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Guru Nanak Dev. The Avatar of Kal-Yug.

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Guru Gobind Singh in his anthology of 24 avatars essays and recounts the narratives of 24 different personalities, sent into creation to propagate 'dharma' or righteousness. Via a Vedantic perspective there are six different avatars, witht he highest being the 'Pooran Tam Avatar.' By adopting a Gurmat perspective we can easily summaries Guru Nanak Dev being a 'Pooran Tam Avatar.'

The argument that Guru Nanak Dev was a prophet, a saint or reformist is easily nullified by Gurbani and the works of Bhai Gurdass Ji. Both mention an extensive number of individuals who achieved liberation before Guru Sahib. This is also evident from the ithiaas of the Bhagat-Sahibaans. Often saints and students of Purataan maryada label Ram Chandar, Krishna, Dhru, Prahlaad and many other so-called Hindu personalities as being Gursikhs. This is not fallacy, nor is it pure extremism. One has to understand that a faith with a distinctive universal approach such as Sikhi, is not a new creation. It was prevalent at the dawn of mankind and was followed by all to merge with the lord. However as time progressed it became heavily diluted and changed, ultimately one has to imagine a tree and it's branches. The tree of Sikhi was shrouded in the mists of ignorance, but it's offshoots gained prominence. Only a few individuals, then, managed to discover the tree and follow it straight. That too through trial and error. By the time of Kal-Yug only 15 individuals were able to realise it and gain liberation.

On seeing the condition of mankind, the lord finally decided to himself come amongst it and re-establish the supreme ethos. Whereas in Hindu-mat Kalki or Nikhlank is accepted as being the avatar of Kal-yug, in Gurmat it is Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Sahib has made it explicitly clear in Gurbani that Sikhi preceded even him. 'Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Hai Bhee Sach Nanak Hosi Bhee Sach.' The truth was there at the beginning, is in the present and will also be found in the future. Often the previous avatars brought their own version of 'dharma.' Guru Nanak Dev finally brought the truth. God came as Guru Nanak. He did not take birth. How can he when he's above the three states of mind and five states of being? He sent a mirror image of himself.

Guru Nanak Dev was not a prophet who brought a new revelation. Nor was he a saint who represents the zenith of his creed's philosophy. He was an articulation of the lord who came to distribute the truth and the best way to follow it. Whereas the previous avatars were often reflections of a diety, Guru Nanak Dev was a true embodiment of the lord via a metaphysical perspective.

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    • Our ancestors kept all muslims at an arms length, even the ones they befriended or were fellow villagers. The danger lies in the dormant aspects that can take full form at some unfortunate point in the future. I know many doabias go to these sufi-lite jagahs, but they don’t realize that all it’s going to take is a slight consolidation by a genuine muslim leader to bring their children permanently into the fold. After 2 or 3 generations it can go from casually visiting the pir,  to building mosques in the pinds. The native Punjabi Sikhs just don’t see the wider picture. The loss of half of all land and wealth and about 10-20% of the Panth isn’t enough of a reminder. Or the fact there are only 15 thousand Sikhs in ALL of Pakistan, while there are over 0.5 million in just Indian Punjab. Sufi or no sufi, we need to learn to stay clear. Reciprocate the same level of respect, sure, but nothing more.
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