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Urgent: Questions to Ask Sarbjit Dhunda

Guest Love-Dasam+Sarbloh-G

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Guest Love-Dasam+Sarbloh-G
sangat ji urgent this is chance to voice your questions to dhunda

post from a user on facebook, so gps every1 get all questions ready we wish to ask, im also writing some meanings of stuff he says such as no such thing as naam japna and what the result is from such statements and where it can lead

Sarbjit Singh Dhundha

Wjkk Wjkf With the huge controversy surrounding Sarbjit Singh Dhundha on one side his opposition are saying he is anti Dasam Granth and various other issues then on the other hand his supporters are saying listen to him he is a gem. It's all confusing but as I am considered to be more 'anti' then supportive I've been asked to meet with him and clarify these issues that are causing the divide in our community. After a long and hard think I've decided to go ahead and meet him and question the burning issues and understand his views on other topics that will help give us a better understanding of what he stands for.

I'm preparing some questions for him tonight so if there are any issues you would like me to raise please let me know now by messaging me... I'll write up and post the outcome of the meeting asap. Again please inbox as I'm off to the gym now

I don't want to create an account to just ask these questions. I have major doubts on the answers that he will give already before he even is asked the question. Because Dhunda and his group is very tricky and clever. Anyways, here they are:

- What are his views on the Shabad: Deh Shiva Bar Mohi Ihaa Shub Kar-Man Tey Kabhoo(n) Na Taro?

Does he think that Shiva actually means Shiva? Or Shiva means God?

- If Raam can mean God in Guru Granth Sahib, why can't Shiva mean God in Dasam Granth. Why the double standard?

- If Muraree (which is attributed Krishna) can be God in Guru Granth Sahib, why can't Kaal, Mahakaal, Bhagauti, Durga, Devi, mean God in Dasam Granth? Why the double standard? Many other examples can be given, Rameya, Madho, etc.

- Does he understand poetry and what personification, metaphor, simlie, etc are?

- Why is he and Ghagga and group against Giani Sant Singh Maskeen Jee, Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jee, Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila, Dhadrianvale, etc.

- What does he make of Prof. Darshan Singh in the movie Nimmo, and now they are doing 100% U-Turn on Hemkunt Sahib?

- The top Singhs in Sikh History supported Dasam Granth, and they're against it, how come they made some world-changing discovery and everyone else didn't? Is he just that smart and everyone else was RSS?

- How come his whole Katha revolves around putting baabey down and calling everyone RSS?

- Is he RSS himself along with his companions?

- Bhai Vir Singh Jee gave 2100 rupees in 1934 for the construction of Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara. If you bought land worth 2100 rupees in 1934, it would be worth more than 5 Core today (50 million rupees). Do you question Bhai Vir Singh Jee? Is he RSS too?

- Is Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha Jee RSS?

- Is Prof. Puran Singh Jee RSS?

- Is Bhai Randhir Singh Jee AKJ RSS?

- Is Sirdar Kapur SIngh Jee RSS?

- Is Baba Jarnail Singh Jee Bhindranwale RSS?

- Is Prof Sahib Singh Jee RSS?

- Is Giani Sant Singh Maskeen RSS?

- How come he calls himself a Professor? What is his educational background?

- What is the educational background of his professors?

- Why is his group making Dasam Granth a huge issue? They act as if it is taking over Guru Granth Sahib which it is not.

- Why is he overexaggerating everything and making it seem like a big issue when it's not.

- Is Bhai Gurdas Jee's writings acceptable as Gurbani?

- Is Bhai Nandlal Jee's writings acceptable as Gurbani?

- Did he ever read Bhai Randhir Singh Jee AKJ's book Rangley Sajan? Tell him to read that and then tell me if Bhai Randhir SIngh is RSS as well?

- Also did he read Baba Harnam Singh Rampurkera Valey's books/autobiography? Is he RSS too?

- Why is it that just because they have not had spiritual experiences, that all of a sudden everyone is a liar except for themselves?

- How come they didn't reach Damdama Sahib for debate with top-scholars and Singhs knowledgeable on Dasam Granth?

