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Can Hindu law cover Sikhs, Jains, asks SC: The Times of India

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My chittar can cover Hindu law for all I care. They are too caught up in their dreams to relaise their are kooms with differences.

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The comments in their reader's section are pathetic. I can ony say that "India as a country is not fit for democracy - Democracy as a way of governance has been too early an arrival to India - there is a long way to go and Indians have to learn/educate themselves a lot more before Democracy as a way of governance should have been adopted for India". A country/people of that country who have no realisation of rights/freedom of expression/views for any individual (leave apart a small/big community) is not fit for democracy.

Leave apart a community which says we are not Hindus, even an individual who says I am not a Hindu, must be respected, and should be allowed to choose his own identity irrespective of his nationality, and too be honest, this issue although a small issue, on other aspect, a very important issue as it hijakes somebody's unique identity.

The above para example is just 1 such instance of an issue, any individual right (leave apart a community right) has always been hijacked.

Some irritating comments -

Oh, this way, our unity will break, and we will have 1000s of divisions.

Why, won't everybody be an Indian? Did under Moghul rule, everybody was classified as Islamic Hindus or Moghul Hindus?

Guru Nanak was also a Hindu?

I won't comment on this comment, as I am sick and tired of hearing and replying to this comment, the only response I give now a days which shuts-up everybody is Was Shri Raam Chandra Jee/Lord Krishna also a Hindu, and can you explain meaning of word Hindu and when did Hinduism started?

Hinduism is a way of life, not a religion.

This is the most pathetic and illetrate comment.

Ok, I respect your way of life, but my way of life is different, it is Sikhism/Jainism/Buddhism.

Oh no, but Sikhism/Jainism/Buddhism are religions, but not way of life. Way of life is a super-set of religion, so way of life is Hinduism and Sikhism/Budhdhism/Jainism are religions under it.

No, for me, they are my way of life as well as my religion. I don't accept you as saying that your way of life is my way of life, why you want to hijack my identity/my way of life and don't give my proper identity rights to me. This way you are dictating your way of life on me, and not giving proper recognition to my identity. Isn't this Dictatorship? Where is the Democracy?

Oh No, this will create partition and break unity, we are all Hindus, but if you don't want to remain under the umbrealla Hinduism, YOU ARE A TERRORIST, F*** OFF.

I have posted all those responses to the Indiatimes Forum, none has been posted by Indiatimes Moderation Team.

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Pyaareyo don't waste your time and energy reading user comments on TOI or even CNN. Those a bunch of frustrated and illiterate cockroaches who probably never made it past high school.

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