jatha: Daya Singh Dilbar.

Sarangi Master: Ajit Singh (Ustad Ji).

Dhadi: Dalip Singh 'Mast' and Malkeer Paher.

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