- When him and Moranwaaley were in the same Calgary Gurdwara (Canada), why did he back down? If he's so smart, he should debate him right there.

- Why does him and Prof. Darshan Singh need security everywhere they go? In Canada and UK and India he has security? Why? Other top parchaaraks never needed security like that? He must be saying something wrong right in order to be so precautious?

- What are his views on the Shabad: Naamey Key Swami See Bahori Lank Bhapeekan Apio Ho? Was Bhagat Naamdev Jee a follower of Raam/Raamchandar/Raamchand before finding the true Guru?

- What are his views on Krishan and the other Devtey? Were they good or bad?

- Why does he never talk about what happens in Delhi Gurwaras like Lakhi Shah Vanjara Hall and the parties that go on there? Why are they only always talking about SGPC and Jathedars/Badal and never about Sarna and Delhi Committee, hmmm...(politics?)

- His main excuse is that videos exposing him are edited and "cut-vad" (copy and paste) is done here and there. But that is an ABSOLUTE LIE, and many videos prove that. Why does he keep on lieing?

- What are his opinions on Prof. Darshan Singh, Kala Afghana, Jeonwala, Ghagga, Tiger Jatha UK, etc.

- There is a letter from Bhai Mani Singh Jee to Mata Sundri Jee proving Dasam Granth's authenticity. Is Bhai Mani Singh Jee RSS as well?

- AND last one, I have many more, but last one and maybe one of the most important ones:

ਮਹਾ ਕਾਲ ਕੋ ਸਿਖ੍ਯ ਕਰਿ ਮਦਰਾ ਭਾਂਗ ਪਿਵਾਇ ॥੧੨੫॥

ਚਰਿਤ੍ਰ ੨੬੬ - ੧੨੫ - ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ

^ Get him to check out that Charitar and translate it. Is that from RSS as well? Prof. Darshan Singh keeps on repeating that line, which is the last line of the Charitar, but skipped the many pages that come before that line.

Please get him to read that Charitar and give Katha about it and say if it's from RSS or if Prof. Darshan Singh and himself are really RSS.

Thanks. I have been watching these guys from the beginning. You guys can fool others. But you won't fool me. And believe me, I've been compiling everything into one HUGE document/book. You will be exposed sooner or later. If not by someone else, then by me. Your hypocrisy and lies and double standards are outrageous and laughable. Can't wait for the replies from the 'Professor'.

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Guest Original poster

Charitar 266 is what I was talking about above.

Mahaa kaal ko Sikh kar madhra bhaang peevaai

Also, is paonta sahib and surrounding gurdwaras built by rss as well like hemkunt sahib?

How about gurdwara bhabour sahib, is that rss built as well?

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Guest Original Poster

Looks like he already answered my first question which I knew he would get WRONG.

- What are his views on the Shabad: Deh Shiva Bar Mohi Ihaa Shub Kar-Man Tey Kabhoo(n) Na Taro?
Does he think that Shiva actually means Shiva? Or Shiva means God?

- If Raam can mean God in Guru Granth Sahib, why can't Shiva mean God in Dasam Granth. Why the double standard?

- If Muraree (which is attributed Krishna) can be God in Guru Granth Sahib, why can't Kaal, Mahakaal, Bhagauti, Durga, Devi, mean God in Dasam Granth? Why the double standard? Many other examples can be given, Rameya, Madho, etc.

- Does he understand poetry and what personification, metaphor, simlie, etc are?

Is he a professor? What kind of professor is that? Him, Ghagga, Jeonwala, Sabhra, Kala-Afghana, etc....they all got that first question wrong.

How big hypocrites they are, and the double standards they hold in terms of interpreting Guru Granth Sahib Gurbani one way and Dasam Granth Sahib Gurbani another way.

In the Shabad: Deh Shiva.......

