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Sikh Sisters - Learn How To Defend Yourselves


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Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahe Guru Ji Ki Fat-h

Daughters of Shamshere Pita, in this age of darkness, where women are being exploited and abused worldwide, ensure you have the skills, heart, psychology and knowledge to give yourselves a fighting chance should God forbid, you ever face violence.

We run a class specifically for Ladies on Wednesday evenings near London Bridge - 5.30pm to 8.00pm. We also have a class in West London on Saturdays. Train with other intelligent, respectful and like minded Ladies.


Below is a little more info:

Learn how to protect self on the street using the intricate wisdom of the ancient battlefield arts of South East Asia. We are now welcoming a limited amount of new students for the start of 2013.

Develop: spatial awareness, manipulative and fluid footwork, evasive movement, escape tactics from all types of holds/grabs, disarming knives/sticks/dangerous objects, striking with maximum efficiency and devastating impact, street awareness, surprise tactics and real fight psychology.

Avoid – hours on exercises which do not help your fighting ability, competition mindset, obsession with certificates and belts, promises that ‘your’ martial art is the best, cultish martial arts environments and McDojo’s which invent ways to keep you as paying students for 20 years.

You will learn one predominant style of fighting which will teach you to use the sword, stick and hand in using one set of principles. You will practice drills and exercises which will improve your; ambidexterity, balance, timing, response/reflexes, judgement, intelligent anticipation, monitoring of the opponent, understanding of body mechanics, correct breathing, internal energy generation, fighting strength and peripheral vision.

Later you will be introduced to some rare Chinese fighting styles to increase your unique repertoire and fighting ability.

The first half of each class focuses on the progressive learning of the traditional skills i.e. sword and stick arts alongside fighting skills, whilst the second half of each class focuses on real life scenarios and applications for the street.

The class is kept small to increase one to one learning and ensure that only students of a respectful and focused nature can learn and progress together.

The class is informal, friendly and students help each other. Learning is organic and occurs at the students own pace as there is no pressure of gradings/testing and expectation of competing in competitions.

E-mail elusivefighting@gmail.com for more information.

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    • I am in big dilemma.  As we all know that waheguru ji everywhere. I also understand that it is important to go to gurudwara sahib as well. My question is that if i do ardaas at home or any other place other than  gurudwara sahib, will it be heard and acknowledged by guru sahib or it is always important to go to gurudwara sahib and do ardaas at gurudwara sahib for guru sahib to acknowledge it? I always do path and ardaas at home in front of harmandir sahib photo or hazur sahib photo  and then for important things i make a list and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardaas there because i think that if i do ardaas in front of guru granth sahib then it will be more accepted by guru sahib. On the other hand i think that if i am doing ardaas in front of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib photo and redoing the same ardaas at gurudwara sahib, i feel that i am not respecting the authority of harmandir sahib or hazur sahib. Because of all this, I wait to find a quite time at gurudwara sahib when there is less or no sangat  so that I can open my list and read and do ardaas spend 10-15 minutes on average to do ardaas. If there are lot of people, i can't do ardaas due to people in the lineup and I don't want to block access to them while i am spending so much time doing ardaas. If i leave without doing ardaas then i am embarrassed, disappointed and sad and then OCD kicks in. Kindly help!    
    • Play/do gurbani, simran and keertan often, make sure you do your nitnem, use sarbloh and wear sarbloh!
    • process is to find a vichola and then the vichola talks between your family and theirs. The process should be similar to how rishta is done in India side!
    • No. If you read the histroy of Guru jis' times and even centuries later, usually marriages were done in childhood. Then when they were old enough to start their grihast jeevan partnership, the bride is brought over to her husbands's house in muklawa ceremony. 4-5 years engagement is silly. You get Anand Karaj now, and then after university she you do muklawa, that is much more in the guidelines!
    • you need to explain that even the devtay kept their kes, and is a part of the ancestors' culture, that sikhi is also preserving the kshatriya and dharmik cultures!
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