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    • Theres definitely a lot of problems In punjabi men and women   some deep rooted issues  and these filter down into the kids.    Theres a lot of bad parenting as well, especially among our parents generation.   They torment the kids.   Iv seen a lot of messed up cousin because their parents had issues and were bad parents.  I dnt know y they have these issues.  Alot of older punjabis seem emotionally imbalanced. My dad has some issues as well     hes really angry    he was horrible to us growing up.  I dnt know y people from that generation are like that 
    • Have absolute faith in guru nanak dev ji, my mums friends husband ran away with a pakistani woman  and my mums friend started crying before guru nanak dev ji and she asked him to help her from the bottom of her heart.   She then had a vision of guru nanak dev ji in her dream and guru sahib told her that she is doing the right thing and is on the right path and that her husband will come back. Few days later her husband came back. This happened here in the UK.  We often pray and do ardaas but have no faith.  We pray but in our minds we dont have faith and feel hopeless     we even try to convince ourselves that we have faith sometimes. Need to pray with full faith that waheguru will help us.  Praying with doubt in your heart doesnt work.    When a child asks his parent for something he asks with full faith that hes gnna get what he wants.  Waheguru is our father   
    • Gurfateh Sangat ji,  Please see the pinned topic of our forum rules and guidelines. To be specific to the post, see below on the reason why replies were deleted twice.  Keep reporting topics and replies that are not aligned to our forum rules, You will see our quick response within 24 hours by our team.  Stay in Chardikala      
    • Guest Jigsaw_puzzled_singh
      Wow. In my opinion, Singh, one of the most amazing finds and most informative posts ever posted on this forum and yet......it took 5 days for someone to reply to it and that someone still didn't see it for what it is. Sad...but still nonetheless...an amazing find by you. Thanks for sharing. 
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