Shiva is a METAPHOR. Do you know grammar? Do you know languages and linguistics? Do you know poetry? Clearly these 'professors' don't.


and the top four links should be good enough to get it through people's thick skulls:





In Guru Granth Sahib Jee, hundreds of times the words come:












gur eesar gur gorakh baramaa gur paarabathee maaee

jeh dhaekhaa theh rav rehae siv sakathee kaa mael

sur sidh gan gandharab mun jan saekh peer salaar

eihu man sakathee eihu man seeo

thab siv sakath kehahu kith thaae

siv sanakaadh jaas gun gaavehi thaas basehi morae praanaanaa

siv siv karath sagal kar jorehi sarab maeiaa thaakur thaeree dhohee

kahu gur gaj siv sabh ko jaanai

sankar bisan avathaar har jas mukh bhanaa

pavan paanee agan thin keeaa brehamaa bisan mehaes akaar

anadhin naachai sakath nivaarai siv ghar needh n hoee

anik paathik harathaa thribhavan naath ree theerath theerath bhramathaa lehai n paar ree

dhas aouthaar raajae hoe varathae mehaadhaev aoudhoothaa


Why is "ho tho eaek rameeaa laiho" acceptable but not "aad ant eikaa avtaaraa"??????????

more examples from Guru Granth Sahib Jee......

guramukh sangee kirasan muraarae

eaek kirasanan sarab dhaevaa dhaev dhaevaa th aathamaa

kaetheeaa kanna kehaaneeaa kaethae baedh beechaar

kirasaa thae jaanoo har har naachanthee naachanaa

santhaa madhae gobindh aashai gokal madhae siaam go

dhan dhan kirasan outai kaabalee

saaval sundhar roop banaavehi baen sunath sabh mohaigaa

aapae gopee aapae kaanaa

I can keep going on and on, there are hundreds of examples. Sorry about the spelling mistakes of the lines above. They are the copy and paste of the transliteration from Sikhi to the Max program, as it would save me time from typing it all up. You get the point though. You can easily go into Sikhi to the Max program and search these lines with the "First Letters" option.

Is Guru Granth Sahib Jee part of RSS as well? I think we should remove that from Panth as well? Oh no? Why not? You just evaluated Dasam Granth Sahib with the same thinking, but are not prepared to use your venom on Guru Granth Sahib YET, because you will be exposed?

Double standards....


Keep it real.
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Guest Original Poster

Wait, I'm not finished, not even close, as long as these guys keep telling lies, I will keep on telling the Truth.

Watch this video from the 1 minute mark to 4:30 mark.

So in the video of Dhunda talking about the Deh Shiva Shabad, Dhunda says that Shiva means Shiv Jee. In this video, Dhunda's companion Jeonwala is saying that it means the goddess Paarbati/Paarvati.

So first of all, they are giving conflicting meanings themselves.

In the 5th Pauree of Jap-Jee Sahib, we get the line:

guru eIsru guru gorKu brmw guru pwrbqI mweI ]

gur eesar gur gorakh baramaa gur paarabathee maaee |

The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi.

If Guru Granth Sahib Jee says that the Guru is Paarvati, and then in Dasam Granth Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Jee uses the word Shiva (meaning Paarvati) as a metaphor to refer to God, then what is wrong with that? Guru Granth Sahib Jee says that Paarvati is Guru. And Guru Gobind Singh Jee says "aad ant eikaa avtaaraa, soee GURU samjhio hamaaraa". And that same Guru in Guru Granth Sahib is said to be Paarvati. So that's alright when it's written in Guru Granth Sahib, but not when Guru Gobind Singh Jee uses the word to refer to God?

Double Standards, Hypocrisy. Are these people professors, or are they RSS making the people who know about Sikhi have to stand up against the 90% of Sangat which doesn't really care about Sikhi at all and doesn't know that much?

Then next, when talking about the Deh Shiva Shabad, Jeonwala says that (quote-on-quote) "oh look, the word laalach is written in here and Guru Granth Sahib Jee tells us to go against laalach, this possibly can't be Guru Gobind Singh Jee's Shabad".

First of all, don't say one word of the line. Look at the whole line to make sense of it.

First of all these professors can't even understand the first line of the Shabad, how can they talk about the third line of the Shabad?

Taking into account that Shiva means God in the first line, let us continue this discussion to the third line and clear the lies that these professors are telling.

