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Guest sevadar

My friend has planted this idea in my head about getting turbans to girls. We believe that turban is a sikhs identity and that once you put on your first turban, you truly realize that your a sikh and you have to try harder to be a good sikh. Our goal is going to be helping boys and girls get their first turbans to help them get started. Because often they are overwhelmed with how to wear one and even more how to buy one. They don't know how big, what kindof material, where to buy it and etc. Like my friend she was travelling because of school and everywhere she went she was asked to teach how to tie dastars and gave them out to girls that wanted to continue to wear a dastar. But she can't be everywhere and people are often afraid of reaching out and asking for help in our community. So we want to give them a site where they can ask for help and know they will recieve it. With not only the turban but also help them with getting gutka sahibs and kakkars for when they are ready to take amrit. We believe in bani and bana. Our main focus will be just turbans but at same time help them with any other needs they might have in the path of being a good sikh.

Currently I am paying costs for everything but in the long run we hope to run off donations and volunteers. For example, if someone needed a turban in a distant country we would connect them with a sikh over there who can get one to them (cuts down shipping costs and people don't find it hard to donate just one turban) but if we are unable to find someone, then we use the donations to buy and send them one. So no one is without a turban. In turn for the turbans, we are asking they people that recieve them to write a page or two on how they became sikhs. So other people can read those and be inspired to become sikhs. because it is quite often misunderstand that people wearing turbans probably had family that was amritdhari. Reading others experiences will help so many sikhs. Maybe in the long run we can even have a big brother/sister program so no sikh feels alone and has someone to help them and advice them. But for now we just want to get people turbans.

Until we can get a website up and running, we have set up a email address gurdatt@hotmail.com where people can email their requests. This feeling of urgency to begin this project that someone is waiting for a turban is eating at me, so we are going to put our email address out there for people to contact us, if they wish.

Our request to sangat is to pass this project info and email on to anyone that might need it.

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