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Severe Ocd (Bad Unwanted Thoughts)

Guest stuckinadoorway

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It seems like some of you don't know what pure OCD is. It is a medical condition where you have unwanted thoughts which just get stuck in your head. It is like there is a glitch in the system. Its nothing to do with natural urges and all that and getting married.

The point that gurbaanee is the cure still stands tho, because nothing more than reading gurbaanee can cure u. u just need patience and most importantly faith.

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Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

It is clear to see that many people here do not have a great enough understanding of the condition and just like schizophrenia, phobias and depression, unless you suffer from it, you will never really understand.

As I myself suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and have done for so for many years, I can completely understand and sympathise with how you are feeling at present-albeit my type of OCD differs slightly and is focused more on germs.

I can be the first to say that trying to ignore your obsessions and your compulsions in the hope that it will go away or that you eventually snap out of it will not work. Neither will trying to "fight it" - as that will only lead to sheer frustration. The same applies with taking a holiday, getting married, distracting your mind or trying holistic medicines.

OCD is both a psychological and biological condition that requires professional help. Although I highly recommend you do as much paath, sevaa and simran as you can, we also have to be practical here.


But just as we wouldn't say to a person awaiting a new organ "just read paath and you will no longer need a transplant as your organ will heal itself" or to someone with septecemia or a life threatening infection "don't take antibiotics, just read your nitnem baanis" the same applies for OCD. We have all been in that situation where the GP and Doctor has had to intervene. I pressume that everyone here has taken medication for an infection or had an operation when needed - well...unless your a faith healer.

However, I must also stress that by all means we must take the materialistic and "earthly" measures to help us, but at the same time we also must place emphasis on sevaa, gurbaani and naam japna, recognising and appreciating the sheer power of the Gurus baani and the benefits that it can bring.

To the OP, with OCD being recognised as one of the top ten most delbilitating illnesses, I would recommend that you book an appointment to see your GP again and get referred once more to a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse. How long ago did you have your CBT sessions? CBT is something that we cannot do for 8 weeks and our thoughts and obsessions will simply vanish. If you've had the thoughts for a long time, it will take a long time to "deal" with them. Its kind of similar for people who are obese. Its taken many months/years for you to gain that weight - a few weeks of hitting the gym and dieting will not make you lose it all again. Try to nip the rose in the bud as the saying goes, before it gets much worse - believe me!

Hopefully your doctor will re-refer you and then you can maybe try the same treatment again but maybe for a lengthier period or maybe try a different type completely. If he/she doesn't - make yourself a nuisance! Your the one suffering from the condition on a daily basis and plus, your in effect paying the GP's wages - you have a right to be heard!

Just as a suggestion, have you had ever considered group therapy? Although it can be slightly embarassing at first and some stigma can be attached to it, getting treatment with others who suffer the same condition as you and are thus the only ones who really understand can be a real motivational boost as you watch the progress of each other and can share personal experiences of how to deal with certain things. What about also changing the dosage of your medication or perhaps changing it altogether? I've even gone to the one extreme of having my psychologist accompany me to places which I find incredibly difficult such as restaurants, public bathrooms etc. and that proved to be effective.

There is no universal treatment for people with OCD, its about what most suitable for the individual. Have you even tried combining the two together?

With having suffered from the condition for numerous years and having tried a range of treatments, feel free to contact me at any time and I'll be more than happy to expand on anything I've said, share some of my own personal experiences or even try and pinpoint you in the right direction. If you also have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Take Care and God Bless.

Ang Sang Vaaheguroo!

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Guest stuckinadoorway

I did CBT around 2 years ago. It didn't help because I wasn't really willing to disclose some of the thoughts which made it difficult. I am starting to see a psychologist again now and will disclose most if not all the thoughts now. I haven't tried group therapy no.

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srb rog kw AauKdu nwmu ]

sarab rog kaa aoukhadh naam ||

The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills.

kilAwx rUp mMgl gux gwm ]

kaliaan roop ma(n)gal gun gaam ||

Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation.


Enough Said!! :happybouncer:

Although I will add this...

Apply this gyan to your daily life(remember and believe it, say it within if you need to)-

Every single bad thought is GOD Himself.

When you realise this, the thoughts wont bother you- all around you is god, in the image of Nothingness, a frequency that once we attune ourselves to(and which brings Samadhi and silences the mind), we become like him. As our discoveries increase our frequencies(think of us like atoms vibrating at frequencies) our frequency gets finer until the Truth is revealed in all its glory.

God is just teaching you that there is something wrong with you so work on it, strive for perfection and to live in Truth always and the thoughts wont bother you.

The problem with All of us is that we refuse to live in simplicity. The Truth is Simple but instead of trusting in it and trusting that it ultimately brings us the highest bliss, maya (God himself) makes us doubt it

- it makes things seem more complicated than they are(all is God, we are God but we see others and ourselves to be seperate, making life more comlicated and painful) so we sink deeper and deeper into maya, consumed and deluded by our own pain(hell) which is actually non existant. We deny ourselves happiness out of fear.