Guru Gobind Singh Jee is saying (from Sikhi to the Max program):

Aru isK hoN Awpny hI mn kO ieh lwlc hau gun qau aucroN ]

ar sikh ho aapanae hee man ka eih laalach ho gun tho oucharo |

And I may give this instruction to my mind inculcate me with a consistent craving that I may ever utter Your praises.

Yes, Guru Gobind SIngh Jee is asking His mind to have laalach. BUT WHICH LAALACH? GUN TAU UCHARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Not, laalach for cars, houses, weapons, money, social status, women, slaves, servants, materialistic items. No! What laalach is he asking for?


So taking into account that Shiva is referring to God in the first line of the Shabad, now here in the third line of the Shabad it is clear that Guru Gobind SIngh Jee is asking to have the laalach in His mind to SING/SPEAK THE PRAISES/VIRTUES OF GOD.

gux gwvw idnu rwiq nwnk cwau eyhu ]8]2]5]16]

gun gaavaa dhin raath naanak chaao eaehu |8|2|5|16|

To sing Your Glorious Praises day and night - O Nanak, this is my heart-felt desire. ||8||2||5||16||

hy nwnk! (pRBU-crnW ivc Ardws kr, qy AwK—) hy dwqwr! myry AMdr ieh qWG hY ik mYN idn rwq qyry gux gWdw rhW [

BI qUhY swlwhxw AwKx lhY n cwau ]4]

bhee thoohai saalaahanaa aakhan lehai n chaao |4|

Even then, I would worship and adore You, and my longing to chant Your Praises would not decrease. ||4||

kbIr lUtnw hY q lUit lY rwm nwm hY lUit ]

kabeer loottanaa hai th loott lai raam naam hai loott |

Kabeer, if you must rob and plunder, then plunder the plunder of the Lord's Name.

hy kbIr! prmwqmw dw nwm dbw-db vµifAw jw irhw hY, jy iek`Tw krnw hY qW ieh nwm-Dn iek`Tw kr [

Oh yeah, you want to talk about laalach? How about the word lootnaa in the line written from the Shabad above? Oh no, it must be RSS, look, the word lootna (to steal/stealing/rob/robbing) is written!!!! It must be RSS, or Nirmaley, or British who put this in! We must remove these lines!!! (you see, how when you use the same way of thinking that Jeonwala did on the word laalach, you can make up any lie you want with any Shabad you want).


^^^^^ How come it is alright to have those lines in Guru Granth Sahib where the Guru's have talked about their laalach, but it is not acceptable for Guru Gobind SIngh Jee to talk about his laalach in Dasam Granth Sahib?


If you want to talk about a Shabad, then talk about it properly, don't just take one word and make it the meaning of the whole line. Sure, the word laalach is written, but in what context and in what intent? READ AND UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE LINE/SHABAD, then maybe you will STOP SPREADING LIES!

Who believes these so called professors?

They twist even the most simplest things and make them into lies. The people who believe these professors have very little understanding of Gurbani, poetry, language, linguistics, grammar, history, etc.


Oh yeah, and make sure you make copies of these videos and save them on your computers and hard-drives....because these professors' and their fans' number one excuse is that these videos are edited and changed and cut-vad (copy and paste editing). Every time they have been exposed, they make that excuse. So make sure you have copies of these videos and others as well.

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Deh Shiva is like the unofficial national anthem of the Sikh nation. Whenever there will be a Khalistan on the map of this world, this shabad will most probably be it's national anthem. These naastiks repeatedly use their communistic dimaagh in interpreting everything and always get it wrong.

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Guest Original Poster

Dhunda group strikes again!

They are going crazy all over the internet spreading anti-Dasam Granth propaganda due to this video they came upon:

Dhunda group is trying very hard to create friction between Sikhs.

They bring up Dasam Granth topic.

Hemkunt Sahib topic.

Naam Japnaa topic.

Meat topic.

Panj Piaarey topic.

and much more...

all potentially controversial topics, and yet he keeps bringing them up to create divisions. We have seen it again and again with many fights, protests and disturbances within Gurdwaras around the world due to him and kala afghana group. They come to the west, cause trouble, make our community look bad and then leave back for india where no one knows how to critically analize anything/anyone. They are ruining Sikhi from the inside out.

I wonder who is the RSS, hmmmm...

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