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Warning: Darshan materializes his mission finally

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Anyone who has been following the story of Kala-Afghana, Prof Darshan Singh and Missionaries know that they have a couple of key lines that they keeeeepppp on repeating again and again and again and again.

What are they?

"We only believe in Guru Granth Sahib"

"We only follow Guru Granth Sahib"

"Guru Granth Sahib is everything for us"

"We don't look at anything other than Guru Granth Sahib"

"We are Guru Granth Sahib's Sikhs and nothing/no-one else's"

And for many years now, they have theoretically through the internet and some conferences in banquet halls, etc, started a campaign which comes under many names. The following few come directly to mind: "Sikhi Lehar", "Ikaa Bani, Ik Gur, Iko Shabad Veechaar", "Guru Granth Da Panth", etc.

Well now, it has finally materialized. This is a very critical moment in modern Sikh History, as if successful, Sikhi will be changed almost completely.

Prof. Darshan Singh has created a new Jatheybandi or Jathaa. It's supposedly not for politics and only for Dharam/Religion.

The name?

Guru Granth Da Khalsa Panth.

First of all, isn't he excommunicated? Yet shamelessly he still has very strong support all around the world from brainwashed individuals.

Second of all, only Guru Granth is what they want to talk about. Remove Akal Takht Sahib and other Takhts and Jathedaars. Remove all other granths and literature. Remove Amrit Sanchaar as well as much more. They only want Guru Granth Sahib left.

What they are practically doing is, through their sweet talk, they are cornering Sikhi into a dead end. With no where to go. "We only have Guru Granth Sahib and nothing else". And then, when there is nothing else except one Granth... that will be their most major chance to finish Sikhi once and for all.

If there was a time for Panthic Jatheybandees to unite, it would be now. Because I can surely tell you that these missionaries have a lot of strength and power. They have become ever increasingly popular through their sweet talk and acting on Gurdwara stages. They have the media behind them too. They come on almost every punjabi program and almost every radio program and have been in the majority of Gurdwaras around the world as well.

Keep your eyes open. This is clearly another tactic to get Sikhs against one another and cause further divisions.

Because think about it. Every Sikh respects Guru Granth Sahib Jee. So there is no need for this new Jatha to be created. Right?

Oh yeah, here's the link:


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Darshan Ragi ( Not a professor as he is 10 grade educated) is a spent force.

With zero following in Punjab he is consigned to archives of history. These

are ploys to keep himself in public memory but traitors are bound to meet such


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listen to all the Khalsa who actually gave their lives for Sikhi and Guru Granth Sahib ji , dont listen to all these nindhak politicans, they have no shaheeds to back up their anti-dasam argument, wheras all the shaheeds and pratan singhs accepted Dasam Granth.

and also sant jarnail singh ji warned us of these people



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