Every bad thought, every person who makes us angry, every person whos slander we rise to is actually God himself testing how affiliated we are to Maya and how worthy we are of finding Him. We are Nothing like God so who cares if someone slanders us, its just God himself seeing if we will take measures to overcome the test he's setting and attune ourselves to Truth instead of digging ourselves deeper into maya by reacting in Jealousy or Hate. Take the hint God's giving you, pass his tests and live in Truth.

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I did CBT around 2 years ago. It didn't help because I wasn't really willing to disclose some of the thoughts which made it difficult. I am starting to see a psychologist again now and will disclose most if not all the thoughts now. I haven't tried group therapy no.

It's great that you've realised that something needs to be done in order to have a better quality of life and being completely honest with the psychologist is another positive step. Group therapy was just a suggestion, its not suitable for everyone. I guess it's just based upon personal preference.

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I am suffering from similar problems recently after becoming a little unwell but have found that doing paath like 'Benti Chaupai' to fight and kill these thoughts or the illness and reading shabad ' eh neech karam har mere' really do help, the shabad allows us to reveal bad habits/apologise to god. Also as mentioned before doing 'Naam Simran' also helps in many ways ,it is simple too, whilst it is very important to remember our lord who has given us everything and is always supporting us, simran also helps whether by apologising, decreasing/eliminating our problems and helps us to erase our sins. I also agree with the earlier posters that 'Ardaas' for ridding this illness or for strength to fight it, is powerful too. We may not understand if we are undergoing karma of old sin or creating new sin but waheguruji definitely shows us the way forward. I am unsure if I have OCD but now understand that mental illnesses are painful in their own way, I still struggle.. but Waheguruji is 'Anterjamee' and knows the dukhre of everyone. He has his kirpa on all but due to our past karma we need to undergo certain events. I really hope things get better for every single one of you especially after experiencing this and watching my problems grow and fluctuate...thanks to everyone that has shared their insight and helped us with their caring understanding. I have tried to do Ardaas for you all and wish you the best of luck.. naam simran is the key! ;).

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Thank you bhenji so much for your ardas and lovely words. I have some ocd too. And it was noticed by a nurse at a clinic i went to for another problem. I didn't even realise i had it. A professional specialist should be seen if anybody has it. I now think to myself, waheguruji made this happen now and not before that i was meant to go to somewhere for another problem and through somebody was able to realise i have this. Its all in waheguruji's hands what happens even doctors specialists are sent by them.

another example is today i met the most wonderful doctor that took a lot of time to explain things. Its so weird, i know nobody is god, but at the end i cried and hugged the doc. Even my husband said it felt like god has sent someone so special, rab jaise and he never seen a doc so good.

Its moments like this makes one realise what life is. And never lose faith, keep doing path and simran like bhenji says.

Thank you ji all.

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Guest harbir singh

wjkk wjkf _stuckinadoorway_

thank you for sharing your condition with the sangat. gurbani guru tells us ..

"veechar maray taray taharay ult jun na avay"

one who kills his thoughts, saves himself and others and does not have to be reborn

the whole game in this world is of thoughts. difference in thoughts create internal conflict, conflict with family members and conflicts in society.

this is the act of the panj

"kuljug meh dharay panj chor chagarahay, kaam krodh lob abiman badahay"

the five thieves inside us create these thoughts which inturn create internal and external divisions and conflict. in this conditions gurbani says such a mind is asleep (in thoughts).

teheguni sansar barahm suta

the sleeping mind (asleep in thought) is not in control and so the five control it and torture it

in this state gurbani gives us the solution to awaken the sleeping mind (asleep in thoughts)

simar simar simar gur apna sohya man jagahe

gurbani has given the solution as simran

a mind that is dirty will not be able to concentrate.. what is the dirt?

pariyay mat papa kay sang

the mind has come from satjug to kuljug, through countless incarations and has become blackened with sins (a result of thoughts created by the panj leading to actions)

is man ko janam janam ke mehl laghi, kala hoa sawo

in this condition it is important to know the technique to wash the mind

man dhovaho sabad laago har suo rehi chit lahe

how if we are doing paat, simran, sitting in the gurdwara and our mind is elsewhere the mind will not be washed

same as if we try to bath a child and the water is running but the child runs away from the tap he will not be washed. in this way if the mind has gone away (into thoughts) it will not be washed

understand and knowledge is important and this is taught in gurbani and practiced in sangat

gurbani says

dun meh dhaan dhaan meh janiya gurmukh akath kahani

if we do simran by listening to the sound our own voice then our mind will begin to learn to be present (awake)

it is important to do sangat as it can take time to understand the game of the mind as per the teaching of guru granth sahib

please forgive any mistake made.

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