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National Sahibzade Shaheedi Smagam (Southall)

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1G Event Details: http://www.1guk.com/shaheedi-smagam-2012

FaceBook Event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/544774658883445/?fref=ts

With the Grace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj,

London Youth have organised a National Smagam in the loving memory of our inspirational brothers the beloved SahibZadeh; Baba Ajeet Singh Ji, Baba Jujhaar Singh Ji, Baba Zoravar Singh Ji, Baba Fateh Singh Ji and Mata Gujhar Kaur Ji.

The Smagam will take place at:

Guru Amardas Hall (Opposite Guru Amardas Gurdwara)




There will Talks/Katha in English by various national speakers, and a diwans by Nirvair Khalsa Jatha.

The whole Akhand Paath Sahib will be done by UK Born Sikhs.

A special two day Sahibzade Sikhi Camp has been organised on the 29th and 30th December 2012, for application forms and more information please see attached poster.

There will also be numerous stalls throughout the Smagam;

Boss Stall - Selling 1984 merchandise and various books/literature

Sikh Organisation of Prisoner Welfare Charity (SOPW)

Sikh Antiques

1G Stall - Free Literature and CD's.

Various Old Handwritten Pothis from the 18th/19th century will be displayed for the Sangat to see during the evening Diwans.

An Amrit Sanchaar will take place on 30th December 2012, starting at 5pm. (For more details, or you wish to take amrit please give names to: 07958112975).

Seva opportunities available throughout the whole Smagam, please contact us on;

Donations / General Enquries: 07958112975

For Akhand Paath Sahib details, Jap Ji Sahib Rauls/ Akhand Paath Seva: 0783706621

Camp Applications / Seva: 07912615554

For more information and Seva opportunities please contact:



Facebook: BeYouth Youth-Project

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/544774658883445/?fref=ts


Full Smagam Timetable:

28th Dec 2011:

4pm - Arambta Sri Akhandh Paath Sahib

Pooranmashi Diwaan till late.

29th Dec 2011:

9.30am - 4pm: SIKHI CAMP FOR AGES 8-12!

5pm - Rehraas Sahib

5.30pm - Keertan

6.30pm English Katha - Bhai Amarpreet Singh (Mani)

7.15-9pm - Nirvair Khalsa Jatha - *Special English Katha and Keertan Diwan*

30th Dec 2011- (Sikh Channel will be recording the Divaan)

9.30am - 4pm SIKHI CAMP FOR AGES 13 - 15 and 16+!

3pm - Open Question and Answer Session (Can ask on the day or email us before hand).

4pm - Siree Akhand Path Sahib Bhog, Aarti and Kirtan by Bhai Hari Singh.

5pm - Start of AMRIT SANCHAAR

6pm - Katha by Bhai Kuljit Singh (Leister)

7-9pm - Nirvair Khalsa Jatha - *Special English Katha and Keertan Diwan*


Please Attend and spread the word!!



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28th Dec - Akhand Paath Arambta 4pm followed by Pooranmashi Diwaan.

29th Dec -Youth camp 9.30am-4.00pm.

Evening Diwaan starting at 5pm with kirtan and katha by Giani Jungbir Singh Ji (America) and Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK.

30th Dec - 9.30 - 3.30pm Youth Camp

4pm Bhog of Akhand Paath Sahib, followed Kirtan Katha Diwaan, Singh Sahib Giani Sukhjinder Singh Ji, Giani Jungbir Singh Ji, Bhai Kuljit Singh, Bhai Hari Singh, Nirvair Khalsa Jatha will be attending.

AMRIT SANCHAAR Starts at 3pm please give names to: +44 7958 112975

To enrol on the camp please text/call: 07912 615554 or message us o! FB via the event link above.

Smagam will take place at:

Gurdwara Sri Guru Amar Dass Ji

1-3 cliffton road


UB2 5QP.

Please forward this message to all.

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    • Tbh, even "our own" can't be trusted. I personally stopped giving a damn what other people thought a long time ago, especially when it comes to rishta/marriage. 
    • In ultimate truth time is an illusion (Akal). All there is, is present the now. God created itself in many forms to create contrast ( limiting itself in forms)
    • There is a massive difference between the Sikh experience in the UK vs the US. The UK is a much better place to be a Sikh. The biggest difference-maker is population density. According to the 2011 census, there were (at the time) about 432,000 Sikhs in the UK. Accounting for some population growth and uncounted people (such as illegal immigrants), there are probably at least 500,000 Sikhs in the UK today. Now take into consideration that the UK has a population of about 67 million crammed into a relatively small island. And also consider that most of the Sikhs live in certain parts of the UK that have relatively large Sikh populations (e.g. West London, Birmingham area, etc.). There are not official figures on Sikhs in the US, but based on data about people from and Indian background and Punjab-speaking background, 250,000 is probably a very conservative upper bound on the US Sikh population. And then consider that the US is a massive country and has a population of about 330 million. As a consequence, Sikhs are much less visible and much less powerful (as a community) in the US than they are in the UK. In the UK, I feel like most people have an awareness of who Sikhs are. When I have been in the UK, it is a bit of a relief to not feel like I have to constantly point out that I'm not an Arab or a Muslim. In the US, nobody had a clue what a Sikh was when I was growing up. It is getting a bit better now, but it's still not great.   Anyway, aside from how Sikhs are viewed by the general population, I think the population density of Sikhs is most important for the Sikh community itself. It makes for a greater support system for more religiously inclined Sikhs. Further, the critical mass enables people who don't come from religious families to nevertheless gain exposure to Sikhi and get into it as they grow older. That's probably why examples of monay who become Singhs are much more frequent in the UK than in the US.    
    • Just found he is Muslim. And he sang the praise of the Khalsa..... amazing. 
    • Maybe worth letting some of them join and see what they post as could be people interested in Sikhi from Hindu backgrounds. 
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