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Is Irn Bru Suitable For Vegetarians?

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I tried looking on the internet, it doesn't seem to say whether it is vegetarian or not. but i do know irn bru makes you fart :D I would not drink it unless you totally know what is in it.

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I called them and they sent this email.

Dear Mr Singh,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Barr/Rubicon products.

I would like to confirm that all our range is suitable for a vegetarian

diet except Sun Exotic Pineapple and Coconut juice and Sun Exotic

Tropical juice which is not suitable for Vegans.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Robert Foster

Consumer Care Team

AG Barr Soft Drinks

2nd Floor, Mansell House

Aspinall Close



Bolton, BL6 6QQ

A.G.Barr p.l.c is a public limited company registered in Scotland. 

Registered number: SC5653. Registered head office: Westfield House

4 Mollins Road, Westfield Ind estate, Cumbernauld, G68 9HD.

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WJKK WJKF. Das was posed a question does Irn Bru contain alcohol and the answer is Yes! but it such a small amount

that drinks company's do not have to declare it!.

Whether you believe or not or by this justify drinking these drinks the choice is yours!.

More drinks that are in the same category-

Coke cola,


Sun Exotic drinks.

More Update will follow.


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    • Thank u pen ji for your response, I actually remember following your posts and looking up to u when I was in my teens. I started reading brahm kavach for a bit but after a few weeks of reading it I got sent divorce papers - it kinda made me scared incase I was making a mistake or upsetting the shaheed singhs. Waheguru ji has blessed me with sukhmani sahib and I'm trying to incorporate naam abhiyas.  Pen ji, I try explaining to myself that maybe it wasn't meant to be etc but then my mind fire's back and says waheguru ji blessed us during our anand karaj... you wouldn't take amrit and then later turn around and say maybe it wasn't meant to be for me and bhang it..... The crazy thing is my husband used to teach me our laavan are extremely holy just like an amrit sanchaar.  I've always imagined my marriage as a triangle waheguru ji at the top and us at the bottom corners, he is all powerful and can save us. Like I can't imagine anyone else because guru gobind Singh jis bachan of not to think about anyone but your spouse begins to haunt me. I remember during the first laav my husband kinda froze in between the parkarma, the other 3 were perfect. My mind begins saying to me that maybe that was symbolic of our first year in marriage being a struggle but we can get through it.  I sound crazy don't I 😥 I can't get myself to hate my hubby hence I've resulted to saying maybe there was something wrong me because if something is good nobody wants to get rid of it 
    • I was just curious on the third eye when I stumbled upon this post. This guy was a Sikh and explains he felt the vibrations in naam simran and how it’s wrong, lol. He’s obviously very mistaken but it’s quite weird to think someone who he explains “felt bliss” during simran seemed it to be a bad thing and changed to Islam.   it’s the first post that’s the ex Sikh. Read the whole topic posts as he goes deeper into what he experienced. He’s mistaken about yoga and side effects.  https://www.ummah.com/forum/forum/misc/comparative-religion/420788-third-eye-pineal-gland?410838-Third-eye-Pineal-gland=  
    • you need to be doing as many Jaap sahibs as you can to regain your core strength and sabar . Braham Kavach , sukhmani sahib will help you rebuild life without pain of others interference or bad intentions. Waheguru ji is always with you but sometimes when life goes wrong we mistake it for abandonment , perhaps your paat, simran saved you from a much worse result than abandonment . Yes I agree life is hard and this was gutwrenching but keep yourself busy with working on yourself and listening to kirtan/paat , lean on Guru ji for advice and solace because he'll never leave . You had confirmation of that in Guruwak , you have been married to Akal Purakh not just that guy .
    • Once again no earrings or tilaks and no celi topi    painting was done my an artist who had seen Guru Ji.    here is another painting of guru ji with the exact same chola pattern. Either done by the same artist or perhaps another artist copied the above 2 paintings and created this one. Even the baaj is the same, white body and grey wings. The baaj also has the same necklace around it.  Once again no tilak or earrings.    another paintings with the same chola again. 
    • It happened again, I asked waheguru ji to show me the word bride in the hukamnama if he will save my marriage and guru sahib did. But there's still nothing from my husband.... Am I going mad? mÚ 3 ] Third Mehl: rwmklI rwmu min visAw qw binAw sIgwru ] In Raamkalee, I have enshrined the Lord in my mind; thus I have been embellished. gur kY sbid kmlu ibgisAw qw sauipAw Bgiq BMfwru ] Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, my heart-lotus has blossomed forth; the Lord blessed me with the treasure of devotional worship. Brmu gieAw qw jwigAw cUkw AigAwn AMDwru ] My doubt was dispelled, and I woke up; the darkness of ignorance was dispelled. iqs no rUpu Aiq Aglw ijsu hir nwil ipAwru ] She who is in love with her Lord, is the most infinitely beautiful. sdw rvY ipru Awpxw soBwvMqI nwir ] Such a beautiful, happy soul-bride enjoys her Husband Lord forever.
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