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My First Panjabi Class...

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Sadh sangat jio...

Sorry if this seems like a silly thing to share but i'm so happy that i had to!!! I'm 27 yrs old and since i was 19 i've been wanting to learn panjabi but kept putting it off as i thought "i'm too old, it's gonna be too hard now"!!

Ramdomly today at the Gurdwara, this bhaji i know introduced me to Aunty who does Santhiya classes...i was only meant to say fateh and then go but she told me to sit down (she seemed strict and i was a bit scared to say i had to go!!). So i stayed and i loved it, i know it's only basic and most of you are perfectly fluent in panjabi, but for me who doesn't even know the alphabet, it's such a massive step. Recently i've been fortunate enough to learn more and more about Sikhi and i rely on my english gutka...ultimately though i know it's important to be able to read Gurbani properly...so i guess this is a step!!!

Erm sorry again if this seems like a silly thing to share...just felt like i wanted to. I've learnt the first 10 letters lol!! :D

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Guest harminderkaur

Its never to late to learn punjabi. I started my first punjabi class last year at the young age of 20. I was the oldest in the class and the most teased because i know everyone there. But I learned alot, got really involved in seva and the gurudwara and made some great friends.

BTW, it was not a silly post, it was inspiring. You are inspiring more and more people to step out of their comfort zones and learn punjabi/gurmukhi. Thank you for sharing this with us.

-Harminder Kaur

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thats awsome!

Reading Nitnem in Gurmukhi u will just feel the difference :)

its impossible to write gurmukhi in english, like in gurmukhi theres like 4 letters that have a diff time of D sound, so how could u write that into english,

:D this is exciting aint it, and u have such a thirst to learn ur piking up so much

all the best :D

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